43 thoughts on “How to Create a Popup Email Subscription/Newsletter Widget for Blogger Blogs

  1. hey fahad. I did the same thing. But there is a bug, it shows for a second after loading the page but disappears right away. Does this mean I have some problem with my HTML?

  2. bro can you please tell me the method after download the file of subscriber then what we have to to add our email

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  5. Do they limit how many subscribers you can have before you start having to pay a monthly, or yearly service fee? Are there mail merge capabilities?

  6. this is very nice to watch also in case any one need more help on any thing with regard to blogging let me know i am trying to help everyone to promote the blogging world and get engage with good people around the world thank you

  7. After creating widget does the subscriber gets my notification in his/her inbox? Is it just a static widget because their is no code for it so how does it forwards my blogs to subscribers?

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