FUSE Program: Prospective Students

FUSE Program: Prospective Students

Hey everyone I’m Alexis and today I want
to tell you about an exciting opportunity incoming SPC students can
take advantage of called Fuse. The Fuse program guarantees your admission
to University of South Florida system institution with an associate’s
degree from St. Petersburg College. Save time and money by starting at SPC and
transferring to USF St. Petersburg. If you’re planning on attending USF system
later completing the Fuse program is the best option to save you time effort and
money. Why is fuse a great option fuse is a
great option? Because it saves you money. Tuition at SPC costs half that of
Florida university’s. Save time, Fuse also provides you with the clear degree path
without wasting college credits saving you a lot of time. Professional support,
you can also take advantage of dedicated professional support from SPC and USF
system advisors whose main goal is to keep you on the right track. Student life,
as a few student at SPC you can enjoy access to both SPC and USF system clubs
and events such as athletics, recreation centers, intramural sports, homecoming,
hundreds of student clubs and much more. You might be wondering how do I get
started get started with Fuse? Four simple steps. First explore more than 20
fuse transfer programs and see which one is the best fit for you. Second apply
to St. Petersburg College. Third speak with the advisor at any SPC campus, and
four work towards your associate’s degree and participate in fuse
activities. What are you waiting for? Start your educational journey as a
Titan today and a Bull tomorrow learn more at spcollege.edu/fuse.

Author: Kevin Mason

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