FULL MATCH – Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt: WrestleMania 31

FULL MATCH – Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt: WrestleMania 31

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt: WrestleMania 31

  1. 2015 is one of my favorite years of Undertaker! He was there so much and had fantastic performances. I’m so glad I got to see them!

  2. When this man does retire that will be the last time I even watch any new wrestling, the undertaker and wrestlemainia has been the only reason to watch it the last few years and for all the haters out there doesn't matter how old a guy is I'll still watch them wrestle 5-10 min matches over the marathon man matches that all these ballerinas of today do

  3. Back when Bray was starting to go on a wrestlemania loosing streak until he became the fiend…Hope all that changes this wrestlemania

  4. फोकटिया ब्रे वाइट मा चिक्नी लाडो खा ए तेरि मा चिक्नी मुजि चुस मेरो आइजा न आइजा चुस

  5. La edad le ha pasado factura , pido que por favor al Style le ponga fin a su carrera y no es porque lo odie , al contrario lo admiro , pero si lo fuerzan a pelear a estás alturas de su vida , solo va a dar lastima ):

    Fuiste el mejor de tu época

  6. people with no patience pay to watch this match but true legends wait 5 years wow even tho everyone is a legend but everyone who waited IS A LEGEND !!!!

  7. Undertaker is secondary name of wrestlemania and I wish that 23 should be there in numbers of streak and streak should continue but this year again taker is back ????

  8. This is why people respect the Undertaker and if you don't respect the Undertaker then you will REST IN PEACE and this is why I love him he is and forever will be my Idol and I will forever live him more then anyone and that means ANYONE

  9. If there were a Mount Rushmore for wrestlers, Undertaker would be on it. While we don't see it as much these days, his technical abilities are among the best. Look up his old matches(even pre-Undertaker matches). His longevity is greater than anyone else in wrestling history.
    Bray Wyatt has HUGE shoes to fill, and I think eventually he will fill the hole left when Undertaker finally does call it a career. It will take him a long time, possibly longer than it took Undertaker to create that "mythical character" slot.

  10. I am shocked for the rest of my simple life…!!!
    It's worth the riddle of the day.

    What does an elephant take when it enters in a bar?

  11. Taker had appeared in so many great WM matches, even he had The Streak.. but why did Shawn Michaels get called Mr. Wrestlemania?

  12. Undertaker vs The Fiend would've been the perfect retirement match for Taker. Use the same reason as they are doing with Cena and say Undertaker woke up The Fiend with that loss. Have them battle at mania, The Fiend rises with every Tombstone Undertaker delivers than The Fiend finally puts him away with Sister Abigail and the mandible claw. It would've been so perfect?????.

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