28 thoughts on “How to break into the first page of YouTube search results: title, description and tags

  1. Not sure why, but on larger videos, Movavi freezes for about four seconds after every action. I've also noticed this in other people's videos. Could you fix this? Also congrats on 50,000 subscribers!

  2. Hey Movavi. There was a recent update to movavi video editor, and it behaves a bit differently. I like the change to transitions. But, if you have a transition … when you drag the left side of a clip, it shifts the whole clip back to the it's initial location. It never used to do that, and it's pretty annoying. I'm also pretty sure that only applies to the top line media. Sorry if that doesn't make much sense.

    Here's a quick example of what i'm talking about: https://youtu.be/kQuhMLYFR6A (unlisted).

  3. Hello, i' have the latest Movavi video suite and i'm happy whit it, it's the best software. But we really need more animated titles & intro title. Currently all media channels and network accounts use the animated titles and animated objects to make their videos more attractive. Please add more animated intri titles & improve the animation so we can rotate the pictures for example on our slideshows. Thanks a lot.

  4. Great job Movavi Team!
    Can you please make a video of how we can add
    Text on top and the bottom of a video on white background?
    Thanks a lot

  5. Very informative! I like how Movavi has YouTube advice on the side. I admit, in other videos I've watched, I didn't know about custom thumbnails, the audio library, and some other YouTube recommendations. I now have 188 subscribers.

  6. Hello! I have a question. Some YouTube Channels when searched in the search bar has this section of "Latest From (Your Channel Name)" and some don't have that. How can I possibly achieve that? For instance when my channel name is search my Channel Icon will pop out and underneath has a section of "Latest From JustShanen" How can I do that? Thank you so much!

  7. Good info!!! 😁👍 But; If I search for my own video with my own video title and name, Still some other (not going to mention the name) comes on top…. Wich really, really annoys me..!🤤😈😈 How does he beat the system.. Does he enter all competititors in the tag system.. And if so, Is it something wich escapes Youtubes attention. If I put him in my tags. Will I get rid of him.. I'm just a beginner. My channel is 4 weeks old.. I need to do something..

  8. I have a doubt… When I search in my YouTube.. Then my videos are coming among the top videos… Bt when I search from others phn.. It's not coming on top. Why is that? Then how do I know where is the position of my video from my utube app?

  9. Great video mate. Tried to apply it myself. Maybe my title was a bit misleading though https://youtu.be/ylmBBA0poR0

  10. One of the inspiring vlog I've watched,,,, hoping I can also grow in this industry with your big help guys…pinay vlogger here…see you on my channel❤

  11. Absolutely no. While everyone is doing the same thing. Same tag line, same metadata, same all. Everyone who puts 30+ or 100s of taglines while you put 100s too, it's still the same but these options can help.

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