How to Network & Make Friends

How to Network & Make Friends

What’s up, beautiful people? It is your homegirl, Shameless, all up in your building. And we are back! Okay, so this one is about networking. I am back here in Los Angeles, to be exact. And I get a lot of questions from you guys, about ‘how do I know this person? How do I know that person?’ And I decided to break it down for you! Break it down. And it’s all about networking. Who’s in your network? I’m going to give you guys a few tips, and then I’m going to use my channel, my life, as an example on how that applies. So that whole saying, ‘it’s not about what you know, it’s who you know.’ Yay and nay. As I said in my first video… I am surrounded by people–talented, amazingly talented artists and people–that do not promote themselves, that do not put themselves out there. So nobody knows who they are. It can be amazing, but if you do not share it, nobody cares. We all know some celebrities that really don’t do a whole lot. But because they know people, they are advancing in life. And that’s not a bad thing. That’s actually a good thing for them. So we could hate all we want, but they’re laughing because they’re getting paid. But if you happen to know a whole lot, and are talented, and are creative and lived a crazy life, AND you know a lot of people, then you is set. You is gravy. So these are some tips on how to network and know more people. So the first tip: be friendly. Being friendly, being kind, being nice will get you far in life. You’re open, you’re warm. The energy that you have within you–people can tell, like, ‘wow that’s a nice person.’ Tip number 2 is be geniunely interested and curious. This is so helpful. It has helped me so much in life. I am a naturally curious person. I want to know how things work. I want to know the people that I’m meeting. Who are you? What do you do? Like… I think your life is so interesting, tell me more! They can be celebrities and they can be senior citizens. Or they can be kids! I just think people are so intriguing and interesting and I have a lot of questions. People like to talk about themselves. So if you can get someone to talk about themselves and if you can genuinely be interested– Because who doesn’t like talking about themselves? Be helpful. It can be as simple as walking up the stairs in the subway station. I can’t tell you how many times I have helped someone with their suitcases; walking up the stairs with giant suitcases. The point is to help someone just to help someone, because I know in life–well, one, I like helping people. And two, it will come back, someway, somehow. I don’t expect it to come back in… ‘can you do this for me now?’ I just put it out there knowing that the universe will just bless me, you know what I mean? And then the next tip is to get a life. You can live in a small town, you can live in a big city–and that means doing anything from fishing, swimming, for me it was piano, synchronized swimming, high diving, calligraphy–so random–playing the flute, learning photography, film, theatre classes; I have this interesting, crazy life. And because of that I can share a lot of that with you guys along with the people that I meet. And when you have a life–it sounds so silly–but when you live a life that is rich and full, when you have a conversation and meet someone for the first time, you guys can talk about things. You can have a conversation. And a conversation leads to, ‘oh my goodness, you do that? I’ve always wanted to do that!’ For example, I went skydiving. That was so much fun. But that’s like a thing that I talk about when I meet people. CHRISTIAN: Oh, no way! Oh nice!
BEN: No way, are you serious?! CHRISTIAN: But wait, you had a– MAYA: I filmed it, I uploaded it, all that fun stuff. CHRISTIAN: Where’d you jump? Santa Barbara? MAYA: So there’s all these connections–that’s how you kind of break the ice. So then it’s conversation. And then there’s dialogue, and it’s people getting to know people because two people are genuinely curious, interested, helpful, and friendly. Okay, and the next tip is put yourself out there. And I mean both online and in real life. Real time. Face to face contact. Online, I can’t even begin to say how many people I’ve met through my YouTube channel and that was because of the video I uploaded; the challenge, how it all came about. But also being in the flesh. Also check out–read the book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ it’s been out for a long time. It’s one of those like, classics. I’ll have a link in the description box below. But you can buy it in the self-help section at any book store. Now a lot of you guys, for example–okay, now how does this relate to my life? Start off with the first one: Jay Ellyiot, my music producer. I met Jay Ellyiot through Mila Victoria. Mila Victoria is my friend, and we both are from Toronto, Canada. I started out as a photographer, she’s a makeup artist. We worked together on a photoshoot. She knew me because of Asian Avenue days–I don’t even know how that’s… that’s crazy, Melanie. But she knew me from then. Fast forward to a few years later, we’re both on YouTube. ‘Oh my god, I love your videos so much! Jay Ellyiot is the bomb!’ I’m doing a video with my cousin Jeigh which is different; the Nicki Minaj video, and that was the first video that I needed Jay Ellyiot music for. So I was like, ‘Mila, can you introduce me to Jay? Would it be cool if I use one of his tracks?’ She’s like, ‘oh my God, yes!’ I asked Jay Ellyiot for a track. He made it. And then he was very helpful and said, ‘if you need any more tracks let me know.’ Gave me more tracks. ‘Oh my goodness, thank you so much! Here, let me put you on blast.’ So that’s how we networked. Another example is Madonna’s personal trainer. I know Marlene through my friend Liinda. Now me and Liinda knew each other from dance classes when we were teenagers. We were both taking dance classes; we met at an audition. Fast forward to later on in life, Liinda is still a dancer. She’s done STOMP, she’s gone on tour with Ne-Yo. She introduced me to Marlene, because Marlene is based in New York. Now we’re all going out. ‘Oh my gosh, Marlene your body is sick. What do you do?’ ‘I’m a trainer. I’ve been doing this–it’s what I do. I train Madonna.’ ‘Oh my God, you’re Madonna’s personal trainer? Tell me more.’ And I have you guys asking me how do I work out, how do I stay in shape. I don’t know. I don’t work out. Let me get a professional. ‘Marlene, would you be down to coming on my channel and sharing some tips on how to get abs?’ ‘Sure, why not?’ That’s how I know Marlene. Oh, Mr. Cartoon and Estevan. Now I know them because they are part of SA Studios. SA Studios, the ad agency that did the campaign for Metro PCS, the one that me and Raye were in. Now, I was just, again, friendly on set, just asking a lot of questions. I am curious to know what camera they’re using. ‘Oh my goodness, you guys are using the Canon T3i? Tell me more!’ And we had a connection. The West Indian connection; Scott and his Jamaican Patois, nearly as bad as mine, but… Anyways, so I met Scott. He’s one of the owners of SA Studios. We keep in touch. ‘Thank you so much for having me on set. I had a lot of fun, thank you for the opportunity.’ ‘Maya, you’re going to LA; we have some people out there we’d like for you to meet.’ I met them, and now I’m curious and genuinely interested in who they are and what they do. I find their life intriguing and fascinating. I’m going to put that on my channel and share it with you guys. So that’s how I know them. And who else was there? Oh, Jeannie Mai. I crashed Fashion Week a couple years ago. And I went up in this getup with bodyguards and giant balloons. And I was just going up to people asking them questions about their outfit; again, I’m interested and curious, I like to ask questions. I saw Jeannie; she had blue hair and she just was fierce, so I go up to her and I’m like, ‘oh my gosh, I love your look. are you part of BCBG crew?’ ‘No, I’m actually a host on the Style Network.’ ‘Oh my God, I don’t have cable. I don’t know who you are, but tell me more!’ She was so warm and friendly and she had this warm energy about her. That was that, move on. Fast forward to two years after, which… a month ago when I was here in LA. I was hanging out with my friend Diana. Diana introduces me to her friend Cathy (inaudible). Cathy and I hit it off, we become friends. Cathy and I get to talking. She’s like, ‘oh my goodness, you need to meet Jeannie Mai, my friend.’ ‘Oh my goodness, Jeannie Mai? She probably thinks I’m crazy.’ I meet Jeannie through Cathy and we hit it off. And now Jeannie and I are thinking of ideas how to help and collaborate one another. She needs help with the pre-Oscar parties for QVC. ‘Maya, can you help me out?’ ‘I will help you! What do you need help with?’ Does it all come together? The being friendly, being helpful, be curious and ask questions–genuine, genuinely curious–I can’t stress enough how annoying it is when people ask me questions and they don’t even listen to my response. That’s no bueno. The more you can do that, the more your network will expand, the more people you will know, and more places you will go. Lastly is your network, your community, your circle of people. I have a big family. I have 8 cousins. There’s 8 of us in total; now that we’re adults, I have one cousin that does illustration, I have another cousin that’s an industrial designer, I have my cousin Jeigh that’s a singer, my brother who’s an art director, his wife… and then they have their networks. And then you meet all their friends and their family. And it’s just–it’s just really interesting how the world works, how connected things are. If you don’t have those then you have to join them. So when I moved to New York City, I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t have any family but my ex at the time. So I was like, ‘I want to meet people.’ I also want to work on my photography outside of my house. What can I do? Let me look for a workspace where I can work outside of my home. I did a bunch of research; I found Con Artist. And I was really interested in them because it was an art collective and the price was nice compared to all the other art–or work–shared work spaces in New York. I went over there, I joined. They have a network of artists, and now that I work out of there, I get to meet people because I’m friendly and I’m helpful. Now we’re all connected–‘do you need help with this?’ ‘Sure, let’s collab, let’s make stuff!’ Now I have a lot of friends in New York thanks to Con Artist. And thanks to just putting myself out there. So that’s the importance of joining communities. It doesn’t even have to be an art collective; that’s just an example I’m using. It can be a volleyball team, it can be a swimming team, anything really. That’s a lot. So I hope that was helpful; I hope you guys walked away learning something. Remember to do you–that’s right, get a life. Be you–just be yourself. We don’t like phonies. And stay true. Be shameless, boo boo! See you guys, Techy Tuesdays. Shameless Sundays. Oh, for the Spring, April/May, I’ll just try to do more transformation videos. Stay tuned. This upcoming one is going to be fun. Okay peace!

Author: Kevin Mason

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