Google Search Options

Google Search Options

>>Hi, I’m Nandu from the Google web search
team. Sometimes finding exactly what you need involves
filtering, refining, and further exploring your search results.
So we have built a set of options to help you do just that.
These options are available right on your search results page.
Just click on “Show Options,” whenever you need them.
Let’s look at some of these options in action. Say that you’re shopping for a digital camera
and you want to start reading a few reviews. Clicking on this option will show you results
that Google identifies as reviews, and even try to show you text that reflects the actual
sentiment of the reviewer. Some of our search options can also be used
together. If you wanted reviews no older than a certain
time, for example, use options like “Past week” or “Past year” to narrow down your results.
The search options panel makes it easy to switch between different types of content
like videos and dicussion forums. By the way, notice that you can always see
the options apply to your search in this bar. And if you want to go back to your original
search results, just click on “Web.” These options can come in handy to slice and
dice your results. Others can help you explore your search topic.
Suppose you are writing a paper on green energy,. For a look at how the topic has evolved over
time, the “Timeline” option will group your results by dates referred to on the actual
pages, and let you drill down to a specific year and month.
“Wonder wheel” gives you a graphical representation of related search terms.
Click on any node to get related topics, and keep clicking to explore your search or topic.
Notice that the results continue to update on the right-hand side.
Well, that’s it for now. We didn’t get to show you all the options
or ways to combine them, but try them out for yourself and check back often.
We plan to add new tools and improve the search options frequently to make it easier and faster
to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Author: Kevin Mason

75 thoughts on “Google Search Options

  1. Changing the language to English does the trick.

    The wonder wheel does not seem to work in Opera 9.64 though (WTB fix).

  2. I like the tab layout system on "Cuil" search – that worked for browsers and it works for search… but google gives the best results…shame they cant combine

  3. wolframalpha is not exactly a web search engine its a knowledge based Querying engine….there is a huge difference…
    google rules….always

  4. This is a great feature, hopefully this will help produce greater visibility to my website
    (keyword: nysilly)

  5. Not revolutionary but a big step as far as I'm concerned. These small changes add up to a better user experience.

  6. Looks that way yes, but the link in the result points to a YouTube video dosen't it?

    – so it could be just the mid-frame of a review-video that displays "exampleshots" with the camera..
    im just thinking out loud…

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  8. Wonder Wheel FTW! Timeline is pretty flawed. For instance, when you search for e-business the timeline dates all the way back to 1900 😛

  9. Why is it okay for Google to steal content, like reviews, from other websites and put it on theirs, but anyone else gets penalized of banned for duplicate content.

    I think Google is getting away with too much by stealing content from so many websites and making it their own. Like books, reviews, news, and local results.

    This causes people to not leave the search results. The Google search engine is morphing to the Walmart of information online; hurting those that put real effort into sites.

  10. What it really comes down to here, is fresh content. This has been the case for a few years now. There is not much difference for the SEO'ers that are already doing this.

    Gone are the days of creating a website and letting it sit stale, and still getting visits.

    Stale websites might get about 10-40 visits per month. Today, websites that updated regularly is where the traffic ends up.

  11. Hi Google, it seems these abilities have been removed (at least for me here in the UK).

    They were really useful and it's be good if you could put them back please.

    All the best!

  12. i hope Google finding my site later

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