How To Market Yourself As A Motivational Speaker

How To Market Yourself As A Motivational Speaker

Welcome back. In this video, I’m going to
show you how to market yourself as a motivational speaker. There’s really a
secret that is kind of untapped on YouTube. If you have an expertise, YouTube
is the place to market yourself and I’m going to show you how to do that. So, I’m going to talk to you about a few
things in this video. I’m going to actually introduce the National Speakers
Association if you haven’t learned about that group.
I’m going to share why I’m a part of it. So, then I’m really going to dive into the
power of YouTube and show you what’s possible. Because you can really leverage
YouTube to market yourself as a speaker. So, I’m going to show you an example of
somebody who’s been a past president in the National Speakers Association.
He’s currently getting lots of speaking engagements on YouTube. His name is Paul
Jenkins. And I’ll show you exactly what we’ve done there. Another person I’ll
show you is Kris Krohn. We’ve done some really amazing things on YouTube there.
And then I’ll talk about the quickest way that you can monetize your YouTube
channel. And then I’ll talk about a timeline on how you can monetize it with
speaking engagements with events and even add revenue. If you’re not a part of
the NSA, the National Speakers Association then I certainly encourage
you to take a look at it. Find out where your local chapters and when they meet
and go attend. It’s a really good group. It’s a group that’s there dedicated to
serving each other and helping boost each other’s careers. So, these are all
coaches and speakers there. Learning how to grow their business and learning
how to make more money as a motivational speaker. So, if you’re to compare it to
Toastmasters, Toastmasters is great for practice. That’s more of a club you
probably have a dozen different clubs in your area and you could just go and
practice. Practice different areas and have people catch you if you’re saying
thumbs or us. That’s not what the NSA is about. The NSA
is learning the behind the scenes of business on how to become a better
speaker, how to promote yourself, how to work with meeting planners. Really how to
grow your business and make money as a motivational speaker. So, you’ve got to
check it out. Every July the NSA has the National Convention and I highly
recommend that you come to one of those as well. Now, let’s give you a couple
examples. My hope is that by sharing these 2 examples, you really have a
good vision of what’s possible and why YouTube is such a good option for
marketing your business. So, Paul Jenkins, he’s a positivity psychologist. In fact,
he had a practice doing typical psychology work for many many years. And
he found that he really enjoyed speaking and coaching. So, while he’s still a
licensed psychologist, he does a lot more work in the
coaching and speaking space, he was actually a president of our National
Speakers Association chapter for a year. Now, to give you a little bit of
background, he has had a podcast for 12 years. And he’s had tons of amazing
guests on his podcast. But it’s been really hard for him to know how to
monetize that. How to really translate that into business. He did have a YouTube
channel. He’d been putting miscellaneous videos there for years and he had grown
it up to 235 subscribers. And then I talked to him about really taking his
channel seriously. Implementing some strategies taking his channel to 5
episodes a week and we can talk about that in another video about why
what’s the best consistency. So here we are, 22 months later and we’ve got 85,000
subscribers and we’re averaging 15,000 views every single day. So, what does Paul
do with all of this? He’s actually monetizing the channel in 3
different ways. The first I’ve kind of mentioned speaking engagements, right?
He’s getting full fee speaking engagements just because of his exposure
and following on YouTube. Now, he speaks on a variety of topics. He talks a lot
about positivity. He’s definitely a positivity expert. Talks a lot about
parenting and a lot about relationships. In fact, his YouTube channel has really
gathered a lot of traction around the parenting topics. On videos like how to
get your kids to listen without yelling. So, he and his wife created a parenting
course that they sell. And they don’t really sell them in the YouTube videos.
Aut at the end of the video, he’ll say, “Hey, if you found this video helpful, I’ve
got a free gift for you. Go ahead and click the link below and you can get
access to that.” So, he gives them the free gift and that they’re now on his list.
They’ve now become a lead. He can follow up with them and sell them his parenting
course. So, currently Paul’s getting tons and tons of leads coming in every single
month just from the YouTube traffic to his website and into his sales funnel.
Now, another way that Paul is making revenue is actually Adsense. This is
something that you don’t want to plan on it being very significant in the very
beginning. And what is very beginning mean? I mean for the first couple of
years, I don’t really plan on making too much money.
I’ve got permission from Paul to share these numbers so I can tell you how much
ad revenue this child brings. Again, we’re 22 months in. And it’s bringing in I’d
say about $1,200 per month right now. And that’s not a
whole lot. But it can grow. I can tell you that I’ve got other channels that I
produce one that I own. That one’s made as much as $18,000 in
a single month. Another one of my clients is bringing in right now about $13,000 a
month. So, it can become very significant. But you typically don’t get to those
levels on this type of a channel for about 3 to 4 years. Looks like I’d
take off this next example. Because we’re having amazing success. Now, this is the
Kris Krohn Channel. It’s currently generating between 5 and 6
thousand dollars every single month just from the YouTube traffic, okay? So, I just
to set the stage. This is a really successful channel and yet we’ve done it
all through YouTube just making how-to videos. Now, there’s a principle that I
want to share with an experience that the Kris had that I think will really
relate to you wanting to get speaking engagements from YouTube.
Because it will take some time. At first, the main way that Kris wanted to
monetize his channel is to get people to come to his local events here in Utah. We
had built a significant amount of momentum on the channel. People were
commenting and saying things like, how can I work with you? Do you coach people?
Do you have anything to sell? I don’t think they said those words. But you know
how can we work with you? And Kris wanted people to come from around the
country and come to Utah to attend his event. And it just wasn’t happening. We
maybe have one or 2 people in an entire year come to his events. So, we had
to think, Okay, well… They want something. Let’s create something digital. And so
Kris created a digital course, a video course that he could then sell to them
for $1000. We launched that course and at the time, we had about 65,000 subscribers. We launched that course and very quickly in that
month, that first month generated a $100,000. And then the
excitement kind of settled down. We averaged in for the next several months
making about $40,000 per month and then it just grew from there
to now making between 5 and 6 hundred thousand dollars a month. And
it’s now 2 years later. Here’s the cool thing: Today, Kris is able to fill his
events from YouTube traffic. People that found him on YouTube
are now coming to Utah and attending his events. He put on an event recently. I
don’t remember the exact number. He told me was either 250 people or 350 people
in attendance. Majority of which were all from YouTube. So, that’s pretty cool but
we’re almost 5 years into this channel. For the first 2 and a half years, we
built the channel gradually just one episode per week at most.
Then as we started to get momentum, we started increasing that up to 5 episodes
per week. And 4 months later, our channel had our first spike. 2 months after
that is when we launched the digital course. We had hit 65 thousand
subscribers. We had our first 6-figure month. Now, 2 years later, we’re at a
point where we’re monetizing it much better and Kris is able to fill his
events. So, just like filling events for Kris took time, getting speaking
engagements from YouTube is going to take time. The quickest way to monetize your
channel early on, we found with Kris and we found with many other channels since.
This is by creating a digital course. When you’re creating a channel around
your expertise or answering people’s questions, they want more from you.
They’re going to go to your website and see if you sell something. They they want to
know if you have any programs or coaching or membership sites or a course
that they can take. And then as you continue building your channel, you are
gonna get more and more speaking engagements from them. Now, I’m going to
explain the huge opportunity that you have on YouTube because you are an
expert. People all around the world, they’re searching for your expertise.
They just don’t know that you exist. They don’t know that you exist. They don’t
know how to find you. So, what do they do? They go to Google and YouTube and they
type in their questions. So, I’m hoping a light just went off in your head. If not,
I’ll give it to you. All you have to do is make videos that answer their
questions. It’s as simple as that. That’s what we did with Paul Jenkins. That’s
what we did with Kris Krohn. I currently produce 13 different channels
and that’s what we’re doing on every single one of them. In fact, with the
Kris Krohn channel, we’re now approaching a half a million subscribers
and we’re doing a variety of topics. Some of them are just miscellaneous. They’re not questions of people are asking. But the first 700 videos that
we created on that channel, all followed this exact strategy of doing keyword
research before filming. So, that you can find the questions that people are
asking and then you know the exact title or videos. So, you can’t just make up these
titles. You don’t want to just title your video and guess what people are asking.
You want to do keyword research. I’ve created another episode. I’ll link to it
right here. It’s my leaf strategy. I go into depth in this video on how you can
do the keyword research to find these questions. Like, I actually even show you
the tool that you can use that makes it really really simple. You just type in
your category and we’ll show you all the questions that people are asking online.
So, definitely watch this video next.

Author: Kevin Mason

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