How to Network Like Casanova

How to Network Like Casanova

So everybody wants to be a great networker,
but only a few people know how to play the game the right way. So, because of that, I decided to explain
networking in a completely different way. Obviously I used the word, “Casanova” because
he was a charmer and there’s a part of networking and charming that both go together. So whether you know this or not, you network
in one of six different ways, and it has a lot to do with how, if you think about a player,
stay with me here. If you think about a player, a man who is
very good with women, right? Just think about a player, someone that is
very good with women. They typically have one of six different styles
of how they get good with women. Think about this for a moment here. The most common style we hear about is the
flirt. What is the flirt? The flirt is a guy that’s very good at flirting
with girls. He’s got very good at charming them and seducing
them with his words. He gets to network and gets to the girl he
wants to with words. He’s the flirt. The second type of player is the detective. The detective is the guy who goes and likes
a girl and let’s say he likes Michelle, he finds out everything about Michelle. He finds out what’s her favorite car, her
favorite song, favorite flower, favorite food, favorite drink, favorite everything. He finds out every single thing about Michelle
because he’s a researcher. He researches so much about Michelle so by
the time he’s asking her out, he already has a lot of info. These types of networkers are amazing at what
they do. The third one is the promoter. The promoter is somebody that let’s say he
likes Michelle. The same guy that likes Michelle. He goes and befriends Michelle’s best friends,
five of them. And he does so good with her best friends. Treats them well, takes care of them, you
know, whatever they want to do with the nightclub, restaurant, with the ticket, with whatever
it is, he helps them. Then he goes and becomes good friends with
Michelle’s dad or mom and he volunteers and he helps out. Next thing you know, Michelle has seven different
people who have the most influence on her telling her how amazing Billy is. And she realizes maybe she should give this
Billy kid a shot. And boom, they go out. The fourth type is the success. This is the guy that says, “I’m not the best-looking
guy in school, but here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to become so successful that Michelle
has to date me, and she will give more attention to me because I’m going to become so successful. So networkers that become so successful that
everyone is talking about their success. And then boom, people do business with them. The fifth style is the man. This is the person that has the reputation. Everybody talks about his reputation. Oh, you know how he is, he’s amazing with
the girls. He’s amazing. He’s got a reputation. In business, “Oh, if you work with this guy,
he’s amazing. Reputation. And the last one is the comedian. If you’ve ever met a guy that charms a girl
with his humor, he’s just funny — I like him so much, he makes me laugh. Every time I’m around him, he just makes me
laugh. Great networkers, and eventually she says,
“I don’t know why, but I think I’m falling in love with the guy. This is so weird. We were just friends and every time I’m around
him he just makes me feel. . . my boyfriend doesn’t make me feel that
way. That’s a networker. He’s incredible at networking and all of a
sudden, she is now dating Billy, because Billy is great at making her laugh. So all of these six steps, whether you know
it or not, not knowingly, you are generally going to network, charm or prospect two of
these six ways. Sometimes only one, but two of these six ways. Sometimes you do more, but generally it’s
going to be two of these six ways that you will network and charm people. So now let’s take this right into networking. So there are certain ways, certain things
you can do to become a networker. I’m going to give you 18 tips on how to be
a solid networker. These are some I’ve used in my entire career. And there are many things here that you’ll
get that you’ll say, “I’ve never heard of this one before. I’ve never heard of that one before.” Every one of these ways has worked for me. Just so you know that. And some of them are just things you need
to do and some of them are more actionable items. #1: The first mistake everybody makes is that
most people have no idea who they want as a customer. Who is your customer? They don’t know. I was at an event in a Dallas office. I was at this office in Dallas and I got up
and I’m trying to make this point about networking. I said, “Let me ask you guys a question here. Who’s single here?” A bunch of people raised their hands. I said, “Who would like to settle down and
find a real good girl?” One guy raises his hand. Who knows what they want? The guy raises he hand. I said, “Why don’t you stand up.” He stood up. I said, “Tell me exactly what you’re looking
for in a woman.” He said, “I want her to be nice, I want her
to be church-going. I want her to uh. . .” and he was stuck. He had no idea what he wanted. He was in his early 30s and didn’t have a
girlfriend. He had no clue what he wants. It’s just not going to happen, if you don’t
know what you want. The same goes with who you want to network
with. Why is that so important? Once you know who your customer is, these
are the things you need to know: Age
Married or Single — what is the status of where they’re at? Income Level – what type of income are they
making? Where do they live? What is the demographic? Education You know all this stuff you’ve got to do. Then once you know who it is, the next question
you’ve got to ask is who is connected with this customer. What do I mean by this? Watch this here. Let’s just say your customer is a 70-year-old,
okay? 70 is your customer that you want to network
with. Who knows, or does business with 70 year olds? Now watch this. Who does business with 70 year olds? You may go and ask certain CPAs. You may go and ask certain attorneys. You may go and ask certain people that are
working with retirement planning or estate planning or insurance or health insurance
or doctors or maybe you’re going to talk to doctors that deal with heart problems or something
that deals with that age. Then you know how to get to your customer,
because you first need to know who you know, then you need to know who knows your customer
and get connected to them. If your customer is somebody that is, I don’t
know, if your customer is somebody that makes six figures. Who do you need to know? You need to find out who knows people who
make six figures and get connected to them. This is not a hard thing to do, by the way. This is not a very hard thing to do. Once you figure out this formula, then you
work backwards. #1, that’s the first point. #2: The second thing about networking is research
who you’re trying to reach. Remember how we talked about the detective? Research. Maybe you want to get connected with somebody
who is going to get you into a massive market and you want to figure out a way to do business
with that person. Research that person. Research what’s their favorite book, favorite
cigar, favorite drink, favorite food, favorite bottle of wine. Do they like wine? Do they not like cigars? Do they not like. . . who’s their favorite sports team? You know, what city did they grow up in? Do they like that city? What ethnicity are they? Are they from America? Were they born in America? Were they in the military before? Did they like the military? How as their experience in the military? Do they have a hero? Who do they look up to? Whatever it is, then you pack it, and connect
them through that. I remember one time I got an email. A lot of people on LinkedIn send me a lot
of different messages. And one time I got an email from this commercial
real estate agent. And it was so well written. I was so amazed by this guy. His name is Forrest. He sends me this email and he says, “I just
want you to know that I’ve been following your content and I heard about you through
a friend and I had a chance to go read your book, 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible and
I like #13 and . . . here’s why I like law #13 because it reminded me of . . . and your
style of this is so good and we have something in common. We both like the Lakers and. . . all this
stuff he said. He said, “I would love to get 15 minutes of
your time.” So, he’s a success and he bragged about himself
a little bit. He was very good about bragging about himself
a little bit, which is what you need to do. We’ll talk about that here in a minute. So I said, “Great, let’s get on a call.” So we get on a call. This is three years ago. We get on a call. Here’s what the call sounds like. “Oh my gosh, it’s great. . . ” 10 minutes, 12 minutes, into the call
I asked, “What do you do?” Oh, I’m a commercial real estate agent. Oh really? Yeah. Tell me about that a little bit. He said, Well, you know, what I’m doing, my
specialty is the valley — and I’m in the valley. And then I connected the dots. I had just listed my property — it’s a massive
property I had – the commission check was an $80,000 check. I had just listed my property and this guy
found out about the property, he researched, but nothing throughout that time, when I was
speaking to him, I never felt like he was trying to impose the sale. Then we talked about the deal. And I said, If anyone’s going to do commercial
real estate, this is exactly how you need to approach people like me that can potentially
get you $50,000 – $100,000 deals. I was so impressed. Why? Because #2, he did so much research. He was the detective. He did so much research is what he did. #3: Give Yourself to the Top. I love gifting myself to the top. I give this challenge to anybody that’s in
real estate and sales and insurance and financial services. I’ve got a challenge for you. Here’s my challenge. Say you have 100 existing clients or you’ve
got 50 existing clients and 50 people who would like to be your clients, okay, and they’re
connectors. What I mean by connectors is somebody works
at a country club, and he knows everybody because everybody at that country club who
goes and buys stuff, they all know this guy. But he’s a guy that’s a caddy or something
like that. He’s not the country club manager, for instance. Take 100 bottles of wine, 3, 4, 5 6 dollar
bottles of wine, $10 bottle of wine, whatever it is. Take 100 of them. That’s $600 to $800 investment. Take the next 60 days and give away 1 or 2
bottles of wine a day to one of your customers or to one of the people that you want to do
business with. Or someone who knows who you want to do business
with. He’s going to connect you with who you want
to do business with. Now, you take those bottles of wine and you
go and say, “Hey John, I just wanted to say, thank you so much for being a great client. I really like you as a client. You’re so great. You treat me so good out of respect, and there
are so many clients that are emotional, but you’re so steady. I just wanted to show you my appreciation,
no reason, just wanted to give you this bottle of wine and than you for your service.” Oh my gosh, you didn’t have to do that. Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s just great. They will say, “Man, I feel so bad, how can
I help you?” I mean, John, you know, the way I make my
money is through referrals. The best way you can pay back is if you know
anybody that’s this this this, you know if you know anybody. . . Oh, you know what? You know, we just talked last week, one of
my friends who was working over here they’re thinking about buying a house and they don’t
like their current real estate agent. Why don’t you call them? You should call them. Oh, great. What’s their name? Boom. How easy that is. Piece of cake. I used to give away books all the time. I’d give away so many books all the time. And they almost always, if I spent $1,000
on books, I always 10xd the money. If I spent $600 on wine, I almost always made,
minimum, 6 – 30, $40,000 for giving away 100 bottles of wine at $6, $7, $8, $10. It always worked for me. I’ve never seen it not work. Obviously, you need to do your follow up and
you need to do it in a very proper way, but it always works. But give yourself to the top. One of the guys I work with, Jose, he’s phenomenal
at getting referrals. By far one of the best at getting referrals. He goes to a client’s house, he asks the client,
“What’s your dream car?” The client says, “I would like to one day
buy a brand spanking new Jaguar.” He says, Oh my gosh, that’s great. That’s a nice car. Makes a note. Leaves. Second appointment, he goes and buys the same
exact Jaguar that he wants as a toy. Spends $50. And he comes back to the client and says,
“I have a surprise for you, a gift.” He says, “What’s that?” Last time I was here you told me that your
favorite car is a Jaguar. Look, I couldn’t go buy the Jaguar brand new
because it’s $80,000, but I said I could do the second best thing he’s a Jaguar toy for
you. And he gives this Jaguar toy. That client ends up making him thousands of
dollars. He spent $60 on a Jaguar toy, simply because
he’s paying attention to the client on what the client is saying and he’s gifting himself
to the top. You can gift your way to the top in the area
of networking. #4:Take Care of Your Image. Very simple. Always be presentable. #5: Be a little bit shameless and a little
bit fearless. You cannot be the flirt is a little bit shameless. The flirt is a little bit shameless. He’s willing to approach the girl and say
certain things that maybe you’re not willing to do. And you’re like, “Oh, no, no, there is no
way she’s going to like that.” The flirt can actually get away with that,
because he’s a little bit shameless. And you’re ashamed a little bit. What if she doesn’t like this? He’s shameless. This style (flirt) requires you to be a little
bit shameless. A little bit fearless. The guy who dated the hottest girl at school
— always remember this – the guy who dated the hottest girl in school generally was the
guy who was shameless. Generally was a guy who was shameless. There’s a part of him that had the guts to
go ask her out. #6: Be visible. Let me explain to you what I mean by being
visible. Be visible. Be in their face regularly. Be relevant whether it’s social media, you
know, being out there. Be visible. Go to the events. If there’s local events in your area, go to
these events. Go to the places that everybody goes to. If there’s certain national conventions that
have to do with your industry, go to every single one of them. Because they’re going to see you. There are certain areas they need to see you
over and over and oh my gosh, you see her again. Oh, it’s you again. Hey, let me introduce you, this is Jack. Jack and I. . . are friends. Connect. Okay? Because you’re constantly being visible. They constantly see you. They’re constantly seeing you. It’s almost like you’re at five different
places at the same time. Like Ryan Seacrest in LA. Ryan Seacreast – it
feels like he’s on five different shows at the same time. It kind of pays him 40 million dollars a year,
so it pays to be very, very visible. #7: next, Have Credible Names Building You
Up. If you’re always helping out, you’re eventually
going to have certain credible names that know about you. The other day I read a book I really liked. The book was written by a guy named Jules. So I sent an email to Jules after I read the
book and I said, “Hey, I really like your book, Jules.” I sent this email from a flight. “I really like this book, Jules.” He took that email and he posted it on social
media platforms. It said, “Patrick Bet-David said he liked
my book.” Great. Then he responds back and he says, “Do you
mind giving me an endorsement?” Do you mind saying something about this book
and taking a picture of you with the book?” I thought, you know what, good for you. Because he wants credible people to see them
saying good things about him. And it’s not that hard to get quotes from
people, just so you know that. Just make sure you’re giving something in
return. People ask me all the time, hey, Pat, can
you give me an endorsement? And I say, I don’t even know what you’re doing. So you start off with how can I help, then
you ask. You don’t just come and say, “Gimme, gimme,
gimme.” It doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to first say, “How can I help?” Then in return, can I get this? Yes. So have some credible names that are saying
good things about you. #8: Have the reputation of being an expert
on what you do. That’s the success. You have status. You have a reputation of being good at what
you do. When you have a reputation of being an expert,
it’s very easy to network with people because people already know who you are. So have a reputation of being a success story. #9: Be Extremely Helpful. You know, there’s a certain thing like think
about a guy that’s too pushy too early with a girl. I mean, that’s just very ugly, right? It’s just annoying. It’s not the flirt. Believe or or not, the flirt — I’m not talking
about the obnoxious flirt. I’m talking about the charming flirt. This is not about the obnoxious, hey, you
wanna go out, you wanna go out. That’s obnoxious. I’m talking about being extremely helpful,
always coming from a place of hey, how can I help. Hey, John, is there any way I can help you? And if you made 20 calls, let’s just say you’ve
got 30 people you’d like to network with. And you go their numbers. And you make a list of them today, and you
spend the next two hours calling these 30 people. And you ask one question. Hey John, one of the things I want to do this
month, I committed to this year, I want to be able to help as many people as possible
with their business and I just wanted to call you. I’m an entrepreneur myself and I know what
it is as an entrepreneur you need a lot of help because you need other people that may
know the right people, the right connections. Maybe certain things I can help you with. John, right now, what is one of the things
you’re struggling with the most in business and how can I help you?” Out of 30 calls, half of them are going to
say, I’m totally fine, don’t worry about it. The other 15 is going to lead to, you know
there is one area I wouldn’t mind getting some help with. Here’s one of the things I’m struggling with. How do you deal with this? Oh, here’s what I do. . . Oh, read this article. I read this book, it helped me out. Oh, no way. Yes. Oh, you know what, John? You’re so helpful, man. Thank you. Then guess what’s the line? How can I help you? Then you say, You know, thank you so much,
man, you don’t have to do this, but here’s how you can help. . . . Right? #10: Don’t invite them back to your place
too early. You know what I’m saying? Don’t invite them back to your place too early. Like this netowrking isn’t a one-night stand
type of thing. Networking is relationship type of thing. So don’t ask for favors too early. I kind of covered that a little bit earlier. Don’t ask for favors too early. It’s kind of ugly, it’s offensive a little
bit. And it’s a turnoff. It’s a very big turnoff to most people. If somebody generally says yes right off the
bat, there’s a little bit of turnoff in there. Just so you know that. Even though you may get what you want, there’s
a bit of a turnoff that’s not a long-term client, maybe. #11:Always have a positive attitude. There’s nothing like having a positive attitude. People can feel by the way a positive attitude
in an email. People can feel a positive attitude in an
email, even an email people can feel positive. It was a pleasure meeting you the other day. I was so excited when you told me the story
about . . . so excited. There are certain words that can bring up
excitement in an email. #12: Develop the skill of small talk. Whether it’s on email, on Facebook, on social
media, face-to-face, small talk. Current events. Hey, what do you think about what happened
with the trade recently. What do you think about Westbrook, the fact
that he stayed? If they’re a sports person, have a sports
conversation. Hey, what do you think about what’s going
on right now? How amazing is this political thing right
now that’s going on? Right? I mean it’s crazy. You’ve got both sides, it’s just like, I’ve
never seen this much hate before. It’s insane. What do you think about that? People don’t want to touch politics, but it’s
a current event. Hey, what do you think about what happened
with the weather over there? What are your thoughts on this? What are your thoughts on that? Current events. Humor. The comedian, if it works for you. Entertain. Small talk is a bit of entertaining. Right? And one of the things is I would do on elevators
is let’s just say I go into an elevator and there’s six people in there. Right? When people walk into an elevator, the first
thing they do is what? they stand this way and they wait for the
door to close. Try this one time. Go into the elevator and look at everybody. When the door closes behind you and say, This
is pretty uncomfortable, huh? I read this article that said if you go into
an elevator and stand and face people, they get very uncomfortable. Are you guys a little bit uncomfortable? Yes, we’re uncomfortable. I say, well. . . and that breaks the ice. That’s great. And the next time in that elevator, every
time you go in, people will say, “you going to stand like that again?” The relationship. There’s small talk. How do you feel about the weather? We live in Dallas, so every other day here
in Dallas, it changes. There’s a surprise here. You can always have a weather conversation. Smile, eye contact, compliment, good handshake,
details. Everything is about details. I like the shoes you’ve got on. Those are nice shoes. You know. . . Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom. . . by the way,
the watch you have on, that watch, you know, I don’t know if most people know, that’s a
very. . . details. Details. People like details. I like accents, because I have an accent. So I’ll say, hey, I like your accent. Where are you from? I’m from Britain. Very cool, you know. How long have you been in the States? I like accents. I’m always curious about where people are
from. So hey, where are you from? Did you grow up here? No, I grew up. . How was it? Small talk, right? #13 Develop listening skills. I know when someone is not interested. At all. Okay. And they’re just doing it because they’re
supposed to be doing it. But I also know when someone is interested. They look in my eye, they don’t do these types
of things [looking at a watch]. They’re just kind of giving you the entire
attention that you need, right? When it comes down to relationships. Develop listening skills. #14: Send written notes. I’m big on written notes. I love sending cards to people. Why? Because no one’s doing it any more. #15: Be a connector. And have it diverse group of connections to
connect people with. What do I mean by this? The best auto insurance guy, the best health
insurance person, the best pediatrician, the best doctor, the best personal trainer, the
best, chiropractor, the best whatever it is, be a connector. So when you’re asking people how can I help,
you have the connectors. You have the things to connect them with. Be a very, very good connector. Keep connecting people together. And eventually you become the best connector
and everybody wants to tell you, they say, you’ve got to go talk to John. You’ve got to go talk to Pat, right? #16: Have a solid brand, a very, very solid
brand, online with social media. I don’t believe in business cards. There’s a lot of people that say, Oh, you’ve
got to have a business card. I literally, I don’t have business cards. I collect business cards, I don’t have business
cards. That’s unprofessional, Patrick. LinkedIn is your business card today. I don’t need a business card today. I simply ask if you’re on LinkedIn, let’s
connect. What’s your name? Boom. Perfect. That’s how I’m connecting nowadays. There is no business cards today. Your business card on LinkedIn says way more
than your business card is going to say on a sheet of paper. Why would I care about your business card? All I need is your number, I’ll put your number
in my phone, and then I’ll say what’s your name, I’ll look you up on LinkedIn. I’ll send a connection and boom, there you
have it. Now go clean up your social media profile,
your brand. Sometimes people don’t even look at their
online brand. They don’t realize they have a picture of
them doing a beer bong from two years ago. You’ve got to take that down. You know, they’ve got a picture of them twerking
and you’re trying to go work with a lawyer, and your market’s going to change in two years,
but you forgot to take down that twerking picture. You probably got to take down that twerking
picture. But if you’re in the business of hip hop and
dance, maybe that twerking dance is not bad to leave it on there. So what is your market, make sure you clean
up your social media platform. #17: Be Authentic. Be yourself. If you’re the detective. Be a detective, man. If you’re a charmer, be a charmer. Be the flirt. If you’re the comedian, be the comedian. If you try to be one you’re not, it comes
across very awkward. People sense awkward like [snap] this. You ever watch people on YouTube or T.V. where
they try too hard. This guy’s just not himself. It just doesn’t fit. Johnny Carson, when he first got started on
T.V. got criticized a lot. Why? Because he kept trying to be somebody else. Then one day somebody just said, Johnny, you’re
fine the way you are. Just go on TV and be Johnny. So one day he goes on T.V. and boom! That’s when Johnny Carson got started. Because all he did, he was Johnny Carson. Hey, you know, his hands in his pockets, and
the way he would talk, and he would do his things that he would do, and that’s Johnny. Everybody fell in love with Johnny at night. Johnny became Johnny, right? And #18 Learn how to brag about yourself without
bragging about yourself. How do you do that? There’s an art to it. Learn how to talk about some of your success
without sounding too cocky and arrogant about it. Because people do want to know that you have
been successful, but you’ve got to do it in a very gentle way. Girls want to know that guy’s have had some
kind of success. Guys want to know that girls have done some
stuff. Yeah, in school I was valedictorian or in
school I played sports, I was a quarterback. Yeah, the stereotype, I was that guy playing
the quarterback and I was pretty good. I was All American and had a good time, it
was great. . . Yeah, know right now with business I do
have three offices, business is going good, I’m very excited about one of our offices
we’re doing this with. I’ve never seen a business. . . but tell me about yourself. Tell me how things are with you. Very subtle. Not, “Let me tell you who I am.” Subtle. Subtle. Now there’s a time for that, when somebody
is bullying you. But that’s a different story. I’m talking about just purely networking. Right? I’m talking just simply about networking with
people. So, these are 18 different points for you. And hopefully, when you’re looking at this,
you’re going to look at networking and charming and Casanova and all this other stuff in a
completely different way. You may want to watch this thing over again
and kind of going through and take notes and figure out which one is you. And start implementing these things and I’d
love to hear some of the stuff that you’re implementing and how it’s working for you,
especially the wine story. I would LOVE to get a Snapchat from you. You can follow me on Snapchat Betdavid19. So with that being said, Hey folks, we’re
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Author: Kevin Mason

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