hello today I’m going to talk about
dentures speech for some reason there are many people that when they wear dentures
you can tell that they have dentures on. the way to talk, the way kind
of open their mouth the way talking and they constantly look like
they’re chewing a gum or they chew in candy today this is gonna be the main
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I load a video when the venture is nice wearing dentures is not easy. anything in you mouth can just imagine how difficult is has to deal with.not having you real teeth you can use imagine having big
bulky dentures in your mouth this is a slightly small nature it is
hard plastic acrylic plastic so this is really really probably hard to do for
those who wear dentures but there are some people that really you hardly can
tell that they have a dentures on you are they can tell that they eating with
dentures because probably that dentures was made right
perfect so probably have where for many years but then there are some people that constantly can tell right of way if you watching a TV or somebody’s
speaking on any channel you can actually tell that they wearing dentures
because the way they talk you know the way they move their mouth and sometimes
they look like the chewing candy you know they constantly verifying the
suction of the attention so then why so as tech I can probably imagine
some time the reasons have to do with the suction which mean effect of the
denture as the thickness of the dentures how bulky it is or how thick it is we
were though at school that dentures should be all around
the size of the quater 1/4 size is about 1.5 millimeters
you know so 1.5 millimeters it’s like a quarter size so yeah it’s a lot of photo
sites all around it but then any other cases many people have adventures that
are twice this size which is three or you imagine having that thickness you
know it is it is uncomfortable morelikely so then the top you have to deal with the
gravity is on the top and then the dentures you really want to come down if you see
I am II really really would want to come down so what to do what to do so I think
what are the solution is make sure that venture is nothing
make sure you venture it is slightly I will prefer if I wear dentures might be
just enough because I can speak well I can talk well you know I would prefer us
and then the suction has to do with of course impression it has to be correct
and your bone loss well that’s another situation like you know my loss
you will have to wear a headset No so then if you a person who you really have
a strong gag reflex so then horseshoe horseshoe it’s part of
the solution but for some people has a nice tone that
would work out for them so this is just one opinion I think then dentures versus
thick ones the thin one allow you to kind of talk really well and even forget
about you have a dentures in your mouth more likely because you hardly even feel
it it’s so good and you can manage to swallow your saliva and with no problem
you don’t have that insecurity inside of your brain but you have to verify
constantly that you need to make sure that there is a suctioning thick one you
can tell right away you know I always like yesterday I made an immediate
interest so I think she did enough so so that person
can fill in that having fun impression of denture you know like it’s his
first time he should be okay and comfortable with the first time even
though people into the pain of surgery for a few days so I didn’t want to work
that out for him I made sure everything was trimmed enough to about the person
to become so this is just I believe that it can be you can have a solution if you
request well thank you for watching and I see you in a next video and don’t
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every time I thank you

Author: Kevin Mason


  1. I think some techs make the dentures a little thicker so that they are less likely to break.

    I personally prefer thinner dentures. I’m still on my immediates, waiting to decide where to get my perms from, but my immediates were SO thick, and I ended up using a dremmel type tool to thin them out on my own. They’re much better now.

    Do you make dentures that can me retrofitted to be snap ons?

  2. Interesting video. I have had my dentures almost 3 years , they are not to thick but I believe they could fit better and I feel the teeth are to small , but they work , Maybe someday I will beable to get s 2nd pair .

  3. 😀 Thank you SO much for helping people smile again at affordable prices. You are a true artist. All of your videos are very informative! I love watching them and I love your accent! 😁

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