How To Build WordPress Blog In Less Than 5 Minutes

How To Build WordPress Blog In Less Than 5 Minutes

Hello guys, welcome back to the another video
session and in this video, I will show you how you can install WordPress blog on your
Bluehost account, so far I have covered how you can buy webhosting from Bluehost, how
to use Bluehost dashboard and in this video, you will learn how to install WordPress. The
steps are very simple and you can do that in next five minutes, simply follow the video
and if you have question in between, you can ask me via comments, so let’s go ahead and
install WordPress blog. So, once you are inside your Bluehost cPanel,
you have two options, either you can click on simple scripts, you can click on WordPress
directly to install the WordPress, well both of them are the same thing. just for your
information, simple script is also known as ‘Mojo market place’, click on WordPress, here
this is the page where you will be doing all the magic, you will be installing your blog,
click on install and on the next page, you need to select the domain name, so if you
are on a plus package of Bluehost, you can have unlimited domain name, so in this case,
I have only one domain name, so I select the domain name, I would strip www because it
doesn’t add any value, click on check domain and after that, it will give two options,
so I would suggest you to click on ‘show advance option’, change the username,
title you can change anytime later but let’s do it now, let’s keep the username as shoutmeloud,
password as ‘changeme1’, make sure that this box is selected because this will create a
database for your WordPress blog, select this option and that’s it, now all you need to
do is click on install now, so this will take a few minutes and your WordPress blog would
be installed, let’s wait for this step to be completed and then I will show you how
to configure your WordPress after that, so if you see something like this, lets simply
click on cross button, at the top you can see the progress bar of your WordPress installation,
click on view details, now you can so, our WordPress installation is complete, now click
on view credentials, click on view and that’s it, so this is your ‘wpadmin’ login, we go
there and lets login and let’s see how does our blog look like, so that’s it, now your
blog is up and running but before we move ahead, I’ll just take one more minute where
I’ll show you few things that you would like to do, so simply go to plugins, disable
select ‘Hello Dolly’, select ‘MOJO marketplace’ and disable this plugin, go to post and delete
the first default post and simply there are few more steps you need to do so I have a
video which shows what are the essential steps that you need to do after installing WordPress,
I have added the link in the description, well, that is it, let’s go and have a look
at the blog, so that’s it, our blog is up and running in like 5 minutes and now you
can start blogging. Well, pretty much that’s it, if you have any
question regarding installing WordPress on Bluehost or any other question related to
WordPress, feel free to ask me via comments, you can also drop me an email at [email protected]

Author: Kevin Mason

3 thoughts on “How To Build WordPress Blog In Less Than 5 Minutes

  1. Is installing wordpress there free ? And can i then move my blog from blogger to WordPress, as i heard that you need a host to do that ? please help harsh.

  2. Hi harsh i have done and followed all the steps as shown but i am not getting plugins tool bar in my wordpress site can please tell me how to fix it

  3. Sir you are a great inspiration for young people. I'm going to create my own blog.
    Which hosting do you recommend? Hostgator or Bluehost?

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