How to keep a good daily dental routine while traveling!

How to keep a good daily dental routine while traveling!

How to keep a good daily dental routine while
travelling to avoid dentist’s bills! Hello and welcome and welcome back. Here in Switzerland everything revolves around
the holidays at the moment. Here in Zurich, we’re just about to have the
big summer break, and because the holidays can often mean having a vacation for your
oral hygiene, here are a few handy dental tips so you don’t have huge dentist’s bills
when you return to normal life! In practice, my patients always tell me: “oh
you know I was just on vacation and didn’t take brushing too seriously!” Oh yes? Honestly? Why not? Do you also miss your daily shower in the
holidays? Holidays are a time when you can finally hang
out with friends and be with more people than any other time of the year. When you’re making new contacts, making friends
for life, or perhaps even getting to know the love of your life , do you think that
oral hygiene is not important? I think we know the answer to that one! I want to tell you one thing; some people
train like crazy throughout the year to get the kind of ultra-toned body that leaves an
impression on the beach, but since when do you greet anyone with your muscly back? You can have the best body in the world, but
one thing I can tell you with certainty is, if you have an unhealthy mouth and bad breath,
your hot body is not going to matter at all! A beautiful laugh or smile is always contagious
and leaves the best impression. Or perhaps you like to talk to people who
have bad breath? So let’s get to the travel tips and tricks
right now: 1. Brush your teeth twice a day, morning and
night! This may seem obvious to you, but you have
no idea of how many people go on holiday and get a little bit drunk every night, falling
into bed without brushing their teeth. 2. Interdental brushes;
On vacation, the excuse is that I don’t have time, right? So take just a minute or two and brush between
your teeth once a day. The brushes are way more effective and easier
to use than floss 3. Gum-protecting chewing gums;
On holiday perhaps we don’t eat as healthily as we do at home, and we also eat more in
between meals. However, in order to reduce the risk of tooth
decay and to avoid any nasty surprises during the next visit to your dental hygienist or
dentist, you should chew gum after each meal. It neutralizes the caries causing acid in
your mouth, and helps with bad breath in the short term. If you clean your teeth daily with toothbrushes
and interdental brushes, you don’t have to worry about bad breath. Unless you eat onions, garlic or smoke. Unfortunately, alcohol also makes having fresh
breath more difficult. But otherwise, bad breath shouldn’t be a problem. So, in summary, I have to say one thing very
clearly. These tips are not intended for your daily
oral hygiene routine, but are meant to make your holiday easier without damaging your
teeth. If you need tips for the perfect daily routine,
please watch one of these videos! Teeth cleaning, interdental cleaning and chewing
gum, is your new travel kit. Below you will find the link to where you
can get high quality Swiss-Made interdental toothbrushes worldwide with free shipping. You can get tooth-friendly chewing gum in
your Drugstore or kiosk. All right? Questions? That was the last video for the next 4 weeks,
as you may know I’m a hard working mother of three and once a year I need a big break,
to enjoy quality time with my precious family, to recharge my batteries, to get inspired
and to just go with the flow. I wish you all a great time with your belovedones
and I’ll be back with a lot of news, tips and tricks by end of August. If you like this video please hit the like
button below, share it with your friends before they are on the way to there holidays and
don’t forget to subscribe. Thank’s for being part of this journey. So, nothing left to say but to wish you an
unforgettable holiday. Stay healthy and happy! See you soon. Bye

Author: Kevin Mason

14 thoughts on “How to keep a good daily dental routine while traveling!

  1. Are you in Vacation mood? Me too, but please share with us your dental routine you take with you before you fly away 😉

  2. WOW … people don't brush their teeth on holidays? This is a new one for me… I'm obsessed with flossing and teeth brushing… I do it morning and night and then maybe more! and on trips too! I shared this with my tribe at Wild Woman Enchanted on Fb … since it's holiday time! I think it might be useful! Thanks for your awesome videos! 🙂

  3. Oh my, I would think people would have more time for dental hygiene during vacation. I just hate having dirty teeth.

  4. Brush, brush brush!! While on vacation and always!! Great tips to keeping those pearly whites clean!!

  5. Haha, your hot body won't matter when you have bad breath! It's also true that after a night of drinking people can just pass out without brushing.

  6. Brushing on long flights is the worst for me. Great video and awesome tips! Especially using gum, that's my fav 🙂

  7. Thanks for the tips! I'm just about to take a vacation too! I'll be camping, so will definitely take note of your suggestions.

  8. Very cool video! I brush…while on vacay or use a little bit of On Guard essential oil with water!

  9. hello ma'm…you are doing a great job. I have come to know much about oral hygiene matters watching your videos. Am confidently conscious now about my oral health. thanks to you. Could you please tell us a bit more about mouth washes? how necessary they are and mainly which type should we use….those containing alcohol or the alcohol free ones?? Variety of opinions on this matter – some saying alcohol ones are bad, others saying its fine – they are quite puzzling.

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