How to create a blog on Android phone

How to create a blog on Android phone

Hello guys on this video on how to create
a blog on google blogger.For this all you have to do is open your browser and search
for and press go.You have to first sign-in I have already sign-in.Go
to New Blog.Write the title of the blog lets say My new blog.Write the address of the blog
I am writing it as myblog2807 it is checking the address the blog address is available.Select
any template I am selecting this watermark You can later on change the template after
your blog is created.You are now 1 step away from creating your blog Just go to create
blog.So thats all your blog is created and now to view your blog Go to My blog then to
view blog.This is how your blog looks like with blog address and
the title name My new blog I have also mentioned the steps in the description of the video.In
the next video I will tell you how to create a post and other things about a blog.Thanks
for watching Please suscribe if you like the video.Thankyou

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Cool video. See our Smartphone Garage Door Opener with webcam ? #iHued-Garage ? P.S. I Liked your video hope you can do the same, thanks 😉

  2. Thank you so much!! This was so great and easy tutorial. I appreciate so much! Can't wait to start my blog. I was searching for a awhile now on a easy way to start a blog and found it from your channel. You got a subscriber now. Your the greats!! ☺

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