How to Network at a Conference when You Don’t Know Anyone

– So say you’re at a
conference and you know no one. – Dun, dun, dun! – Today on The Journey,
we’re gonna talk about how to turn that into an opportunity. So, naturally networking is all about what you do want out of it. You’re gonna have some kind
of personal investment here. You wanna maybe get a job, new client; however, Morgan, if someone
came to you just asking for things, wouldn’t you feel
like they were just using you? – Yeah, I wouldn’t appreciate it. – Exactly, so you don’t want
to come at people that way, but you want to come bringing
value and being genuine and trying to get to know them
and how you can help them. – So, what if I know
nobody at these conferences and on top of that I’m an introvert? So, I don’t even want to talk to anyone, but I know I need to talk to people. What are some things I need
to do to overcome that? Cause, I am. – So, when you go into networking events, think about how you can help
others by possibly connecting them to someone else. – Yeah, if you have something to give and serve, people are more
inclined to open up to you and to see you as a leader
and someone they can go to, rather than someone who
just wants something. – Right, and also it’s a good opportunity to do some prep work. Look online and see if
you can find out any of the people, like the host,
or some those that may speak at these events, and do your research. Find out about them. What are they interested in,
what is their business about. And, that may give you an opportunity to know who to connect them to. – So you’re saying it’s
okay to snoop on people on social media, right? – Of course, that’s actually what I did to even get this job here. – Ooh. – So, back when I was applying, I actually did what everybody else does, I applied online, but I didn’t stop there. I went onto LinkedIn and saw
everyone that had the title for the role I applied. Now, we all know, people on LinkedIn, sometimes they don’t
always use their profile. I didn’t stop there. I looked at all the managers of that role, connected with them. Sometimes on LinkedIn, you can
see people’s Twitter handle, so, I went on Twitter,
– Wow, real deep. sent them a connection request, of course. Say hey, I just sent you
a connection request, I look forward to connecting. Funny story is, my soon to be manager, he and I had Twitter conversations about his love for his
family and college football. Long story short, over
the weeks of doing this and just interacting organically, the recruiter reached out and said hey, we saw your resume would you like to come in for an interview, and here I am. – So relating back to conferences, people might be a little
surprised that you’ve done your research and that
you’re reaching out, but they’ll actually be
very appreciative of it because now they have a name to a face and it shows that you are a go-getter. – And, you actually wanna relationship, not just things from them. You wanna add them to your community and be added to theirs. – So the next step is to be attentive and to actively listen. Now, if you’re an introvert, this is great because this is probably
what you love to do. But, you need to insert yourselves into these conversations
at these networking tables, but then show that you’re
actually, genuinely interested in, and listen and
actually look at someone. Put your phone away. Be engaged, be present. – So, when you’re
networking, be attentive, make sure that you pay
attention to anything that was mentioned such as a pain-point, a need, something that
you can actually help out with later on, and again, connecting with that person and
strengthening that relationship. So, if you don’t have a specific goal in mind, it’s okay. It’s good to be in that
kind of atmosphere, because you never know
when you’re gonna benefit from having that connection
to people down the line. And, also, it’s a good saying, in order to be interesting, be interested. Don’t think about yourself all the time, but think about what
you can do for others. So, today we talked about how to network at a conference when
you don’t know anyone. Tell us in the comments below you’re favorite networking tip that we didn’t cover. – And, be sure to like this video, subscribe to our channel, and
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when our next video drops. And, until next time, this is The Journey.

Author: Kevin Mason

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