How to Clear Cache and Delete Cookies on Google Chrome?

How to Clear Cache and Delete Cookies on Google Chrome?

Hi guys this is Harish Bali from Through this short tutorial I’m going to
explain you how to delete cookies in Google chrome. But before that let’s have a quick look at
the difference between cookies, cache and browsing history. Cookies are little files that remember your
logins or record of your last interaction with the website. Cache: These are temporary storage areas on
your hard disk where frequently accessed data is stored so there is no need to re fetch
the data whenever you visit a website the next time. Browsing history: it logs the date, time and
web address of every webpage you visit. Most popular reason why people delete cookies
is that they don’t want websites to track their preferences to show them ads. Similar the most popular reason why people
delete cache is that it sometimes can show badly formatted web pages like incomplete
pictures. This is the first diagnostic step that techies
want you to do when you face problem with website loading. Third thing is browsing history – if your
computer system is shared and you don’t want others to see your browsing history then you
can go and clear that off. Now let me show you how to delete cookies
on your system. This is my Google chrome window. Click on this little icon on the top right. There are two ways in which this can be done. One is by going to History and another way
is going through tools. Let me first explain the first method. If I click on History it will show you history
of all the files that I have opened. So let’s say I want to delete cookies of only
the first three files. So, I will choose these files and click on clear browsing data. I can check and uncheck the options that I
need to do. For example I also want to do delete browsing
history for these three files. So perhaps I select all these three and click
on clear browsing data. So the browsing data of these three files
have got cleared. Now the second method is go back to the same
little icon click on tools and from tools go to clear browsing data. Same window opens and there is another option
at the top which you can click and decide whether you want to delete your browsing data
or cookies for the last hour, last week, last day or since the beginning. So let me choose the beginning option and
I want to delete only my cookies and cache images and file so I will click on clear browsing data. So all my cookies have got deleted by this
action. Thank you so much for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed and do subscribe to this
channel for more tech related stuff.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  6. If you don't see instructions below for your specific version or browser, search your browser's Help menu for "clear cache". If you're unsure what browser version you're using, from the Help menu or your browser's menu, select About [browser name]. In Internet Explorer and Firefox, if you don't see the menu bar, press Alt.

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