How to Make a Dentist Appointment — UNCG — HSS-228-01 Fall 2013

How to Make a Dentist Appointment — UNCG — HSS-228-01 Fall 2013

All people need to see the dentist. It is
very Important. All people get sick teeth. Even kids. Sick teeth can make your body very
sick. Only the dentist can make sick teeth healthy again. First, you must pick a dentist
to see. Try calling your friends. Ask your neighbors who they see. Ask your family members
that live near you. Make sure you write down the dentist’s phone number. Call the dentist.
Tell them that you need to make a first appointment. Ask if you need to bring money. Ask for your dentist’s name. Remember your appointment date and time. Do you have dental insurance?
If you do, then ask if you can use your insurance at this dentist’s office. Having insurance
means you will pay less money. Use a calendar. Write down the date and time of your appointment.
If you forget to go, you might still have to pay money. You might get papers in the
mail from the dentist. They will ask for personal stuff like insurance, date of birth, address,
race, age, social security number, and your full name. They use this to get to know you.
Make sure your answers are correct. Sign in at the front desk. Write down your first and
last name. If you do not sign in, they will not know that you are there for your appointment. Sit down in the waiting room. They will call your name when they are ready for you.
Front desk woman: “Grace Powell?” The hygienist will see you first. She will look at your teeth and touch your teeth. She will use metal tools to clean them. She might show you how to take better care of your teeth. The dentist will come see you. He is the doctor. He will also look at your teeth and touch them. He will tell you if you have sick teeth, called cavities. After you are done, go to the front desk. They will ask you for money if you need to pay. Make an appointment for
the future. Write it in your calendar. Let’s review: Everyone needs to go to the dentist. Sick teeth can make you very sick. Call to make an appointment. Use your insurance if you have any. Fill out the paperwork from the mail. Don’t forget to sign in. And don’t
forget to make a second appointment before you leave.

Author: Kevin Mason

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