How did Edge feel about an empty-arena WrestleMania?: WWE After the Bell, April 9, 2020

How did Edge feel about an empty-arena WrestleMania?: WWE After the Bell, April 9, 2020

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “How did Edge feel about an empty-arena WrestleMania?: WWE After the Bell, April 9, 2020

  1. Remember what John cena said During his returning entrance at WM 32?
    Michael cold – It Couldn't be Wrestlemania Without John Cena.
    John Cena – It couldn't be Wrestlemania Without ya ( WWE Universe ).
    And He Is 100% Right.

  2. we’re gonna ignore the fact Corey Graves said he’s considering an in ring return?! its been 6 years and i miss seeing Lucky 13

  3. I think im the only wrestling fan who isn’t a fan of edge. I think he’s overrated and has one of the most annoying faces ever. When he’s selling it’s waaaay to over the top.

  4. Poor Edge came back after 9 long years and has a 35 minute match at Wrestlemania and the “fans” criticize him for it, this is why WWE doesn’t listen to y’all!

  5. I’m gonna only watch it if it’s the girls match the boys match is boring it’s up to you so much is really good

  6. Edge is a legend of wrestling and hem for me the last man standing match in Wrestlemania 36 the best match of Wrestlemania 36 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I love Edge, hes so funny. As a young father I feel everything he said to a T, even down to gardening with my wife. Haha Im glad hes back and after all this is over, I cant wait to see him on WWE every week again!

  8. UFC 249 In a private Island for the Interim Lightweight championship of the World is a must see event !!!

  9. I’m glad Edge is handling this so well. I felt kinda bad for him. He’s so great, exactly what a part timer should be! He’s willing to put on a half hour long match. That makes the return worth it.

  10. i was up to 12 pm where im from and i watched wrestlemania 36 kickoff and there was 1 match only so i had to wait the next day before watching edge vs randy orton

  11. If I was Edge, I’d have hated WM36 because there was no crowd. Anyone who disagree, watch the 2020 Royal Rumble and compare the two.

  12. Really great mindset of Edge to have. It sucks that not just in WWE but all of pro wrestling things are being dampened by this pandemic. Edge's return, Naito's run as first IWGP Double Gold Champ, KENTA's rise as a top heel. But we all have to have some hope and say "we can come back from this and make the best of it".

  13. Just watching that return of Edge at the RR was incredible. The Pop he got, reminded me of when Shane returned in Detroit…

  14. only thing that seemed good about the no crowd was hearing the managers properly ie hayman sounded good and fairplay to the wrestlers didnt hear hardly any of the match callsout etc 🙂

  15. Edge is a living Legend! I would love to see Edge vs AJ styles! Hell even ad Jeff Hardy and John Morrison in the mix!

  16. I really hope this wasn't his last match. He deserves a proper farewell as he is one of the biggest legends of the 21st century. He deserves his final entrance, final pyro, final Spear, proper final match. I wish his last match would be against Cena as that was the rivalry that made him into a main event heel. And if they want to do it with a new guy there's no better candidate than Rollins.

  17. I would absolutely mark out of Graves saw Dr Maroon and got cleared to return. The mans wrestling career is severely slept on, he was going to be a massive star.

  18. I've got nothing but respect for randy and edge but I am in no rush whatsoever to watch that match in full ever again.

  19. One thing if you have a heart doing what you do.. it will be a great result.. than acting only edge got a heart for the business! ! ?? lets go for more edge!

  20. Greatest Part Timer in History, I hope people don't turn on him in the middle of it, he said he's back to help people, not add to his statistics, but we all want to make ONE last run, not 4 or 5, like Goldberg and Lesnar, Just ONE

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