Geosocial Network vs. Social Network

Geosocial Network vs. Social Network

Hello, my Name is Jürgen
from the SmartNose Bakery Today I explain the difference between
a Normal Social Network and a Geosocial Network So stay tuned… The database used on
most Social Networks is best explained by using
this toilet paper roll. Each sheet is a post
on which you can write informations such
as text and pictures. If you’re at a nice place and sharing a picture
on your Social Network, this picture will be pinned
to your toilet paper roll… …and then you’ll walk away with your toilet paper roll
and all of your posts. All informations are
always with you and only people who are connected
with you can find your posts. Even if you add the
location to your post, the System is not able to find the
post by searching nearby a location. Because the search engine
would have to search all toilet paper rolls of all users
for posts with similar locations. Such a query would mean an
enormous traffic on the database and would take
much too long. The Social Network
can try to give you an “around” feeling by showing you
nearby posts from related users. However, such a
search result is based on the classic query by using
your relations to other users. That’s where the Geosocial
Network comes in place The database of a Geosocial Network
like GpsNose has to be different. It can be best explained
by using this notepad and these stickers. As in a normal Social Network,
you can include informations such as text and
images on your post. After you enter
and saved the data, the system copies
some informations and stores it on the location
where you created the post. The search engine is now able
to find your post near a location, as the system does not have to
search all notepads of all users, rather it searches
in the stickers. Sounds easy? It’s not! The big advantage of having
a Geosocial Network like GpsNose is that you do
not have to provide any of your data like adresses or relations. Once you are in the system, you receive data based
on your current location. In a normal Social Network,
you first need to build relationships with other users so that you
receive data from these users. Do you remember the sentence? facebook makes more fun with friends This is all about the
missing relations… Imagine that you are on a hike. Can you find new
friends with facebook who are also on this mountain
and have the same interests as you? With GpsNose, such a
scenario is possible, because not only data from
previously known users are available, but also data in your area. It’s even possible to find
impressions of users who have been there before. Just try GpsNose yourself and
write your opinion in the comments. See the link in the description
to download GpsNose. Thanks for watching
and have a nice Day

Author: Kevin Mason

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