How to Brush Your Teeth Like a Dentist

How to Brush Your Teeth Like a Dentist

Let’s learn how to brush your teeth like me,
a dentist! so there are four things that you’ll need,
you need a good toothbrush. You need some toothpaste. You need a mouth. You need a hand. So what kind of toothbrush should you get? You should get a good one. And what I mean by a good one is one with
those fancy designs. Don’t get a flat one cos a flat one just doesn’t
brush as well. Those ones with the little triangles or the
little funny angles that they have, they can get in between the teeth a lot better. So what is more important? Toothbrush or toothpaste? The main thing about brushing your teeth is
to physically remove the germs off your teeth. So obviously it is the toothbrush that is
most important. The point of the toothpaste is to deliver
some fluoride and make your mouth smell a bit better. So that’s all it does actually. What kind of toothpaste should you use? It doesn’t really matter what kind of toothpaste
you use. Sensitive toothpaste is good if you have tooth
sensitivity. So a lot of people think that sensitive toothpaste
is the best toothpaste out there. It’s not! So sensitive toothpaste is good only if you
have sensitive teeth. If you don’t have sensitive teeth, there’s
no benefit in using it at all. And how much toothpaste should you use? In the toothpaste ads, you can see that they
put the toothpaste along the length of the toothbrush. But that’s actually too much. You don’t need that much.There’s no harm in
using so much. It’s just a waste of money and it’s just going
down the drain. The right amount you need is just the width
of the toothpaste.. I mean the toothbrush! And a lot of people talk about how long to
brush your teeth for. Generally, people say it’s 2 minutes. But how do you measure how well you’re brushing
your teeth by time? It makes no sense! You can spend 2 minutes just brushing your
front teeth and rest of your mouth is all still dirty! So what’s the point of brushing for 2 minutes? You can spend 10 minutes doing that and it’s
still the same! The most important thing is not the time that
you’re spending brushing your teeth, but making sure that your brush is getting everywhere. And treat your teeth like a cube. So there’s there biting surface, the outside
surfaces, and the the inside. To ensure you’re brushing all these surfaces,
the best thing is to not jump around as most people do. If you notice how you brush, you probably
start off the same place everytime and then you jump here, jump there. The same motions, every time. My suggestion would be to not jump around,
but gradually brush the whole mouth. And the motion of your brushing is very important
as well. So try not to go back and forth, like a sawing
motion. That’s what causes gum recession. What you should try to do is brush in small
circles, or small movements, just sort of jiggling it around. Like vibrations. What you should be doing. This is your tooth. Try to angle it this way, because there’s
a small gap in between your gum and the tooth. That the most important part. That is usually, in a healthy person, 3mm
deep. So you gotta get these little bristles 3mm
deep in between the gum and the tooth, to clean it out very well. The right amount of pressure that you need
to use is just finger pressure. It’s sort of like a handshake. You don’t want to go too softly, and you don’t
want to go too hard. So just moderate pressure, I think use your
common sense. You’re not trying to scrub your teeth, you’re
brushing your teeth. But you’re not tickling your teeth, if you
get what I mean. I’ve watched a lot of people brush their teeth and they usually brush their front teeth. But actually the back teeth are the hardest
to brush and the dirtiest parts of your mouth. So spend more time brushing the back instead
of your front teeth. Now that you know how to brush like a dentist,
you’ll probably find there’ll be more bleeding when you brush your teeth. That’s perfectly normal. I wouldn’t worry about that at all. So the reason for this is with your old way
of brushing, you’ve been missing places in your mouth. In those places, your gums get really inflamed
and it’s called gingivitis. Let me know how you go in the comments below!

Author: Kevin Mason

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