How to find your Software Engineering Network Online

How to find your Software Engineering Network Online

So you might be asking now, where do I network? Maybe you’re in an area where the tech industry isn’t prevalent and there aren’t that many software engineers. Well luckily, the internet is a great place to connect to other people in tech When I was starting my career, I asked my software engineer friend who was a couple of years older than me On what the best ways are to get to know other software engineers. There are lots of tech communities out there They can be focused on a specific technology or a specific problem area or also They can be hobby related or based on a location too. We’ll talk about going to these communities in person via meetups and conferences in the next video. But in this part we’re going to focus on the online communities The first step is to figure out which communities you want to be a part of Finding these communities online can be the hardest part So actually if y’all know of some online tech communities out there that you enjoy Leave it in the comments down below for other people to see but in the meantime ask around other people you know Which communities they’re aware of. I did this when I was starting out and found out that there’s a large iOS developer community on Twitter That just happened to be where most of the iOS engineers around the world hung out online Now as for finding the right tech community for you Be aware that this might take some trial and error. Each tech community has a life and dynamic of its own and based on who you are, a particular community may or may not be for you but Throughout all this, I say keep your head up And don’t worry too much if you feel like that community isn’t for you I think there’s a community for everyone out there whether official or unofficial Finding your people is worth the task. Alright, so hope that helps a little bit in finding tech communities online It does take a bit of homework but one of the coolest parts of the online tech community is that it’s extremely diverse because people connect globally and They’re all from all walks of life It’s one of the richest experiences being a part of an awesome community. So I hope you find yours Coming up We’ll talk about the in person type of networking communities, meetups and conferences, stay tuned!

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. いつも楽しく見させてもらってます!最近SEとしてのキャリアに嫌気がさしてて悩んでたけど、明日からまた仕事頑張ろーっと。

  2. Mam i am a cyber security hacker and ios developer and andriod devolper and software engineer and i just love it your vedio

  3. which sites/people would I need/would you recommend to follow if you say most of the iOS developers are active on twitter? :0

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  5. I joined some times ago a discord server called Cult of Jabril(s) (who's a ytber btw) pple here are really helpfull

  6. Discord/slack communities are great because you get to know people, it's not just sporadic people commenting.


    "Subtle Asian Tech" (SAT) is another amazing tech community that has personally helped me so much!

  8. yeah discord is actually really good for this because there ar litterally hundreds of coding servers that u can join and talk in

  9. its amazing how i basically forget about your channel and see how you evolves as a content creator now.

    thank you for always sharing

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