How interdental brushes can save you a ton in dentist costs!

How interdental brushes can save you a ton in dentist costs!

Going to the dentist can be expensive, especially
if you’ve had a poor dental hygiene routine, or if you’ve ignored an oral health problem
for a long time without seeking treatment. The good news is, there’s a simple way to
prevent the more expensive dental treatment costs. In this video, I’ll explain how using interdental
brushes to clean between your teeth can prevent the more serious oral health issues that can
result in giving your dentist half of your pay check. Firstly, it’s important to say that you should
get a professional teeth clean at your dental hygienist at least once per year. This costs a fraction of what it would cost
if you develop a cavity or periodontal disease, so it’s worth the investment. Think of it like getting your car serviced
every year to keep it in good working order and preventing the cost of having to fix a
bigger problem. But, Why clean between your teeth anyway? The space between your teeth is the place
where you can find the most food residue. If you don’t get rid of this food residue,
it mixes with your saliva to form plaque (the furry film you can feel on your teeth with
your tongue). The bacteria in your mouth thrive upon this
plaque buildup and produce acid. If plaque isn’t removed within 72 hours, your
saliva glands give it a helping hand to turn into hard tartar, which can only be removed
by your dental hygienist scraping it off with their little tool. And no one likes that experience! Left untreated, tartar can also result in
far more serious oral health issues like gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis), halitosis
means bad breath and cavities. These conditions require significant treatment,
which results in expensive dental costs. So, interdental cleaning is super important
for a healthy mouth AND a healthy wallet! Interdental brushes vs. flossing Thanks to several important studies, we now
know that interdental brushes are much more effective at removing the food residue and
plaque buildup between the teeth compared to flossing. In fact, using interdental brushes removes
40% more food residue than brushing alone. Why? If you clean your teeth only with your toothbrush,
your litterly clean only 2 sides of 4 the out side and the innerside. but you always miss the parts in between! Obvious right? All you have to do is find the right size
or sizes some of you will need two different sizes of brush for the gaps between your teeth. there for biteaway offers a starter kit where
you easely can try every brush at home! Of course there may be some gaps where it’s
impossible to brush and there is using the floss still the best option. I suggest my patients to use the interdental
brushe once a day in the evening before cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush. I would also recommend using a tongue scraper
to clean your tongue gently twice a day before brushing. This removes the many bacteria that live on
your tongue and result in the white film that you can feel, see and sometimes even smell. Then use a mouthwash which contains fluoride
as your final act of dental hygiene before bed to make the enamel strong. So, with a thorough daily teeth cleaning routine
and an annual professional teeth clean at your dental hygienist, you can prevent the
majority of serious oral health conditions and therefore avoid a ton in dentist costs. Plus, you’ll also have fresh breath and a
beautiful smile! Priceless! As always at the end:
Did you know: Americans spend approximately $2 billion each
year on dental care items compared to $100 billion on hair care products! Well maybe we need to change that because
nobody will be impressed by the look or smell of your hair when you open your mouth and
swollen gums and bad breath appear! A beautiful smile always overtrump! Want to learn more about using interdental
brushes and how a daily dental routine should look like? Watch this video and or download my free cheat
sheet below! Now I would love to hear from you. How does your perfekt daily dental routine
looks like and if you ever used interdental brushes bevore. If not, Why? Did you think interdental brushes are only
for old people? I’m so curiose, please leave a comment below
and share it with us! I hope this video was helpful and if you like
it please hit the like button below share it with your friends and make sure to subscribe
for more tips and tricks every Tuesday! Bad breath will be history from now on, promised! Take care and see you next week!

Author: Kevin Mason

12 thoughts on “How interdental brushes can save you a ton in dentist costs!

  1. Thanks for watching this video! I would love to hear from you. How does your perfect daily dental routine looks like and if you ever used interdental brushes before? If not, Why? Did you think interdental brushes are only for old people? I’m so curiose, please leave a comment below and share it with us!

  2. I brush 3 to 4 times a day and scrape my tongue once a day. I was not informed about inter dental brushes by my dentist or anywhere else other than from you. I will look into it and start using it. Thank you for the information.

  3. You've got me thinking about using interdental brushes…like to see a video on one of those water jet machines for flossing which my dentist recommended

  4. You are making me love my mouth! … I'm a flosser…so this was awesome to hear…. in fact, I went and got some floss and flossed while I watched you… (I'm not kidding! 😉 I've never used an interdental brush… never heard of it before! I'm going to check it out … thanks!

  5. I feel like interdental brushes are more common in Europe. Is that right? When I lived in Europe, I used an interdental brush. Now, living in North America, I use a floss. But after this video, I will rethink it again!

  6. I floss twice a day (sometimes only once when I'm lazy). Definitely going to look at interdental brushes. No matter how much water I drink, plaque just builds up in my mouth super fast! Going to also work on changing my diet!

  7. Haha I'm sure way too many people give dentists half their paycheques! I use a tongue scraper myself too, I love it 🙂 Good tips Nora!

  8. Hi doctor!! I recently found you channel, which is amazing! Such deep overviews, advice and tips, which really makes me watch more of your videos! I'm a 18 y.o. girl who lives in Athens! May I ask you a couple of questions pls? Do u mind enlighen me a little bit? This is my daily dental routine: a. floss with oralb B waxed dental floss, b. use the waterpik ultra to clean deeper in between the spaces and in the pockets of the gums, c. brush teeth with Oral B 7000 (x3 per day, after each meal) and d. use the oral b interspace powertip to clean in between teeth (if there's still a missing point existing). Is that ok? I do all of those steps 3 times a day.I don't use interdental brushes, bc they don't reach the point between the teeth, in which the 2 teeth are in contact with (unfortunately my teeth are very close and have really tight spaces between), whereas the floss actually passes through those tight spaces and cleans even the space of the CONTACT of the 2 teeth. Does it make any sense? Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong? I also think that interdental brushes can transport bacteria between one interdental space to the next. Whereas floss doesn't, as long as we use a fresh part of it, while moving from one interdental space to the next. Does this also make sense? Is dental floss along with waterpik and the Oral B interspace power tip enough for cleaning in between my teeth or do I still need interdental brushes like the ones you recommend? Also, last but not least, how long should one wait after a meal, before brushing? Thank you so much in advance and I apologize for my bunch of questions! Hugs from Greece! <3 <3 <3

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