Google Glass How-to: Getting Started

Google Glass How-to: Getting Started

Here are the basics of how to use Glass This is your touchpad It runs from your temple to your ear Tap the touchpad to wake up Glass You should see the display
above your line of sight Adjust it to see everything The Home screen shows a clock This is your timeline. It’s a row of cards Things to the left are happening now or coming up, …like the weather …an upcoming flight… …or an event in your calendar You can tap on any card to see more Swipe down anywhere to go back to the timeline Cards to the right of the home screen are
from the past For example, messages… …videos… …or photos Tap on a photo to share it and choose one
of your friends Swipe down to go back to standby And have fun exploring

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Google Glass How-to: Getting Started

  1. I know I'm late. But… google glasses, if u release this glasses welp. it better not be a hud of a futuristic call of duty game

  2. Honestly, the only thing we want these to do is to scan the world around us. Street signs, people, etc. We want it full video game style, able to read everything and give us information on all of it.

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  4. The iPhone 20 will be a thin sheet of paper that you surgically place in your head that will cost your first born child.

  5. Why should I use google glass when I have a smartphone? I'll just look a moron, and have a higher chance of getting mugged because this is like a 500$ piece of tech.

  6. This was very much ahead of its time. Innovative technology will always be extremely expensive. Galaxy Fold the first of it's kind is 2K. Hopefully Google Glass and similar other companies try this again.

  7. Why Google stopped Google Glass. If they continued its further development , It would have one of the best technological turning points now like a smartwatch.

  8. Did you consider that the 'display' is only in your brain's optical processing center(s); processes? There really is NO 'display' that is on the 'outside'. Dangerous optical etraticism. Enlarge, decrease, brightness, movement, color changes…. None visually evidenced. Optical stimulations with very small imaging maybe in the 'glass'.

    Imagine playing your favorite 'action' game on this. Mind berserk/frenzy/psycoticism, in less than 2 years, I would presume.

    How this ever passed the CDC is behooving.

    Watch this instead. hahaha

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