36 thoughts on “How SpaceX plans to move Starship from Cocoa site to Kennedy Space Center

  1. Damn they need to invest in some sound dampening. Way to many echos. Guess that's what happens on such a budget set.

  2. So this fake news local gov and state gov don't want a give few dollars to subsidize any damage to the road SpaceX you just move to China or Dubai. Gov has no problem giving money to Amazon warehouses and other ships.

  3. Now this is some good old fashion reporting.
    "They told me nothing so I pieced the answer together based on publicly filed documents."

  4. Maybe, maybe not. I was just by the FedEx end. You can see where they've flagged out the road they want to build. There is also a Gopher Tortoise warning sign from the State there halting all work.

  5. Why not have tax dollars pay for it itโ€™s actually something that is good for the Country Please complain about tax dollars being wasted on Wasteful fthings not good things!

  6. Space is FAKE, thanks for promoting fake news. ๐Ÿ˜‚ The Florida oceans have died, how about cover the army Corp of engineers poisoning the water!

  7. We'll have that footage to remember it by if it explodes when launched. Space is no place for slackers who miss details and make mistakes… We'll see what Vegas thinks come launch day! …maybe make some money!

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