How to Build & Design a Website : Web Page Setup Properties

Okay, we’re going to start by changing some
of our properties in our page set up. So you already see we have this size in here for
size 14-16 fonts. I’m going to miss around and change some of the background color, let’s
go with this green. Now it says here in my page properties that when I hit apply it’s
going to change the color to green. So try this and hit apply, look at that, it’s green.
And you can basically take it to whatever you want and this is what it is going to show
for every page you set up. Let’s try a background, like an image background, let’s try this one,
and we’re going to say no cause it’s already in there, and hit apply. See that? Man that
looks gorgeous, I really really like that, it looks really good. And there’s just a different
amount of things that you can use for your background. So I’m going to go back in there
because I want to take that out, I want to keep the standard white. And we’re right back
to white.

Author: Kevin Mason

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