Full-Mouth Rehabilitation in Arizona: Brittany | Winterholler Dental Implants & Cosmetic Dentistry

Upon first walking into the office, there
is a great energy. Everyone, from the receptionist to the assistants
when they come and grab you from your appointment, and there’s definitely a great balance with
the staff as far as the camaraderie and the efficiency. You can really tell that they love working
together. They like what they do. When I first came and saw Dr. Patrice Winterholler,
she made me feel so comfortable. I knew I was in good hands because she took
the extra time to explain to me why I was having the head pain. She was exceptionally thorough and most of
all how she could create me a long-term plan to keep me out of pain moving forward. For her to come in and be thorough but also
just very welcoming and letting me know that she understood what was wrong, she knew how
to fix it, and she has been there with me every step of the way. Ever since doing the full restoration, I am
completely and 100% pain-free finally. I had a great experience, and I highly recommend
Winterholler Dentistry.

Author: Kevin Mason

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