Harry Potter in Minecraft – Hogwarts – The Floo Network (+ download)

Harry Potter in Minecraft – Hogwarts – The Floo Network (+ download)

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Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Download Minecraft map and resource pack here:

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Hello, everyone! I would like to help everyone who has a question, but I don't have time to respond to you all. Since I am seeing a lot of the same questions asked, I'll try to answer those here:

    1. The map doesn't show up when I download it.

    This is because you have extracted the world folder into a new folder. The folder in your saves folder should be called "§7By §y§oThe Floo Network§o§7". If it is called "Harry Potter in Minecraft" instead, simply open this folder, and drag the folder inside out into the saves folder.

    2. What is the Resource pack and the shader pack?

    I have made the Resource pack myself, and it's custom built for the map. If can be downloaded from the Planet Minecraft link in the description. The Shader is Sildur's Vibrant Shaders.

    3. How do I install the map?

    There is a guide if you click the link in the description, which explains how to install it.

    4. The book for teleporting around doesn't show up in my inventory.

    The book only shows up, if you are playing in the version 1.12 or later. The mechanism for giving the player the book in not compatible with 1.11.2 or older updates.

    5. Is there any mods required:

    No. The map has been built and functions in vanilla Minecraft.

    6. Does the map cost money?

    No. The map is free, though you can choose to donate.

    7. Is it an adventure map with quests?

    Not yet, but I am currently working on an expanded version of the map, with quests, as well as new locations, (The rest of the ministry of magic, post-battle Hogwarts and much more!) It will also add some improvements to the locations already built

    8. How long did it take to build the map, and how many people worked on it?

    We are five teenagers, four of us from Denmark and one from America, who've worked on the map on and off over a period of several years. The vast majority of the map was however built by just one person, with the rest helping with some builds and some of the technical aspects of the project.

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  3. Oh wow they made the whole castle!
    Oh wow they included the markets and living quarters, even the forest!
    Oh wow they even made the muggle side of the world too!
    Oh shit! They made everything!!

  4. Wait a second, I don't play Minecraft but does downloading a map mean you can download this world onto your device without building it? Please say it does?

  5. You just built the whole Harry Potter universe yet I cant build a single neighborhood, it's amazing that just billions of blocks, square no round curves at all could make something this detailed and remind u no curves or round or circle just blocks and squares

  6. Wow….. this is absolutely amazing! I can imagine how much time and effort was put into this! It looks beautiful 💗

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    OH MY GOD! THAT'S AMAZING!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😱😱😱😱😱

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