Funny Talking Animals – Walk On The Wild Side – Episode Three Preview – BBC One

Funny Talking Animals – Walk On The Wild Side – Episode Three Preview – BBC One

Night time… Daytime! Night time… Daytime! Night time… Daytime! What’re you doing? Having a game of night time – daytime. Do you wanna play? No, you’re alright. I’ve got an Xbox. Ooooh, look at me I’m Jamie Oliver, the naked
chef. I’m a rockstar with a herb garden. No wait, I’m organic Jamie, the homely chef
with a family I grew in compost. Make ya mind up mate. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to
those poor turkey twizzlers. If you’d just like to open wide, sir. Ok. You going anywhere nice on your holidays? Yeah, Yeah, don’t try and talk when my hands
are in your mouth sir. My wife and I are thinking of going abroad
this year. Dudley, she’s got family in the zoo over there. You got kids? Please, please don’t talk when my hands are
in your mouth sir. You could do with a filling here actually
at the back. Is it mainly bananas you eat? I won’t tell you again sir, please don’t try
and speak when I’m working inside your mouth. Right, I’ll just have a cheeky little taste. That’s erm- not bad actually. Almost done, I just need to smell your breath. Oh. Oh god- That is rank. I think I need a lie down. Oh god. Excuse me there, coming through. Oh, sorry. It’s a bit awkward, I beg your pardon. If I could just get round to the- Now we’re
dancing. Oh yes, quite. Oh well this is most embarrassing. Oh dear. You appear to have tipped me over. Oh, I’m terribly sorry old chap. Well, that’s our no claims gone, eh? Yes it is- Did I tell you my name? I don’t believe you did. No, oh well cheerio then. David, canyouturnthatracketoffplease?! Thank you. I’m Wolverine, aaah! I’m Sabertooth! Wolverine! Sabertooth! Wolverine! Sabertooth! You can’t get me I’m Wolverine! I’m Sabertooth. Pack it in, you know I’m working nights.

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Funny Talking Animals – Walk On The Wild Side – Episode Three Preview – BBC One

  1. Nighttime DAYTIME nighttime DAYTIME night time DAYTIME or what are ya doin? I’m playing nighttime daytime wanna play? No I already got an xbox

  2. Hahaha the two turtles remind me of the people at Walmart when I am pushing the cart, they clearly see me coming but still insist on continuing to run their cart into mine and I'd be like excuse me please move to the right, I SAID PLEASE MOVE TO THE RIGHT AS IF YOU ARE DRIVING 🙄😤😬😂. Seriously people in Walmart horrible when pushing a shopping cart 😒😂

  3. the bird that "says" night time day time is trying to trick the fish to think its night time to feed but the bird is going to them.

  4. If u liked Funny talking animals, then check out this film I made about a Gangster Rabbit called Lee roy the Antichrist..

  5. This video is almost 10 years old and now I’m watching it for the first time 😂 my teacher showed it to us🤣


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