Healthy Hannah Episode 18: A Trip to the Dentist

Healthy Hannah Episode 18: A Trip to the Dentist

>>(Male Announcer) That’s right, kids.
It’s time for Healthy Hannah’s Healthy Choice Heroes.
What healthy choices will they make this time? I hope I don’t have any cavities.
It’s just a checkup. Michael.
[sad music] How are we doing?
Hannah? Michael, you look worried.
Is everything okay? I may have a cavity.
I’m not sure what a cavity is. A cavity is a place that has started to decay
because of eating sugary foods and not brushing. Oh. You been eating sugar?
That include candy and soft drinks? Candy and soft drinks contain a lot of sugar.
What should I eat instead? What do you think?
Well, fruit like apples and pears are healthy. Absolutely, and even though fruit contains
sugar, it also has nutrients your body needs.
And milk or water has to be better for your teeth.
Theres no sugar in water, and milk helps keep your body healthy, including your teeth.
Will healthy choices keep me from having cavities? Healthy choices take care of your whole body.
Like brushing and flossing your teeth. And not choosing candy and soft drinks.
You wouldn’t want your teeth looking like this.
Ugh! How’d you–
The dentist will see you soon. Thanks for making healthy choices for your
teeth. So… was it that bad?
No, it was good. Do you brush and floss every day?
Are you making good snack choices?>>(Male Announcer)
Thats all for this edition of Healthy Hannah’s Healthy Choice Heroes.
Until next time… Learn, Choose, Live!

Author: Kevin Mason

5 thoughts on “Healthy Hannah Episode 18: A Trip to the Dentist

  1. Wish you came to my dentist's office Healthy Hannah! I was always scared of the dentist, even the smell of the office let alone the sounds of drills and bright lights!

  2. Scary is my opinion of the dentist 🙁 ??
    I hate the smell and sound of the dentist I go to! I think nearly everybody hates or gets worried about the dentist!!!

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