Headstart Founder Tales in association with VK Venture | Vipul Kedia | Vinay Kedia |

Headstart Founder Tales in association with VK Venture | Vipul Kedia | Vinay Kedia |

hello and welcome to headstart founder
tails we are in conversation with startup founders people with dreams
and aspirations and today in our studio are two wonderful dynamic brothers with
vipul and Vinnie cadia then cook them thank you so you are director and
founder of this amazing Vk ventures please tell me something about your
organization well now the it’s a fin tech company
that we started in the year 2011 and it’s a very very interesting journey
that we had so far in this venture so we started with the two employees in 2008
and now we have 150 plus team so it has been an interesting journey so far but I
just guide us and share your journey on how do you become super so this was gear
209 I was doing my India from the sigmaji
and in that time we side up a travel company so I was doing the tickets of my
classmates all of the strains from and him used to charge from different parts
of area so that was a big opportunity for me to get the right bunch of
customers on the single platform so I thought that this is a most easiest way
to get a business what I was going for for a business he cares too much by
synergy so I had a laptop head I had a haircut so this two will most required
things to start a travel business epiphyte first three months movement
this was going good then there was a time that Minzy they started to make fun
out of me that vehicle then I ate a Vegeta I am so
days are really getting tough I that I’m tied up a website like book my I thought
calm so I entered into the class and I saw in the boot that someone has written
book my ass calm so I was like he these are my friends and would is it happening
so I went to man cinemas and she was the director of course you see told me a
code that I remember till late that the pole people throw stones to those fees
that yield food so if they’re throwing stones at you it is obvious that you are
eating some food so continue wielding fruits so i was like ‘hey this makes a
lot of sense so by its it’s okay let them do it and I will continue the job
so some days here and then but that coast of MN got over in a very nice way
so I feel the teacher the education we get a very very important part to get us
on this track that they have challenges their issues but don’t lose hope over
faith in yourself so we were searching for house they see Cody simple one
militant boom boom it was me finding a flat for bachelor’s it was a pain we had
no office no home so we were staying for few days at some friends homes and some
friends home so that’s how we manage initial days finally we got place we started with the small office inside the womenself in the balcony we setup a small and we started from you had a experiance becoming a first airbnb and finally you became VK venture lot of time you don’t realize that he so much of blood swet and oil has gone tp becaming what you are i love the on a lighter side you know both of you named so well VK venture whos inventive vipul’s venture vinay venture so that is the reason Vk Venture so it’s like the smart choice so you don’t fight, so who is elder of you i am the elder one so who takes the calls in the office no it’s mutual so in fact in office we have better half also equally a part of the system so my wife takes the backing projects and vinay
betterhalf takes of BPH and import export department we are really happy that I he
along with the other two all are very very strong team right now so great on a serious note every startup every company started has pivoted your careers did not start into finance you going to very diverse field well maybe you can start an lp where did you start yes about we started a company from
recharge impact so 2011 we did this project so what we did is we
built up our an app when in all the telecoms were integrated into a single
application and retailer can do a recharge of any company using a single
app so that thing there was challenge that the retail I have to maintain a
different different brands from different different operators with this system coming in place is
working capital was reduced and as a income was increased so this gave us a
very good boost with all the retailers using this application and going further
the same little told us that why don’t you get travel pack into it so we had a
different segment come in then flight booking hotel booking bus rail all
things came in so far 18 20 different segments have been tapped up and going
for the six months on the end we have very varying the string line of product
that would really change up the whole ecosystem you may be curious why don’t you tell me vinit what are the new products you are coming with that gonna help your business see recently we have successfully tested micro ATM it’s similar to ATM the only differences is the cash is given by the machine here the retailer though we know the shop
issues the cash so basically if you own a debit card credit card anything you
can walk to any of our retailer and you swipe your card using our
technology and you will give you cash and you make some money out of it so we
what we are doing this ATM Reach is not very penetrated in earlier we are able
ATM in every nook and corner of this country where the email you tear for TFS
CDs so this is a very big challenge right now that our country is facing the
amount of people who are in power and talk about ef4 and ef5 they still don’t
have the 10 banking system still available so they have to walk miles to
access basic ATM machines or to open a bank account so what we have done is we
have went to those parts of India when we talked about Anthony built the house
and then more deeper and then they’re opening up
a Center and the person was operating this retailer he is a village named
entrepreneur so he is idlyís a perso tempest villager so we trained him he
has a small shop he owns a small phone and then we set up a basically position
over there but with this unit any villager can come
over there he can take out cash he can deposit cash he can open up a bank
account so those basic services are now being fulfilled to the last mile I was
at a conference here at the National Director she said that the new India
India three four and five year so you would actually helping your grow is very
commendable maybe people were available what the challenge is to go to India
this should empower the ones in metros people know much about it you know what
the three biggest challenges roadblocks in to go into these new leaders so like
we said that this is the place that India is growing right now and this is
the place that now companies need to talk tap it so basic challenges is
awareness is a key thing that you need to make them of it that this thing
exists and with the help of this you can actually make some money on this line is
wonderful tasks that we feel G still feeds that opening of an ATM is fine job
it’s not a third party’s job so when we grow and we tell them that we are
opening up an ATM in a boat like this will come up and people will can
actually come and do this thing so they’re like what you don’t know about
me possibly a get to serve state bank upon generation pancake government so
this is one challenge that we face like starting these were quite tough you know
we need a parent account for operating the business we went to each bank I
slice where access every bank not a single bank agreed to open a current
account now the days have changed no they have a big appointment two
meters and they’re boasting about it but the pointers things get changed
so huge challenges we face and we have now
as part of it so then we came to Bombay we didn’t had a
any a disproof problem bed so opening up current account do basic mundane
avoiding my was later so it actually took around 21 days to open the first
egg on any document that they said the other will only in gate when you have
some other part and every document was intended to something or the other so
you are like cam it kind of 1 min equal bar am how would we do it be able to do
a business I’m gonna check mega number on the board maker Parata and get to pay
to our vendor so what are the three milestones you as we can engineer it in
a browser so you can say look all this effort was not versus look that’s why we
achieve what are three things I wasn’t proud of lot of things for the
convention right now we are very happy to say that we have given employment 2
to 3 plus people in India so really brings a lot of joy when you know BC the
people and the kind of pride they have to work in the company the attrition
rate is too low so we have people who were working with us from 60s 70s 80s
and they are still part of the country initially in Malad yes so people who are
working with us in Bella we’re coming to Navi Mumbai from Milan every day because
they want to be part of this company so they travel to us to enjoy daily just
you part of this company so then we have around 25000 agents who are using a
coated pan India so at times when we travel and we meet those people so the
kind of respect they get is really overwhelming so they gave us their boss
here and they say key this is this business this house this income is done
by you so you are the one who’s holding the food daily so we are doing nothing
there was a time and conversation with my dad he asked me how’s it going matter
that the question really we are not meeting any money he is if I was doing
we said there are 25,000 families who are making very diverse of you so that
was something you know really spoils bearing
so we really simple what if we know that the lack of people available in India
who were looking for opportunities and those people deserve a chance that some
objects should be given to them so that they can do what they have in it so
crowded crackit even love the growth is just next this is this amazing thing you
are talking about your entire road system which is what we believe in its
start that you help the ecosystem group I love the word ecosystem partners how
is this acquisition every move my help you go you move from a very busy in
Malad suburb to a new location at least the point when you harbor pleaser well
when we were in Balad we had a home and obviously we had national issues so
taking a separate office was not in our budget so we will maintain in the office
from the home itself so there was a time for rent better that way and we were
like key a be of difficulty and he got married so obviously we had to look for
an officer’s hostel at the home so we searched a lot of places but nothing was
coming in the budget so we decided that we have to move out from the space so ye
two times and I’m Mia Murat Hoca challenge stuff he a ballot which one I
but jiangha camp so this coming to November he was a blessing it is guys I
would say we will a key compromised in a paralyzed man
and let’s go to a place Joppa the base settle down in some of the other way it
was compromised everything but it turned out to be a different thing altogether
in fact I would say that all the decisions that we have taken in the
committee so far this is the best decision to come to know him wait we are
really happy every time we discussed that coming to know me very well of
course one of the most wisest decision that we have taken up not only we got
good flat very very resentful office but the team that we have right now is go a
little bit so talent over here is really immense there are a lot of people who
want to work and they don’t have an opportunity to work in the real way they
have to travel to solve Bombay to the other door to be cacey but if you
provide some job in washing soap so you have resource
so if someone says nothing by tone has a resource or a human so then is very
peaceful nevermind is a place to be speakin on
suppose India becoming a potential 50,000 startup and in that ecosystem
FinTech is a huge player where do you see became inches with your line of
products you know being a major part of that so know going ahead down FinTech is
one area of business that is going to take up so it’s the next big wave that
Adriane wanna see so banking that we are we doing so far
it will be able to elution ice completely so it’s going to change
people going to bank will be a history so it’s not like now bind going to
people space so in this ADA FinTech is one thing that will play a very very
vital role we will be covering every single illusion with a bank account with
a medium that we discuss before so and we can Ranger is very much focused to
pick up big projects in clinic we are already covered up more than thousand
centers for financial inclusion so going further will take is one area that we
are very much focused on so it is secure and potentially is also designated CFO’s
see you okay a lot of people when listening to us in headstock tails
what advice would you give to a young budding startup entrepreneurs what not
to do when they start well I would say never stop learning should last eight
years every single they’ve learned something or ever the moment you feel
I’ve learned I know tell you will not succeed and that decline will start my
friend so learn every day love every day to the new beginning and every day you
have to learn so one thing that I feel right now is if you have made money by
something so that should not get into the head
exactly passive and I had to kind of myself is there one available it’s a
fact it’s a law so it’s not always that it’s the road we’ll roll this uphill so
it’s up and down both the sides so you make money you conserve it you put that
back into the business and make more out of it so we see that philosophy some
panic about maybe we have a tendency to overspend it so I advise that the
spending is a really easier task so have a control on it and see to it that with
your you know putting your hard-earned money so that should not go into the
head that what I hear later and it’s after when you went out there they’ll
try to pull you down so you need to get up and fight back so that’s it’s very
important one thing that we viscous that
compromise yeah issues of men Kenyatta here it goes with the family also so the
sacrifice that would are my better half of winners better up or the family has
done that’s beyond the words I remember on my first week or second week of
marriage I asked to my wife should be that should he would what do you want a
chi life Jeannie am around said and I am cuckoo my fo we’d go back to hometown
that is blast but or else other part 10-year ten years of life no holiday no
vacation we went to office daddy be working like crazy and then post ten
years will have a different life that no one else’ll even dream of so she told me
that okay to be a part of the second part so that really gave me a huge
courage that no even she’s ready to take care of all the sacrifice I remember one
thing my person beyond when he was just eight months or ten months old you
should take him to office so we had a couch for him in the office I’d a small
place in our office where show they used to Peter feed him and I used to feel
really bad that why is even living this life so I used to speak to show the you
number of times rookie that he is not called for this part is kvetch been
office make of me that I gave keone Kela buggy but joke either then we
thought ki ta yay five years seven years but then he’ll have a different thing so
here don’t go in for him so some sacrifice taken by my wife by my
son by my mother and father they all love us like that you all should live
together so they have also sacrificed in a very very bigger way that ok fine you
guys do go away live your life dream whatever you have dreams go and fulfill
it so give
sacrifice um um so steak is how many sacrificed here but HT turkey up not
sacrifice some take there but America money
amory querque father mother grandmother everyone is doing their bit of sacrifice
that we don’t account for as oh no Niang Kumu freedom Guillermo Charles be a tub
Jack yummy conquer father again oh my Buddha kimi o my sorrow how Mario
days members are over all that that is their right ha ha kavod
but still uber any Hamra heading him up Jaya and a place of Nepali cuisine so I
feel that has given me a big strength to really go and do it so I owe everything
to the family to wife to my kid – my father my grandmother so everyone is
part of this journey which killaby later they asthma TV soap nikki purvy Nika
house kappa pasa la must have get the recipe to green Sun philosophy so if you
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subscribe and to share your comments below looking forward to read

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