How to Do SEO For A Tiny Site With No Backlinks | Neil Patel SEO Tips

How to Do SEO For A Tiny Site With No Backlinks | Neil Patel SEO Tips

– Backlinks, content,
people who have both of them do well when it comes to SEO. Websites who don’t have either
of them tend not to do well. But does that mean SEO is helpless if you have a tiny
website with no backlinks? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to share with
you how you can do SEO for a tiny website that has no backlinks. (upbeat music) Before we get started make sure
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videos and more tips like this you’ll get notified. Before we get into the
tips I want to share a site that you guys should all check out. It’s called Backlinko. Backlinko is a marketing blog by a buddy of mine, Brian Dean. He doesn’t have a ton of pages, he doesn’t have a ton of content, he doesn’t spend his time
doing manual outreach and link building. Yet, he dominates his rankings. And he’s getting hundreds and thousands of visitors per month. He’s not the only example. There’s so many more like
that all around the web. And there’s a secret, there’s a strategy to getting a lot of traffic when you don’t have a ton of pages. Sure, I’ll be honest, you’re
not going to get as much traffic compared to a site with a million pages. But that’s okay. You can still do extremely well and get hundreds of thousands
of visitors per month even if you only have 20, 30 pages. So let’s get into exactly
how you do this step by step. The first that you need
to know is you need some sort of content. You don’t need a ton of content but you need some sort of content. And the content you
create needs to hit hard. So before you go out there and
write any types of content, what I want you to do is go to Ubersuggest and put in all your competitors’ URLs. When you put in your competitors’
URLs you’ll see a page, it shows you their traffic, this page shows you
all of their top pages. Again, I want you to do this
for each of your competitors. Because this will show you
their most popular pages. It’ll also show you the key words each of these pages’ rank score. And by doing that you’ll now
know not only their top pages, what they’re about, but the keyword that they’re ranking for. What I want you to do is look
at their most popular pages of content, look to see
if you’ve already covered any of those topics. Chances are if you have a tiny
website and you don’t have any links, you haven’t. But just in case, double check
them because in that case you’d want to adjust your content. If you haven’t you’ll want
to create new content. What I want you to do is
create more in depth versions. In essence, all advanced
guides are definitive guides or beginner guides, whatever
you want to call them. But you’ll notice that I’m
always using their term guides. You don’t have to use the term
guides but when I mean guides I’m talking about something so extensive that everyone’s like, oh my
God, this is the end all be all, this is all I need to look
at, the rest of the stuff in this space is useless,
it doesn’t matter. So the way you do this is
you look up all your other competitors who are ranking,
you look at their pages because you saw those
articles in Ubersuggest, you go to those articles, you read them, you make sure your page
is five, 10 times better, more thorough in length,
it’s not just about putting the key words in there,
it’s about thoroughness. I would add in custom images, graphics. You can do this for free
using tools like Canva or if you want to pay someone
you can use And then by having that you’re
now going to have a detailed guide that’s super thorough. And remember, a really
important part in doing this is you are looking for the keyword
that you’re competition’s looking for because Ubersuggest shows you all of those keywords. You want to make sure you’re integrating the most popular ones that
are relevant to the article. More so, guide and
including them in your guide because if you do that you’re
going to outrank other people over time because your content’s better, your user metrics will be better. If it’s not that great,
you’re not going to shine because your user
metrics won’t be as good. And when I’m saying user
metrics I’m talking about time on site, people not bouncing back, and by creating something so
amazing they should want to stick around a lot longer
than your competitors’ URLs. The second thing I want you to
do is invest 50% of your time in promoting your content. Now, I would tell you in
most cases to spend 80% of your time promoting content
but when you’re creating these detailed guides
they take so much work that you need to spend at least 50%. 80% is probably unrealistic
but 50% should be doable. Again, in Ubersuggest
when you found these URLs it shows you all the
people linking to them. If you aren’t able to
go back to them just go to the backlinks report in Ubersuggest, put in the URLs for all your competitors, it’ll show you every single person that’s linking to their page. When you see the list of
links, you can hit them all up and you can email them being like: Hey John, I noticed you
linked to XY and Z article. I have one that just got
published, mine covers AB and C that theirs didn’t. You can check it out here. If you like it feel free and share it. Cheers, Neil. And when you send out
enough of these emails, I’m not talking about 10 or
20, I’m talking about 50, 100, 200 over time per guide
that you’re writing, you’ll start getting
people to link to you. The same thing goes with promoting. You can use,
put in your competitor URLs, it’ll show you every single
person who tweeted out your competitors’ article. You link to them, you
ask them to share it, it’s pretty much simple. Most people will not share
it but a large portion will so overall you’ll start
gaining social shares. Those two tactics gets you
links and social shares. The third promotion thing
that I want you to do is everyone that you link
out to in your guide, let them know that you linked out to them, shoot them an email and ask
them to share your content. That’s another simple way
to get more social shares. The third thing you need to
do is nurture a following. Have you noticed if you leave a comment on I respond? If you leave a comment on
Facebook, I try to respond. I say try because sometimes
there’s too many there. YouTube, I try to respond to all of them. By me responding to every single one, I’m nurturing a community. I’m building that loyalty. Now, I may not ask people for
anything but that’s helping over time get more social
shares, more backlinks, higher rankings, more brand queries, people typing in my domain
name constantly into Google. That helps me boost my rankings
as well because Google’s looking for brand queries. When you brand queries and more of them than your competition it
shows Google that people love your brand over the competitors, hence you should rank higher. So you want to nurture your community. It’s not just as simple
as throwing up content or putting up good pieces
of content and promoting and being like, that’s it. If you don’t care for people, you don’t go above and
beyond to help them out, you’re not going to do
well in this day and age when it comes to SEO. The fourth thing I want you
to do is build a network of content promoters. Remember how I told you to email people to share your content? Email people to link back to your content. Well, you’re going to start
seeing a pattern in which some people are willing
to and some people aren’t. Most of people aren’t but even
the percentage that’s willing once you publish a handful of articles, you’ll notice that
consistently there’s people who don’t mind sharing and
linking to your content. Now that you got your list of promoters now you know who to go
back to every single time you create a detailed guide. You don’t need to create
one of these detailed guides each and every single week. Heck, you could do it once a
month, sometimes maybe even once every two or three months. It just has to be super high in quality that way you can consistently
maintain your traffic. Last but not least, use
Ubersuggest backlinks. That’s that backlinks
report in Ubersuggest to identify new link opportunities. Always look at your
competitors, their new links, the lost links, ones that
they’re recently getting. Ubersuggest will show you
this in the backlinks report. If someone recently linked
to one of your competition, what do you think the chances
are of them linking to you? Well, it’s much higher
than someone who linked to your competitors five years ago. When people are linking
right now that means they’re open to linking today. When someone linked to
other people five years ago eh, they may be done with
it, they may not care to link to anyone else
or update their site. But when people are continually
updating their site, their content, linking to more people, those are the people to target
with your outreach campaigns because they’re much more
likely to link to you. So if you do all of those things even if you have a tiny site,
you don’t need to create tons of articles or tons
of pages of content, they just need to be
super detailed, thorough, and amazing high in quality. You do that, you can get a ton of traffic. I kid you not, over
100,000 visitors a month. It’s not about quantity, it’s an quality. Quality is the key factor to doing well in Google these days. There’s over a billion blogs. That’s roughly one blog for every seven people in this world. Google doesn’t need more content,
they don’t need big sites. They need amazing sites with
high quality content to rank. So focus on quality instead of quantity. If you need help with your
content marketing, your SEO, check out my agency Neil Patel Digital. Thank you for watching, make
sure you subscribe, like, share this video, leave a comment.

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