30 thoughts on “Grab Your Headphones: Here’s the Talks at Google podcast

  1. Allison is a con artist. Shes a horrible person. Dont do bizness with her shell rip u off like 10 other guys. So fix my accont. Brsd schestsg
    Fuck u allison

  2. Feeling grateful. Thanks a lot Google for this podcast. Great content. (
    Listening here from Brazil)

  3. Hey google. I don't know where and how can I leave this suggestion to you guys. I believe here in NYC is running their ferry commuting service now, I would like to know if you do have a ferry route options on google maps. It will be excellent adding this feature or information on google maps because there are running this service back up now. Some people here are using alternative methods in using ferry to get to an places from like e.g. rockway beach, brighton beach, and other resorts. NYC ferry service has been so recent that I was wondering if you have this feature now or suggesting to make one near soon.

  4. Public questions and comments are very helpful to those who are looking to expand their awareness. This is especially true for the intellectual type of talks contained within the "Talks at Google." Google has disabled comments for some of these videos. I am curious to know why.

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