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(melodic guitar playing) (upbeat dance music) – My name is Kendall, I’m 19 years old, and I’m addicted to throwing stuff away. Basically as long as I
can remember, I’ve been throwing away perfectly good content. I’ll write a blog, put it on my website, and then I’ll never do
anything else with it. I know I could get so
much more use out of it, but I’m addicted to reinventing the wheel. What can I say? People who wanna help
me, my business coach, my marketing strategist, they’re like, “Kendall, you’re gonna
burn out. This isn’t “the best use of your time and resources.” But I’m gonna do what
I’m gonna do, you know? If my business crashes and burns, I guess that’s the price
I’m willing to pay. (upbeat dance music) Hey, this is RKA, and this is another episode
of Awkward Marketing, because marketing your small business can be awkward, sometimes awful. I’ll help you make it awesome! (upbeat dance music) Most small businesses I
know are sitting on piles of money, and they don’t even know it. If you have content that you’ve created and then forgotten about
only to go and create more and more content that you publish and then forget about,
you might as well be throwing money in the trash. Reinventing the wheel
with your content isn’t just exhausting, it’s
expensive, and silly. Would you wear your favorite shirt, the one that fits you
perfectly and always manages to pull in compliments only once and then throw it in the garbage? No! So why are you doing
it with your content? You probably already
know that when it comes to content marketing, these days it’s about quality, not quantity. So why are so many small
business owners creating more and more content before
they get all of the juice that they can out of the
content they already have? If you’re investing the
time, energy, and resources to create quality content,
you wanna make sure that content is reaching as
many people as possible, right? As Derek Halpern says, “You
don’t have to create content “day in and day out, you
just have to work on getting “the content you already have
in front of more people.” Derek is also famous for talking about the 80/20 rule of marketing. You wanna spend 20% of
your time creating content, and 80% of your time promoting it. This is where content
repurposing comes in. You want to take one
piece of core content, and repurpose it in different ways across different platforms. So here are my lucky number seven ways to take your best content,
make it even better, while getting it in front
of even more people. Number one, turn your best blogs into an email nurture
sequence and vice versa. Do you have a collection of blog posts that have performed well? Turn these into an evergreen
email nurture sequence for new subscribers. You can also do the opposite. Turn your best emails into a blog series. Number two, turn your listicles into individual pieces and vice versa. Do you have blog posts or
videos on the five ways to _____ or the ten examples of _____? You can turn each item in these listicles into a freestanding piece of content where you go more in depth. Or, turn it around, and take
your five or ten best blogs, videos, podcasts, and turn
them into a listicle roundup of your best advice or greatest hits. Number three, turn your best blog posts or interviews into an eBook. Along the same lines as taking a series of your best blogs and
turning them into a listicle, you can also package your
best content into book form. As your content library
grows, and you have more and more resources, people
are gonna wanna know where they can go to get your best stuff. Take the guesswork out of it, make it easy for them, in a book. Number four, make your
written content visual. Take your tutorial style
content and turn it into an infographic that
you can share on Pinterest. Or, take the best quotes from your blogs, videos,
podcast interviews, and turn them into
images that you can share on Facebook or Instagram. You’ll be surprised at how
a visual representation of written content changes
and enhances the message. And bonus, visual content
is 40 times more shareable than any other kind of content. Number five, turn a well-loved blog post into a video. And here’s the thing, you don’t
have to rewrite the script. You can use the exact same
text from your blog post, similar to turning written
content into visual content, how you deliver the message, enhances it, and changes how your audience receives it. Number six, refresh and
republish old content. Go through old content
that has become dated, tweak it, so it’s relevant
again, and then republish it with a note about when
it was last updated. Bonus points if you tweak
it to be more SEO friendly. Number seven, repost on social media. Social feeds are inundated by new content every single second so you don’t wanna rely on the
first time you post something to get it in front of
everyone who would benefit from your content. You wanna republish your best content on social media
periodically, experimenting with different captions, photos, ads, to see which approach performs best. You might remember that I
recycled the top ten episodes of Awkward Marketing from
last season this past summer while I was preparing for this season. Rather than churn out
a bunch of new episodes during a slow season,
or completely go silent, I polled my audience on
their favorite episodes and then I released them in
that order all summer long. I used new captions and positioning so that the episodes would feel
fresh for my existing audience, while also getting in front of people who had never seen them before. That’s it, my lucky number seven ways to repurpose content
and expand your reach. Speaking of lucky number
seven, you might be worried about repeating yourself. Quite the opposite, just as it takes on average seven interactions with a brand before a prospect is ready to buy, the same is true for messaging. Your audience often has to
hear your message seven times for it to sink in, or for
them to be ready to act on it. Repetition positions you as an authority, not an annoyance. Now go out there and
reduce, reuse, recycle. (upbeat dance music)

Author: Kevin Mason

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