How to Edit Webpage on your Android!

How to Edit Webpage on your Android!

I recently pranked my friend by telling him that I bought an iPhone 7 for ₹7,000 I sent him a screenshot of the offer on WhatsApp. He couldn’t believe it. I pranked another friend by showing him that I have a page on Wikipedia. He couldn’t believe it either. No one believed me. Wondering how this was possible? How did I edit such webpage contents so easily, and that too just from my smartphone? All you need to do is download this app called “Edit Webpage” from the Google Play store. This app does not get into any technical stuff. It simply allows you to edit contents including articles, blogs, online chats, search results and much more without manipulating the webpage commands or HTML coding, that too simply from your smartphone. So just download the app for free from the Google Play store and install it. Once installed, launch the app. It will open up it’s default homepage, Now just on tap on the URL search bar on top and enter a website you wish to edit content off. For example, Let’s try changing someone else’s Facebook status. So in the URL bar, type and log in with your ID and password. Once your page opens, click on this “Edit” icon next to the URL bar. When you are done with your edits, tap on the “Edit” icon once again. And it will save the changes locally. We are not changing anything from the server side. After making the changes, take a screenshot of the webpage. AND PRANK YOUR FRIENDS! *Background music*

Author: Kevin Mason

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  2. I have seen ur IIT interview video i know all the things that u know I only wanna know how to make our own app plz teach me u have inspired me alot.

  3. hello bro…….can you pls pls help me out in deciding my first dslr……bcoz im extremely confused between the canon 700d and the nikon d5300, and ill be using the camera for both making youtube videos(tp tech) and for casual photoshoot…pls help me out….bhai,waiting for your suggestion….

  4. jay kapoor
    Im in 10 classs which connection should i use postpaid or prepaid but my usage is only for calll i dont buy data i have wifi in calling only my usage is just 100 to 200 minutes a month what should i use prepaid or postpaid

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  7. Marvlz i always like to do pranking like this using laptop (inspect element) ! from mobile its a new knowledge< great work> broooo

  8. Sir tak to Hindi
    because Bahut se log Es liye nhi sunte ki,un ko Aap ki tarh nhi Ati h English .thanks

  9. No offense Jay but after the goduckduck update the app became bad, and now when I go to use it instead of letting Me edit when I press the edit button it opens the page itself so I'm unable to update

  10. can l move data from phone to pendrive no memory card option in my phone is it possible if yes so please suggest.

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