GRCC Dental Clinic | Disinfecting Your Unit

GRCC Dental Clinic | Disinfecting Your Unit

(music)>>I’m Dr. Quillan,
faculty here at GRCC and supervising dentist in
the Dental Auxiliary program. After the patient has
left your operatory, it’s time to take care of
those contaminated instruments and disinfect
your unit. Let’s go through
the protocol. The first step is to put
on the appropriate PPE. This includes an overgown,
protective eyewear, mask, and utility gloves. Next, transport your
contaminated cassette, prophy angle, and any other
equipment to sterilization. Please note that any
individual instruments considered to be “sharps”
should be secured in a Zirc box or cassette before
being transported to the sterilization area. Next, remove all barriers,
being careful not to contaminate the clean surface
underneath. Discard the barriers in one of the nearby
large trash receptacles. Disinfect any services that
have been contaminated. To minimize aerosols, be sure
to spray the disinfectant directly into
a gauze square, keeping the spray nozzle
close to the gauze. Then, wipe
the surfaces. Please remember,
computer keyboards are always barriered, and
therefore should never be wiped with disinfectant. The disinfectant will
damage the keyboard. If you are disinfecting
between patients, you only need to
disinfect the surfaces that were not
barriered. However, if you are
done for the day, disinfect
all surfaces, even services that
were barriered. After disinfecting
all necessary surfaces, raise the patient chair
to its highest position, straighten the trays, and place
the foot pedal on a paper towel on the seat portion
of the chair. Then, remove your PPE
and wash your hands. Here are a couple of
additional things to remember– if you drop an instrument
during patient treatment, resist the urge
to pick it up. Instead, using your foot,
slide the instrument to the base of the patient
chair or nearby cabinet to avoid rolling over
it with your chair. Retrieve the instrument later
when cleaning up the unit. If local anesthesia has been
administered to your patient, disassemble the contaminated
anesthetic syringe in your operatory. Discard the needle and cartridge
in the sharps container located under the sink. Thanks for watching…
and stay safe.

Author: Kevin Mason

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