100 thoughts on “Google — Year in Search 2019

  1. I dont know Google. I dont feel it anymore ..
    I am watching "Year in Search" since 2010 and its was more "Global" before?
    Where are mentions about people we lost? Important decisions done by humans in 2019? Challenges? Catastrophes? Our achievements? You are not Netflix and I expect serious and epic annual summary as you did it before.

  2. I see BTS in this video and here's an excerpt form their song "Anpanman":

    Waiting for you Anpanman

    내겐 없지 알통이나 갑빠

    I don’t have biceps or pecks

    내겐 없지 super car like Batman

    I don’t have a super car like Batman

    되게 멋진 영웅이 내 낭만

    My ideal is a really cool hero

    But 줄 수 있는 건 오직 Anpan

    But all I can give you is just Anpan

  3. I’m so glad that Yuzuru is in this list!! ❤️ For a lot of us, Yuzuru is indeed the superhero that continues to soar high. 🦅

  4. My heart is that is a proud mother seeing BTS in this. This year bright a lot of new hardships but they continued promoting their message with resolution and dignity. They've inspired the fandom to do so much for charity and for ourselves, of course they're my heroes. Always professionals, always sincere and advice all always loving. Here's to anpther year of art and love💜

  5. 結弦君お誕生日おめでとう。どんな時も一生懸命で凄いです。羽生君は世界の宝❗美しい氷上の天使。羽生君お誕生日会が大大好きな私は羽生君の心身を心配しています。余りにもいつも無理をするから❗天才なんだから時には体を大切にして欲しい。どんな道を選ぼうと私はいつも羽生君の味方で羽生君を応援しています。グランプリ4回転5本決めてかっこ良かったよ❗もう好きすぎて 苦しい。罪なオトコ 美しく可愛く清らかなオトコ 大好き

  6. these videos are always so beautiful and so empowering. the fact that they included bts this year .. my personal heroes who help me grow and live my life better every day … is unreal. thank you 💜

  7. Every year, I am blown away by these. Google always does a spectacular job not only summing up the year but helping us see the good in the world. I’m in tears again for yet another year!

  8. BTS sera siempre mi héroe y que sigan haci como van dando mensajes a las personas sobre la vida momentos en las que pasan mal y no tienen quien los escuche BTS estará ahi para ellos

  9. Youtube rewind.. blah blah. What pains me is the lack of lookback Zeitgeist has lost over the years. Each Zeigtgeist feels a little more hollow. Go back to 2010 and watch them. They each showed the good, the bad, the ones we lost and new heroes. I get that it is a positive focus in these newer once. I just know I'll never come back and watch them. They don't take me back to that year, they're "just" compilations of empowerment with music.

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