you are my sunshine on a rainy you are the one as long as you’re here Hey K Stars its your girl Kristyn Alexis and today I am networking. I am actually at this event its called the black business card event. I think I told you guys about it. But I’m not going to talk much because we do not want to
copyright but I wanted to say hello drop your star in the comment section. Tell me that you made it into the video. And you know… I think thats it. So, I am going to check in with you guys in a little bit. Hey Whats up you guys its Esther and I am taking over Kristyn’s channel right now. “She’s taking over” While Kristyn Drinks her Drink. I going to get my own drink. Kristyn stay drinking something. I always got something in my hand. Dont be busting me out. Hi guys, its double the beautee. Im perfect she is, Shemindbolwin and we are at the black business card. On the 26th floor and it is so lit. we’re networking, my book Kristyn is here, Esther is here. Everybody is here. Follow us. Follow us on instagram, follow us on snapchat, okay my instagram is Shemindblowin. With no g and Im Perfectshe is. Just the way it sounds. And our YouTube channel is: Doublethebeautee. With Two EEs on the end. period. Period Pooh. find your passion. When you really find your passion it will confirm your purpose it just bubble up and as it bubbles out it’ll
lead to a plan and then you can be accountable in the process and get good
strong advice with smart people like the folks I’m sitting up there and because
what they’re saying is right on and so also I’ve seen not-for-profits and
ministries and the worship we bought some land in Haiti things we’re doing
down there too and I tell you that the only difference between our brothers and
sisters in Haiti and us here folks is they weren’t there and we were born here What up K Stars this is my girl Regina. my other friend and we went to dinner for the birthday party. stop plotting and saying that you’re
gonna do stuff so they’re finishing up and we’re just kind of chilling off the
side you can kind of see the city this is my favorite location where we live
actually it’s the most amazing beautiful location in the city you can see the
whole city from here absolutely love it the event has been really really
informative really really good at it I highly encourage you guys if you have
not started to network even make that part of your repertoire this Reesha I’m
hanging out with my girl Kristyn and so yeah we’re at the Black Business card
party tonight and I’ve been vlogging to our channel than 6 Howards
look it’s myself my husband and our four kids and we are I think we’re fairly
interesting we’re a vegan family the kids are home schooled and when we run
businesses so come and say hello all the K Stars we acquired together before
but you probably don’t remember me or anything
yes so we gotta get on the line Kristen up and you’re talking about how’d she
get her hair like mine my friend here like her girls be all
popping today she displayed but she’s about to have an old-fashioned with me
because I’m drinking like the old man and some advice have some burbs I gotta
catch up with her because she’s been sniffing already I know with only
positive hop right yes beautiful girls in the thirties we’re just thinking
below and Providence I hope to see you guys over on our Channel I hate it
make sure y’all drop and star in the competition we all go over there oh yes
I will absolutely love that please he got me feeling like a medical thing can be done for me
every time I fall down business card Expo with so much fun you
guys it’s actually been a couple days since then it’s Sunday now and right now Bryan and I are about to go to the grocery store get some food to make for dinner tonight
because we are about to do some cooking videos for our couples channel so we
have decided to make the couple’s channel more of like cooking together as
well as we’re going to have vlog still on that channel but I think it’ll be fun
for us to play around with something that we both are passionate about and
the fact that we have our green egg now and are doing a lot of smoked meals and
I’m like why not record these and share these with our community so if you’re
not subscribed to the couple’s channel be sure to go check it out but I’m gonna
go ahead and get my coat so we can head out and go take care of this business at
the grocery store I made it to the grocery store you guys I’m just grabbing
some water real quick we actually have everything we need
there we go but I lost my husband. Idont know where he went. I like to drink the Kroger brand purified water it’s so good to me Arius says our water at the house
is good but I really like this so I’ve gotten hooked on this you know you get a
mouth or a taste for certain type of water that’s where I am right now so
this is my favorite I found my husband you guys I was just looking at my
comment section on one of my Peloton videos in this guy said that black girl
magic has a peloton group and he’s like that’s racist
you guys I think they’re called affinity groups corporate has affinity
groups there are groups for African Americans Hispanic women Association at
our company I don’t understand why people think having it affinity groups
is a racist thing people getting together for book club or women’s and
moms is that sexist like I don’t understand that logic but maybe it’s
just me like
I encourage if you haven’t found groups of like-minded people to find some
groups book clubs you know there’s a lot of different type of groups that you can
connect with people on even going to the networking event on this past Friday it
was such a good opportunity was such a fun event like we had a good time and I
feel like I’ve met a lot of dope people make some new friendships so I encourage
you guys to connect with like-minded people because it’ll help take you to
the next level for sure in there right baby yes it would mm-hmm hey guys it’s
Kristin from the future I’m actually in the process of editing the video getting
it ready to upload for you guys so it can go live probably at 3 p.m. on
Fridays if you haven’t caught it every Friday at 3 p.m. my videos are gonna be
going live moving forward when I say my videos my vlogs will be going live on
Friday at 3 p.m. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this video
I had so much fun at the black business card event and it was just a great
networking opportunity and once the networking was over it was a great
opportunity for me to spend some time with my friends I think that was like
the first time I had got out the house since my surgery and we just had a
really really good time so I encourage you guys some of you don’t get how much
or you haven’t had a chance to spend some good time with your friends
definitely make a point to do that this year as well as I have a lot of things
coming for you guys so if you missed the announcement or the I guess no I put in
the news feed today definitely stay tuned I’m gonna be starting up my series
again I don’t know what I’m going to college it’ll be mentorship Monday’s or
money Mondays I kind of went through like different periods where I called it
different things but we will figure it out it’s coming really soon I have a lot
of great topics and I know I’ve said this before but I feel really really
good about it so I hope you guys are excited I hope you’re looking forward to
it we’re still gonna have at the halls we’re still gonna have the vlogs all
that good stuff so stay tuned for that I don’t know when it’s gonna go live so
make sure you have your notifications on so you don’t miss it
and with that you guys I hope you have a great weekend
I just appreciate you guys so much for watching this video all the way to the
end and for rocking with me and with that I will see you in my next upload

Author: Kevin Mason


  1. Hey K Stars, thanks for checking out this video. I hope you enjoyed it. I wish I got more of the networking and less of the after party but you guys get the point. Stay tuned for my mentoring content coming next week! Love you.

  2. ⭐⭐⭐⭐Hey kristyn missed you i guess i got spoiled with vlogmas and seeing you everyday..can't wait for more vids on here and bktv..i enjoy watching couple cooking videos going to take your advice and try and get out more im definitely a home body..Great video😘

  3. 🌹😚😚Lovely Video as alwayS💕
    🌟🌟Kstar 4ever🌟🌟
    😘Your gorgeous sexy self😘
    😍Makeup always on point😍
    Hope u Have a fabulous Weekend

  4. This video is so lit! Nothing makes me happier than seeing beautiful, smart and like minded Black woman supporting each other. Keep it coming for 2020 Kristyn!

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  11. "If you find your PASSION, it will confirm your PURPOSE." YAZZZZZ Love this vlog. Heyyyy Kristyn and friends!!! Thanks so much for sharing your evening with us. I used to network a lot especially when I was in and newly out of B-school. Once my little one gets older, I will be able to network more. Network = Net Worth. Also, looking forward to the couple cooking videos!! And I'm apart of many affinity groups, especially at work and in my career… no that's not racist, sexist, etc… perfectly normal and necessary❤️⭐

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