How to Easily Create a Coupon Site in WordPress

How to Easily Create a Coupon Site in WordPress

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In today’s video you’ll learn how to easily create a coupon site in WordPress. If you have a brand new site that you are
creating this on, then using the clipper theme. Will work for you. Clipper theme is a premium theme that can handle the
coupon functionality as well as your site’s design. So after you install and activate the theme,
you can setup your site under Clipper–>Settings to choose your default settings. After that you can create your coupons under the coupon area. Now if you already have a site and you want to
add just coupon functionality to it, then install and activate the coupon creator plugin. Then go to Coupons–>Add New to create your
first coupon. From here you can add all the coupon details,
then save your coupons. Now when you go to write about something in
a post, you’ll see this new button where you can add the coupon. If you go to coupons, it will show all of them
to choose from. Here you’ll see you can use a shortcode to add a coupon as
well. Finally, if you want to create a dedicated
coupon page, just go to Page–>Add New page and click on the coupons button. We’re going to choose the coupon loop to add all the coupons to your page and click publish. Now when I go to my site, I see a coupon page
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Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Very quick short video. Will need to revisit again to ensure I follow step by step instructions. Thanks though, will let you know if I am successful.

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