How to Change Your Negative Associations Using Mind Conditioning – Teal Swan

How to Change Your Negative Associations Using Mind Conditioning – Teal Swan

The brain like a computer is complex, but it’s also simple the brain loves efficiency It loves to create links and associations to streamline the process of thinking to acting and it’s these associations Which dictate our behavior for example in? Pavlov’s dog study what he found is that any event or any item that was associated with food? even the sound of the footsteps of him or his lab assistant would cause his dogs to salivate and we are no different than these dogs if we are terrified of snakes because we associate snakes with danger we wear tall boots and we jump into the air when we see a stick that looks like snake if We associate losing ourselves with relationships and love then in Relationships will push our partners away and become emotionally avoidant most of these Associations are in fact subconscious. So we are completely unaware of them Each and every one of us is full of these associations and some of these associations that we form benefit us others Don’t benefit us obviously if what we really want is a relationship But we associate relationships with losing ourselves Then that Association is going to run a counter towards this that we want but there is a solution The solution is to change the association’s Before I teach you how to do this I must say that any tool you use can be used for harm and it could be used for good We could create a negative association our mind So as to overcome an addiction which benefits us or we could create a negative association in our mind So as to prevent us from something good which harms us? Did the opposite side we could create a positive association or mind? So as to help us achieve success which benefits us or we could create a positive association our minds So as to force us to gravitate towards something that is detrimental to us this obviously harms us this tool should not be used as a tool of denial escapism self avoidance self resistance or controlling and manipulating somewhere else a Person can do a lot of damage when they’re using this power of replacing associations So as to intentionally cause somebody’s behavior to change cult trainers do this all the time it is the hallmark of conditioning a while ago I was working with a woman who had a super violent and Alcoholic father and when he would get into his drunken rage Fits, he would often smash his beer bottles in the house And what happened is she had formed an association between the sound of breaking glass and being beaten? so whenever the sound of broken glass would occur this woman would have a panic attack she would start to hyperventilate and Even to the extent where she would pass out Obviously this type of an association doesn’t benefit you because what do you do when you’re out on a Date and you’ve gone to dinner and a server drops a glass So what do you do in your mom and your kids are in the house drop a glass? She can’t be hyperventilating having a panic attack and passing out in those scenarios I guess she could but it doesn’t really want to and we could consider this to be an association which is detrimental to her life So what we did is to change the Association What we did was to help her come up with a different Believable and positive association with that very same sound this woman loved Disney movies And she especially related to Snow White So what she thought about was maybe the sound of breaking glass could be when Snow White is in the coffin If the glass breaks It’s almost like she’s being broken free of this Negative spell and she’s being rescued by her prince and is going off to live a life. That is totally safe from harm. So We practiced to form a different association between the sound of breaking glass and that experience of feeling set free and rescued as if by a prince and ready to start A new life that is free from harm You can do this with any kind of situation to do this. Just pick some negative association you have in your life That is negatively impacting your life Try to recognize what the trigger is for that association to be set off and the behavioral impulses that follow that trigger Then think of some other positive Association you could form at that same trigger Pick something. That is particularly impactful and moving and powerful for you specifically I find that we get the most success with this when people pick something which they find to be the most believable and compelling for themselves as individuals Close your eyes and recognize the reaction that this negative association creates within use such as thoughts feelings sensations that are images imagine yourself in that very scenario You want to see it first from third-person perspective as if you’re watching yourself like a fly on the wall and then in first-person perspective Now recognize the reaction that you have to the new positive thing you chose What does it cause in you such as feelings thoughts sensations and images? imagine yourself in that very scenario see it first from third-person perspective as if you’re watching yourself like a fly on the and then in first-person perspective now that you’ve done that I want you to imagine a color pick any color Under the Sun but Especially a color that helps you feel like your brain is being reset or cleared another alternative that you can use to picking a solid color to focus on is to imagine that you have a dry eraser and imagine taking That dry eraser and watching yourself erase the thoughts or the images that are occurring within your mind Whatever it takes to create a blank slate or else a reset Now you want to imagine the first negative Association state for the woman in my example This would be experiencing a situation where glass breaks Imagine it happening in first-person perspective When holding the image and imagining the experience begins to intensify the feelings and sensations in your body immediately Imagine the image of the positive replacement Association coming in too quickly and aggressively replace the negative scene For the woman in my example. This would be the image of a glass coffin breaking from third-person perspective Once it has completely taken over the negative scene experience that positive scene in first-person perspective for the woman in my above example This would be to fully imagine being inside that coffin and the sound of glass shattering being the sound of the coffin breaking open So she is set free and rescued as if via prince and ready to start a new life that is free from harm It’s been a few minutes really getting that experience in your whole body. Feel it settling into your cells now again You want to imagine a color or else your dry eraser so that you can feel? Like the slate of your mind is wiped clean and as if you have had a reset then repeat this process with imagining yourself in that negative association scene in First-person perspective and once you have that it begins to intensify the emotions imagine an instantaneous switch With that positive Association or scene and once that comes up After you have seen it completely in the third-person perspective as if you’re observing it switch into first-person perspective completely Experience what that positive Association state feels like somatically in your body in first-person perspective and deeply Do this 11 different times making sure that each time in between doing this? You go back to that technique where you reset yourself or clear the slate by imagining a single color or else Using your dry erase or to erase the thoughts and image is occurring in your mind The new Association has been made and not only made it has been converted into the subconscious mind it is no longer possible for that old negative Association to have the kind of subconscious power and to create the Automatic reaction that it once did so from here Your job is quite simple every time you encounter that same trigger that created that negative Association in the past You use that as a kind of bell indicating wait right at this minute This is an opportunity to reinforce that new length that I have to the positive Association state So the minute that you encountered that same trigger for the negative Association you instantaneously unconsciously Call up the image of whatever positive Association replacement you decided upon and get yourself as deep into that experience in first-person perspective as you possibly can for the woman in my above example any time a glass broke she would use it as a trigger to Intentionally and immediately closed her eyes and imagine being inside that coffin and the sound of glass shattering being the sound of the coffin breaking open so she set free and rescued as if by a prince and ready to start a new Life that is free from harm In this woman’s case after she’d practiced this in one sitting eleven times. She was able to not go into a panic attack when Glass broke the first time it broke her body got tense, but she didn’t go full-blown into a state of anxiety With further practice now today I can report that she’s gotten to a place where she’s actually looking forward to the trigger Why because every time that a glass breaks now? She sees that as an opportunity to feel more set free and more set free each time Automatic thoughts feelings and behaviors do not have to have the complete control over your life that they do today They don’t have to contradict your sense of free will so the good news. Is these automatic associations? That had dictated a lot of the pain in your life They don’t have to be forever and we can change them out for positive months Have a good week

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Thank you Teal for another GREAT video. For those of us, who have experienced severe trauma in their lives, we all know how life brings to us those triggers that can ruin our dayly live, following us even into our dreams as nightmares at night. Our bodies become paralysed and we experience a rush of overwhelming feelings of panic.
    Lets look at it a bit more close before we explore our options to deal with it order to get our power back in the NOW:
    What exactly is happening with us? Because in the past, we could not physicaly escape the situation we were in, our only option was to escape from our body, thus leaving even more room for abuse in our state of complete helplessness. Today in the present, our individual triggers are putting us in that exact same state of powerlessness and the exact same bodyescape mecanism is at work. Back then you didn't have the bodysize and strenght on your side to face your abuser , you couldn't raise your voice filled with confidence and power to make it crystal clear, that your NOT going to be the victim and you could get help by other people etc…all that back then you couldn't do, because as a child you assumed naturally that you would be protected. You weren't. Probably your parents, trapped in there own limitation, weren't able to do so and may be even your surrounding didn't react to the ALARM signs that for sure were there. YOU WERE ALONE. A terrible and powerful feeling of absolute desperation invaded you and cemented your powerlessness. Not to speak of your surviving skills you had to develop and that are of little use to you today and might even leave you with the feeling of disgust and guilt.
    Now lets look at possible solutions: You have to get a hold of your body, HOLD IT WITH YOUR HANDS, SQUEEZE IT EMBRAZING IT WITH YOUR HANDS, BREATHE IN ENERGY AND LIGHT AND GUIDE IT THROUGH YOUR HANDS INTO YOUR BODY! Put back life into your body!That's what your parents should have done, but couldn't and we will look at this aspect too. But again: the act of YOU taking action and embrace you literally by tightly squeezing your trembling body , is what you need to do in order to disrupt the damaging low frequency state of your ABANDONED body that, by the law of attraction, (see Teal Swans Video, The law of attraction) gets you into more trouble. Speak out loud I WONT ABANDON YOU EVER! SPEAK TO YOUR INNER CHILD ANF HOLD IT!
    Your have to know, that NOBODY CAN DO THAT FOR YOURSELF, that step it is YOU that have to take it. And only then, others can reach you more and be helpful, because you are letting them, as a natural consequence, a biproduct of you taking care of yourself in this loving manner.
    Lets look at the before mentionned " the parents couldn't protect me" issue. Lets be clear, the most efficient way of healing your wound would be, and I say very clearly, "WOULD", is, to be able to talk to your parents and showing them calmly, HOW YOU WERE FEELING back then, not being heard in your pain, not being able to reach them etc. and them being truthful to their own helplessness and ignorance towards you , towards your feelings and your, for sure evident alarmsigns you have displayed. Now obviously, even if you would have exercised that over and over talking in a imaginary way to them, there reaction is likely going to be very disappointing to you. From their current state of awareness, ( which has probably not changed drastically from back then ,believe me if there were so, they truly would be a powerful healing support to you and you would'nt even read these lines), they CANNOT suddenly give you what you need so badly, thus they are just reeinforcing your negative imprint. But here is the good news: if, after practising by yourself that so badly needed dialogue, (and strenghtening and comforting that little child in you), you are brave enough and strong enough to talk to them and NOT expect immediate positive reaction, but simply feel that YOU are opening the POSSIBILITY of a change, YOU WIN! And if you continue, you might be surprised, how even a tiny little change in there attiitude makes you feel better. Because you know that obviously they can't give you now the full blossom of love when they couldn't back then. But it's about something else, it's about being seen, being heard, THATS what makes a change, a possibility of a new perspective with your parents. Because shutting them out to protect you, is a stagnation and source of everlasting frustration for you. Even if your parents ore one of them is already dead, comunicate with them, explain them how you feel. It will bring TO A FLOW what has stagnated and thus creating continous suffering for you.
    We need the trainingfield of interactions in order to change the position we are in. We need to exercise over and over that ACTIVE approach towards our wounds to get the POWER back.
    And we have to be brave enough to see the imperfection in others NOT AS A THREAT TO US but as a possibility of change WE CAN INDUCE. There is nothing more powerful than showing our own vulnerability on the tip of our tongue, surrounded by our ACTIVE decision we have made, to CONNECT WITH OUR SOURCE , LOVE
    Be blessed

  2. I love your videos I've been listening to your videos for years and years.
    ( you are awesome!) thanks โคโคโค ๐Ÿ’—

  3. This doesn't sound like you. It seems to me you recommend healing the trauma rather than covering it over (replacing) with something else. (resolving and releasing the trauma so that it doesn't have a subconscious hold over you!?) Hmmmmmm

  4. When i feel unloved or having heart break and experiencing not being loved how i am ready to be loved I have an association to not eat… so going to work on changing this x

  5. Sorry Teal, but as people are talking about your sweater I have to say that this color is terrible for your complexion. Your complexion seems so greyish and slightly warm and the sweater is SO bright and cool in color. It's a total clash, it doesn't blend.

  6. Rock solid advice. Embracing triggers as challenges is a great way to handle problems in life. It's counter intuitive to train the mind to do that.

  7. What are your thoughts on EMDR Therapy? I read it is life changing for people with Traumas. Iโ€™m currently looking for a certified therapist.

  8. Hello teal swan,
    Iโ€™m grateful that you share ur knowledge with us. So Iโ€™m asking for ur advice. My trigger right now is when someone lets me know how well they are doing. It makes me feel the lack in my life. I donโ€™t get upset with the person cus of course itโ€™s not their fault my Financial situation is not up to par. How do I apply this video to my negative Association? Thank you in advance. Margaret

  9. Sounds like it would be effective….although "a little inner voice" is telling me it might have some potential "bugs" if approached to casually. I mean….first of all, the example given requires "planting" a "non-truth" into your psyche (you might decide it's a worthy trade-off if you're desperate and it's the only thing that works…but I think the self-deception is most likely not a necessary part)….and also involves conditioning oneself along the lines of wanting to be "saved by a prince"….and last but not least…it seems to me you wouldn't want to be "looking forward" to the "reconditioned trigger" in the end…at least not if what you're after is returning to a kind of balanced state. I guess what I'm saying is, it might be a good idea to consider all the potential upsides and downsides of the specific "reconditioning" you're performing on yourself. In this case, if I was the one who was triggered by the sound of breaking glass, I think I might rather find a positive replacement association that didn't require any self deception….maybe just a very beautiful image of shattering glass, catching light. It seems to me there wouldn't even necessarily need to have a "story" that goes along with it… long as this new beautiful image was sufficient to keep my attention from going to…and reinforcing…. my old association. I think the old association would naturally fall away over time if not "fed". If I found that I needed a "story" to bolster this new association…I'd likely choose something that involved "breaking free" of what holds me back because that's actually a healthy, true and realistic potential.

  10. this was uploaded on my birthday! i have horrible emetophobia and im hoping this could work for my triggers (seeing/hearing people throwing up, vomit on the ground, feeling like im gonna be sick etc). not really sure how i can find a positive association for it though, but if anyone has any ideas iโ€™d really appreciate a suggestion <3

  11. One way to be positive is teal swan to tell everyone you are transgender man mtf. I know people will not believe me because most are blind to the truth I pray to God you all open your eyes. GOD BLESS

  12. Your book is helping me a lot Teal, I'm already healing a lot and I didn't think it was possible. I am an independent type who was extremely lonely in childhood. My needs for closeness with my parents as a child were unintentionally not met constantly and I suffered a lot for it. I am still struggling to have relationships with people and currently I am feeling only really close with my husband. He has given me what I've missed for many years and is a big reason why i am doing much better. When we met he brought me out of a dreadful depression that had lasted many years, it felt like i was finally awake, I could start enjoying life and healing. It's a long road to healing, but I can proudly say I am on the way, even if it's slowly and I can't thank you enough for helping me so much too. I've been able to finally cry, which I had trouble doing at all, and even in front of my husband.

  13. i notice that when youre thinking abroad about many different things, you look up and to the right…..and when youre thinking about something specifically, you look up and to the left.

  14. *breaking news*: "women in snowhite dress went out on a glass shattering spree while loughing uncontrollably"

  15. Thank you so very much, Teal. I have CPTSD, and have been through a lot of therapy. This truly makes sense to me, and I will definitely start applying this when I am triggered. I'm so glad I came across you on YouTube, and I know it was no coincidence. I love all of your videos. Thank you again for your knowledge, love, and light. ๐Ÿ’–

  16. every time my ex or certain people i work with or my job period
    i quickly Think of
    haagen dazs triple ice cream
    it works every time ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿจ๐Ÿค—โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค

  17. Associations run deep. There are so many of them. This stuff I learned in NLP. It is helpful but not enough.It's good as an addition to other healing modalities.

  18. Thank you for this incredibly helpful video. I paused it to do it 11 times. Wish me luck with the rest of my positive reinforcement process. Women need to do this to undo damage from the media.

  19. Dear Teal. What is the reason or cause of having dreams that totally make no sense or nightmares and how to stop it or over come that feeling of no control.? Thank you bella.

  20. Hi Teal, interesting video, God's common sense says to me though. Every one on earth should just make right choices. Think before you speak and act. Simple. May God bless you Teal. Thank you for your video and sharing like kindergarten. Bless Hashem. More women on earth should share as you do.

  21. Teal, thank you for this info. It's a good tip for emotional healing. So what to do in case of physical abuse, since the trauma is already embedded into the body on a cell level? Especially when person was abused for years. Body memory is very strong. When I used this technique to create a positive association it took me a long long time to break the memory of body, much longer than emotional. If you have any tips for that, please share, it would be a life changing knowledge. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’“

  22. So for the 11 times do we do the old scenario in first person perspective, then the new one in third and in first?
    Or do we do both in first & third?
    Thanks, great video. Really looking forward to putting this into practice.

  23. Please make a video about talking to invisible thing seeing them how to block em out or homing it skill or what it is

  24. I donโ€˜t really understand. Why would one not do a CP, so that you donโ€˜t even have to change the negative association bc it was be resolved in its roots?

  25. Sounds like NLP. I fear that practising this will have the exact opposite effect; instead of creating a positive association with the breaking glass, a negative association is created with the thought of the glass coffin. Sometimes when I'm filled with rage because of a specific person, I think about a safe place and time during childhood. This calms me down, but seeing her eyes while being in that extremely familiar and intimate place in my head, feels like I'm inviting the devil inside. Maybe this doesn't work in every situation.

  26. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹ question. Are there archetypes that we inherently play out either within our particular stream of consciousness or something that is a part of our dna in our current lifetime?

  27. Hey Teal. Can u do your video after next on reflectors please? I heard you mention them once in a past video and would like to know more. Curious.

  28. Hey teal. Random student here. I wish you to remember how much you've given. Thankyou. I feel hurt when I think of the dark force trying to taint your genuine efforts to share your findings and help aid the children of earth. Thank you. My name is Raymond Miller and I live in Edmonton. I think you know me spiritually . I was listening to you 10 yrs ago. You rock. Good job and sorry to hear about the shit.

  29. I love this so much and I know how powerful our thought and mind is…my problem is finding a NEW association around my triggers…I have a trigger around shame and Im not sure how to pin-point when that shame comes up so I don't know how to create a new association to that.. any help or advice?
    The best I've come up with so far is feeling like I am Sherlock Holmes and when someone is not understanding what I'm saying I can use it as an investigation… but not sure this will work

  30. Teal there are no words to describe you. If you would run for President. I would definitely vote for you ๐Ÿ’ฏโค๏ธ

  31. What would you suggest to do if something you once loved (like an activity/hobby/tv show/etc) got associated with a negative experience in life, and you would like to enjoy it again? The thing you once loved being the trigger, but something you desperately want to be able to do again without associating it with the negative emotions that now accompany it.

  32. This is great thank you! I've done a lot of hypnotherapy and this is like more conscious hypno. Mind is so powerful. I really like what you say about how our powers and minds can be used negatively and positively.

  33. Hi thanks for your advice how do I deal with people who copy everything I do and want to become me to the point that they steal everything friends money privacy and want to take over life? Thank you.

  34. For four years now I've had crippling health related anxiety, specifically a real kind of phobia about getting sick or unwell. I wish I could somehow make this work for this problem.

  35. I think Iโ€™ve watched almost all your video at this point. You have been the guide I have been searching for. I am truly grateful.

  36. What if someone was physically sexually and emotionally abused and fears getting close to someone through touch and emotional vulnerability…..I think that goes deeper than what this could do which is seemingly avoiding or burying trauma which has been in the making since I was 5 years old.

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