How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts – Create Home page with best page builder

Hey whats up guys Rana here and in this
video guys I’m going to show you I can separate your blog posts from your home
page of your website into another web page so there’s most of the people like
to do that they don’t like to show their blog post in their home page if you are
one of them and you don’t like to show your blog post on your home page of your
website you can do that as well so guys make sure you watch this video till the
end plus I’m gonna show you guys how you can create a beautiful-looking home
page of your website just simply drag and drop just like so guys
let’s get started and then let me show you guys how you can separate your blog
posts from your homepage of your website so let’s get started in order to
separate blog post from homepage we need to create a separate blog page after
creating a page we will move our blog post from homepage to this page and let
me show you how you can do that so guys as you can see I’m inside the dashboard
of WordPress so here we need to create a web page let’s go to the new create a
page here you can give a name to your blog post page so I’m gonna call it blog
host you can name whatever you like and then I’m gonna click publish and next
I’m gonna create another page for my home page I’m gonna click on add new and
here I’m gonna create a page for a home I’m gonna call it home and then click on
publish alright once we’ve done that click on all pages so as you can see now
we have blog page and we have home page now let’s move on to the settings and
click on reading and here instead of choosing your home page display your
latest post we’re gonna choose a static page and we’re gonna select home page as
a home page that we just created and next we’re gonna create a post page
for the blog post page that we just created and then click on Save Changes
now let’s go to your site let’s click on customize go to the menu this trade menu great
primary menu now I’m gonna call this menu menu underscore one you can name
whatever you like click Next I’m gonna add item to this menu I’m gonna add the
homepage and I’m gonna add the blog post page and then I’m gonna click on publish
I’m gonna close this customization so guys as you can see when I open my
website URL I don’t see my post right here when I click on blog post you can
see all my posts right here so this is how you can separate your blog post from
your homepage but when we go to the home page we do not see anything here now
let’s move to the next part which is creating a beautiful home page to create
a beautiful home page like this we need to install plugin let’s go to
the dashboard let’s click on plugins add new and then come over here and search
for Brizy and install this first plugin Brizy page builder click on
install now now click on activate after installing
the plugin go to your pages all pages and then select home page and then click
on edit and here you need to click on edit with Brizy so guys this is the Brizy plugins
dashboard you can say so let me show you how this plug-in works by clicking this
plus icon you can add a section or blocks into this page let me show you
how you can do that click on plus icon and here you can see the category
section you can go any specific category according to your website or you can
choose any section from below this page these are ready-made section for you
guys to choose from you can choose any section you like here for example if I
select this section I click on plus icon and the section added successfully
and scroll down you can see the plus icon again let’s add another section by
clicking on plus icon and now I’m going to add this section scroll down and I’m
gonna add another section right here I’m going to add this section
let’s add one more section and this time I’m going to I’m gonna open the category
section and then I’m gonna click on forms because I need the contact us form
I’m going to add this section right here so guys as you can see how easy to
create page with Brizy if you want to change something let’s say you wanna
change text from this section select the text and you can see the text settings
on above you can change its bold you can change unbold bold italic everything is
self-explanatory these are the alignment and this is the color of your text this
is a typography you can change whatever typography font you like you can change
size width length anything is you can change from here and next when I move my
mouse over here you can see my mouse cursor changed and I can click and hold
I can I can resize the section you can see and of course if I click over here
and then click to this picture and you can see I can adjust the picture focal
length or I can give a parallax effect animated you can see I have animated
parallax effect you can change almost everything in any section and this
is a style tab you can change the global color if you change something like green
your everything’s your page font color or buttons color gonna be green yeah and
here you can change your typography style subtitle above everything you can
change from here and this is a section blocks you can rearrange your section
that you added on your page you can rearrange them just dragging and drop
just like that and by clicking this plus add element icon you can add any element
any section you like if you scroll down and click on add new blogs you can add a
blank blog and then here you can add any element you like you can add buttons
you can add video you can embed anything you can add icon just simply
drag-and-drop click on the icon and then click the start button and you can see Brizy has lots of icons to choose from
so guys this is a pretty easy and self-explanatory page builder whatever
things you like to change just hover your mouse over that section click on
that and you will see a pop up you can change that section very easily so this
once you create your homepage then simply click on update and then click on
this eyeball icon to preview this page and here we go guys this is our home
page and you can see we separate our blog post from home page Alright that’s
the end of this video guys I hope you guys enjoy this video if you did enjoy
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and see you next time

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