Google Reader in Plain English

Google Reader in Plain English

>>Things move fast on the Web, and it’s hard
to keep up with your favorite sites by visiting them separately.
Thankfully, Google Reader can help. Google Reader lets you subscribe to Web sites,
so new content comes to you when it’s posted. Here’s how it works: Subscribe to feeds from
your favorite sites. Feeds enable new content from these sites
to appear in Reader. To add a new site, click “Add subscription,”
search for a site, and subscribe directly from Reader.
You can also click the orange “Feed”` buttons or copy the Web address into the subscriptions
field. Once subscriptions are in place, new items
will start to appear in Google Reader automatically. When they do, Reader tells you how many items
are new. Clicking “Share” makes it easy for your friends
to see what you find interesting, and you can even add notes to these items.
Also, you can see what items your friends have shared with you right from Reader.
Google Reader makes new content from your favorite sites efficient to read and easy
to share. Get started at

Author: Kevin Mason

49 thoughts on “Google Reader in Plain English

  1. they used to say you're not famous until you have a bobblehead. unfortunately, now, you're not famous until google makes a doodle of you on your 100th birthday.

  2. just a few questions, what if my website is update every fortnight and the content changes all the time, will the users be able to still keep the older content details or does that change as well according to whats updated on my website?

    becoz i kinda want people to keep the older news as well, sorta like an archive. How would i go about doing that? Thanks

  3. Don't let the age of the video fool you, it is still one of the best brief overviews of a very often overlooked social media tool

  4. The video does not explain how to unsubscribe to websites, which I have found impossible to do. I've tried all Google's suggested methods, but the sites only disappear until I go offline. Next time I go online, the sites are back in my reader.

  5. Google, this appears to be some ploy to get more people on Google+, because I can tell you there are no good reasons for killing Reader. It's absolutely perfect as a news aggregation service. I mean seriously, how much of a drain on your resources can Reader possibly be? It's a solid, well defined standard and it doesn't even need updating. Please reconsider

  6. Baad move Google.. You lost 500.000 users.. Maby you should fusion Google News and Google Reader toogehter,,

  7. It's a shame that Google Reader is being shut down, but we're working on a solution – called Mainfeeds Reader (mainfeeds (dot) net) Check it out!

  8. After social media has been booming for more than 10 years, I miss Google Reader so much. It is the perfect tool for deep reading and thinking. No tricks, no newsfeed and no meaningless red dots.

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