Get your first look at Undertaker: The Last Ride

Get your first look at Undertaker: The Last Ride

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. For almost three decades The Undertaker has Reigned supreme over the WWE… He can never be replaced…He undoubtedly is the Greatest WWE Megastar of all time…
    When he finally decides to hang up his boots, He will be remembered forever for being the Deadman.
    Long live The Phenom..?
    The Legend of the Undertaker is Eternal?

  2. Undertaker is the only guy who's seen and been a part of every period in the company, from the golden era to the new generation era to the attitude era to the ruthless aggression era to the PG era and the reality era. He has outlasted everybody and stayed loyal to wwe through all of its high points, low points and darkest times, he is without a doubt the Clint Eastwood of wrestling and the Andre the Giant of our generation

  3. The streak coming to an end was and still is imo the worst thing that the wwe could ever allow to happen! The streak was in many ways part of what made wrestlemania WRESTLEMANIA and should of stood untouched for the future of the business to look on for inspiration,Guidance and determination to succeed in the business to become great themselves It should of stood as a message! But that said the streak has no relevance to the greatness this man is! Greatness personified doesn’t do him justice.

  4. I don't think he is done because it is customary to go out on your back before you retire. I feel like Taker would want to do that.

  5. I think this is finally it, the only time I think taker would put a documentary out would be at the end of his career,.
    He need to ride off into the sunset and enjoy his life now, he's given so much to the business, time to give himself some time ❤️

  6. Survivor Series will be Undertaker last match. Undertaker vs…. either Kane, or the Heartbreak kid Shawn Michael

  7. Kane (1997 attire) vs Undertaker (bad evil) Survivor Series 2020 – should be the last match for the Deadman.

  8. I'm an Undertaker fan but I've wanted him to retire for a while, he's been painful to watch for years. After the match with AJ Styles on Saturday I hope that finally he will just retire as it is a fitting way to go out and skip coming back for the Saudi money.

  9. This right here proves that there is no more suitable name for him than The Phenom. Not that that hasn't been proven before I'm just saying this adds more proof. At Survivor Series this year, he will be tied with Ric Flair for the longest career in WWE with 30 years. 30 YEARS! In those 3 decades he has been THE unstoppable force in the WWE, being buried alive couldn't stop him, being burned in a casket couldn't stop him, his WM streak ending couldn't stop him, this man has left a mark on the business that cannot be erased, no one as NO ONE can replace The Undertaker.

  10. It’s time for the OG Gunslinger to ride of into the Sunset , you don’t owe us anything, thank you for the memories

  11. Many in WWE would climb the mountain of fame and then visciously defend it from everyone, yet the undertaker who always appeared as a sort of bad guy was one of the few who helped others climb these mountains with him.

  12. Greatest character in the wwe history, he is really great dude in "real life" too.
    Truly a phenom!
    If he's ready to retire, let him do it, but do him justice!

  13. The fact that Undertaker was able to wrestle for this long is a testiment to his toughness he risked his health to perform in the ring he definately earned the right to be called a legend and he deserves to rest his body he has nothing left to prove he has been in the business for 30 years and he has been able to mantain and evolve his gimmick and his craft and stayed relevant he deserves to retire.

  14. if anyone watches the taker doc preview, listen to Michelle, man. Taker willfully goes through the pain for his fans. We need him to stop. He needs to. That's us showing taker real love. time to let him go. he is the greatest of the greats, he helped create even more legends, he is a god that ric flair bows to. he's done it all except live his life. He deserves that now.

  15. Even his done with WWE, He Might Returns as the Horror Movies Actor like The Rock and Hulk Hogan. But can The Fiend be the New SuperScar? SuperScars: it Like Superstars, but Scary.

  16. Undertaker is in the top 5 for greatest wrestlers in WWE history why because he is the phenom and because he is loyal to the WWE and Vince he never left for WCW or any other wrestling promotion he has been in WWE for 30 years

  17. I will miss undertaker deeply but one day i will buy all of his dvds to relive all his famous matches. Taker will always be my favorite wrestler and i love him so much.

  18. WWE On Undertaker Retirement Match He Need To Win And Retire Only One Record For This Man Who Win On His Last Match

  19. American Badass Undertaker ruled! Future Hall of famer" Deadman and Darkside leader??????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????????????????????????????️?️?️✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊???

  20. All I know is that he will not retire this year due to corona but most likely at WrestleMania 37 or 38 depending on what the company wants to do with him we shall find out this year

  21. He Used to be my Superhero. And now for me he is a PHENOM. Deadman is the G.O.A.T . If he retires, he will be missed a lot. :'(

  22. (undertaker at beginning of video) "what happened to me?"
    You want to know what happened?

    You became a Christian, thats the moment Satan said "our deal is off mark.."

  23. Maybe a year (next year's WM) or this year's SS will be the last of undertaker…. It's only matter of days before he says goodbye to all of us… Either John or Sting,one of this should be the last opponent of undertaker ??

  24. I remember the first time I saw him fighting when he had the million dollar man as a manager undertaker went through hell all of these years never thought the day will come for quite he has heart and soul to be doing the things he been doing in such a long time for a man like undertaker quitting is not in option a lot of people or superstars would have given up way before him I suppose that being a undertaker is for life take a easy undertaker and best of luck to you


  26. There's no reason why, there can't be a Boneyard Match between Taker and Sting, just treat it like a Hollywood style movie event

  27. Even as the badass he will always be the undertaker. The only question is… far undertaker he goes on his final active day. ?

  28. Undertaker is the name EVERYONE in the world knows. He's an inspiration to the WHOLE world. He can come once in every year for few minutes, but must not retire. 30-40 years old people think themselves old, But if they watch him, even old people will start exercising n start to fight with life.

  29. When i was a kid i asked my father why Undertaker not getting belts like the others?
    he said he don't need one, he is something unique we will watch him with or without it.

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