Google Home New Features and Updates – Pixel Updates Too!

Google Home New Features and Updates – Pixel Updates Too!

I have a ton of new updates for you
related to Google Home, Google Nest, the Google Assistant, and the Google Pixel
range of devices as well as they become more and more integrated within the
Google suite of products hello Automaters thanks for tuning in again I’m Brian
from Automate Your Life and today I’m going to take the frustration out of
automation by keeping you up to date with everything related to Google but
also showing you a couple of those demonstrations that you guys really seem
to love with existing features so let’s get right into the first update which is
local home control and I showed this just last week on the smart home news
but what has happened is the first instance of a rollout of localized
control so this means they don’t have to go to the cloud in order to execute
commands that you give on your Google Home devices now it’s not perfect yet
this is just the start and my Yeelights have this enabled and you just go into
the Yeelight application and you can enable it very quickly and now it’s on
local home control related to your Google home products the thing is Google
is still heading out with their voice assistant out to the cloud so what this
has changed into in my smart home already before we have this full upgrade
coming from the Google side as well is that my Yeelights now respond just as
quickly as things like ZigBee Network so that’s happening just as fast once
the Google Assistant has interpreted my request bedroom lights on! One thing you might
notice if you have a number of these different smart displays throughout your
smart home is that the non Google branded ones and I’m using the Lenovo
smart display here it it has a different pull up menu for exploring what the
Google Assistant can do and this is a different interface that I believe is
being tested and I like this approach actually so we’ll see if this expands
but this is brand-new to the Lenovo smart display and not the Google smart
displays try saying roll a die or play some workout music now let’s go through
a demonstration of the new media control capabilities that you have especially on
smart displays now you have this in the Google Home application as well enough
really in a little bit of a different way but on the media center within your
smart display so this is just a pulldown menu you can go into media and any music
that is playing throughout your smart home you can go ahead and manage now you can move the songs back and forward and pause and change the volume all of those
things are capable but what is different about this is you’re able to control
other interfaces from any of your smart displays or you can control any speakers
from any of your smart display so this is a little bit different now and you
can go ahead and transfer to other speaker groups or other smart displays
and smart speakers throughout your smart home that are connected to the Google
assistant speaking of which this is really interesting to me
is that any Google Home product can now use a Sonos connected speaker as the
default speaker now what’s interesting about this and I’ll show you a demo in a
second is that when you ask this device to play music from a specific source if
it’s not set up inside of the Sonos application you will not get that to
work so let me show you a quick demo here play music so you can see the control interface
showed up here and it started to play on here so you get both of those things
with any Sonos connected speaker I can control with the player pause here
player pause here I can also move between songs so it’s allowing you to
control your Sonos connected speaker which I like a lot actually now that I
have one now again when you ask it to play from a different source you get a
very different response play music from YouTube music sure music from YouTube
music playing on Sonos sorry it looks like you haven’t set up YouTube music on
your so no set so there you go that’s the difference if you haven’t set it up
on this speaker within the Sonos application it’s not going to work
here’s a quick little demonstration of the tile integration now you can
actually ask whatever you’ve named the device within the tile application you
can ask for that device to be found by the Google assistant and it will
actually ring that device so it’s obviously something that most people are
going to use with their keys so let me show you how that works okay locating keys one really interesting update here from
nest and within their nest thermostat is the fact that they can now utilize data
from your existing HVAC system to actually diagnose or early diagnose HVAC
issues that you are about to have with your device now obviously as they get
more and more data of your system this is going to get better and better and in
certain locations you’re going to be able to raid away get a technician so
they’re just demoing that part of it in a few states in the US right now but it
can diagnose your existing HVAC issues before they happen so this is a big
benefit for the nest thermostats going forward as we all wait for the end of
the works with nest program in the migration of all nest accounts to Google
accounts there are lots of us holding on to those existing nest accounts and we
don’t really want to change anything there but there is a requirement coming
from Google here to actually enable two-factor authentication on nest
accounts so if you’ve already moved to a Google account you already basically
have this but what is happening with those who are still using those basic
nest accounts is in order to log in coming this spring so we’re only talked
in a month or so here you’re going to have to enable two-factor authentication
Google IO was announced for May 12th to May 14th I’m kind of hoping I get to go
to this one but we’ll have to see on the channel now the things I’m expecting
there and this is just a little bit of a prediction for you guys Google Nest
products I’m expecting some Google Nest products and I don’t just mean smart
displays or smart speakers or any of that stuff I mean more around the thread
components and preparing for this new connected home over IP Alliance getting
some of their sensors and other products out there that will integrate with this
I’m also expecting the implementation of some of these network devices and some
of their smart home which is the automation and the routines where we can
actually trigger off of different devices and I expect the local home SDK
that we talked about earlier in the video to become
front and center to show the speed of their devices along with the improved
Google assistant this is a bit of an interesting demonstration if you didn’t
know this already Google slides can actually display on a smart display or
any chromecast enabled device now this means that you could potentially use
this for a presentation if you can get connected to Wi-Fi and I think this is
just a really interesting implementation of their technology speaking of
chromecast this is something you can look at with newer Smart TVs in your
smart home and a chromecast device now we all know you can add that to a multi
speaker audio group within the Google home application and then you can use
your TV as a speaker but what I found with one of the newer TVs that I had
purchased is that I could actually get it to play music without turning the
screen on and this is based on some of the settings that you’re going to have
within your TV now I’ve been using the pixel for for a
while here Google sent me one of those devices and I’ve really been enjoying it
what it has done for me versus the three Axl that you’ve seen in the home is the
speed and the capability of utilizing the Google assistant to move through
applications and to get information just on that phone especially with the
squeeze to talk flights from Edmonton to Hawaii
leaving the 8th of March currently in Honolulu it’s 20 today through Sunday I found a few hotels near Maui Hawaii opening Twitter opening YouTube one thing that I haven’t
actually talked about in a long time is the connectivity options with your pixel
devices and Android devices in general to a PC now there’s actually a Windows
10 application that allows you to connect your Android phone to your PC
and get all kinds of notifications now I found that a little bit too busy I
didn’t really enjoy that but what I have enjoyed is messages for web now you can
on a browser on a PC or really any device with a browsers go to messages and then the set up is only a QR code scanning on your pixel device
and then you get your messages there you can send pictures from your computer you
can send pictures to yourself if you want to use that as kind of a transfer
method you can do that kind of thing and then you can actually start google duo
calls from that interface as well one of my favorite features of my pixel devices
is that call screening capability here with the Google assistant I love
watching those telemarketers or fake spam callers hanging up it’s a lot of
fun to me I don’t know why but if you have a pixel 1 2 3 or 4 now you’re going
to get that call screening so that’s being kind of rolled out bat as a
backwards compatibility feature for your pixel phone a couple of things
interesting related to YouTube music and the integration of that service within
this whole platform you know initially when YouTube music came out a lot of
people were afraid of losing their libraries on google play music but
Google was very quick to say hey guys don’t worry we got you we’re gonna
transfer your libraries that does appear to be happening so we will at some point
have to migrate from google play music to youtube music but for now it looks as
though Google is going to deliver on that promise they’re being very forward
about this something else we’re seeing is the Google assistant can now be used
within the YouTube app or the YouTube Music app for some users this is just
being kind of demoed you’re given the ability to control the music but you’re
also given the ability like a song as it’s gone on and so
obviously if your screen is locked this is going to be very helpful for you
though what’s on my screen capability actually went away and I see this it’s
funny with YouTube videos when you put out YouTube videos you’ll see that
actually become a problem on your channel you start getting a lot of
comments this doesn’t work anymore but that feature is back now something
that’s been very interesting is some of the pixel 5 render starting to come out
and it looks like a different design on the camera otherwise the phone looks
pretty similar but you can have a look at one of the first renders here so
there you have it guys that’s all the latest from Google home Google Nest and
the Google assistant as well as those pixel devices which are becoming more
and more integrated with these products and I think a great control device
within your smart home in a lot of ways so thanks for watching everyone make
sure you subscribe for more of this smart home news and of course don’t hate

Author: Kevin Mason

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  6. I'm so annoyed, I returned 4 sonos speakers bought at a great deal on black Friday because they didn't support this feature.

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  10. Thanks for another informative video. As I listen to your info, I'm realizing that I'm just a 'noob' on home automation. I've got lights, outlets, thermostat, locks and doorbell camera, but most are low-end and as a result, live in 'app hell' but thanks to Google bringing it all together, it's not so bad. Looking forward to finding out how many of my various apps will end up being compatible with local automation, though, as I'm noticing significant response delays sometimes. (And on a side note, I think my small community is just a bit North of yours!)

  11. Nice Videos. Really appreciate them. Question for you on thermostats. I have a wood burner in one room with the thermostat on the other side of a wall from that room. When we heat with wood, the thermostat gets warmer and the rest of the home gets colder. I wish to have the thermostat turn on the fan when the difference between the set and actual temperatures has a difference of like 2-3 degrees. Do you know of any solutions?

  12. If you do go in May one thing I would be curious to know about is why have Google and Nest never been able to integrate the Nest Protects within the Google Home app? I remember seeing on Nest forums people up in arms about it threatening to sue etc etc. I still have my Nest Protects and dont really worry that they cannot be integrated into the Google Home app but still, its been a couple of years – I would have thought they would have sorted that out by now. Thanks for the video.

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