‘Free the Toys!’ ? Wife Swap Highlight

‘Free the Toys!’ ? Wife Swap Highlight

– I’m wanting to put some
fun back into this house. – This family needs
organization in their life. – Welcome to the new rules ceremony! – Are you shoes glowing? – They are, John, thank you for noticing. – I can see Nicole’s new rules
being uncontrolled chaos, and I’m a little anxious. – Girls, we are going to free the toys! There’s gonna be toys everywhere! – Everywhere. (dramatic music) – You ready?
– I’m ready. – So new rule, I’d like to introduce a little bit of structure into Gio’s life. I’d like to give Gio a bedtime. Children need structure,
and Gio can’t be partying all night anymore. – I think we all know
what the next rule is. No more…cleaning! – Oh boy, so no more vacuuming? – No more vacuuming,
sweeping, washing dishes, fluffing pillows, no
more gardening, no more “Well, Shawna would.” No more nothing! – So.
– Zero! – So, okay. – Yay! John, we’re gonna loosen you up. We will have a few drinks and relax. – What does that mean? – I want to help you organize your garage. – Nah. – I know it’s just easy for you to just throw things in there. – Yeah.
– But– – Yeah, this gives me anxiety
because there’s so much stuff. – It’ll save you money, because you’re constantly buying things that you already have. – I almost wanna say it’s
like shoveling quicksand. – I just think having that and
knowing where everything is. – I’m definitely gonna have
to have a shot or five. – [John] That looks like
some sort of hand grenade. – Let’s kick off the
changing of the rules! (pops) Whoa, she’s open! (cheering) – [John] Oh boy. – Girls. (playful music) ♪ Tutu party, tutu party ♪ One for Saylor Rose. – [John] I know, Harlow, it’s
okay, you just say the word and we’ll–
– You ready? – Get it out of here. – Step in, ready? You want Daddy to do it? – Now that it’s Nicole’s rules. – You know what, I’m gonna
do it, whoa whoa whoa whoa! – All right, all right,
I’ll get in my own tutu. Things have taken kind of a turn for, I don’t wanna say the
worst, but the worst. – Girls, get the toys, come on! John, thank you so much,
just right over here. This makes my heart so happy. – [John] We’ve got toys in here that can go back in here when you’re done. (Nicole laughing) – No more cleaning, no
more vacuuming, let’s play! Toys everywhere! Come with me. They’ve never seen these toys before. (dramatic music) Surprise! (playful music) – Oh my gosh. Sorry, Barbie, I didn’t
mean to step on you, but you’re usually not on
the floor under my feet! – My work here is done, my work, ah! (dramatic music) – [Narrator] It’s morning
at the Brown house, and “Swapped” wife Shawna is
ready to put her organizational skills to the test. – Not my blower! (crashes) That blower was very expensive. – So we’re gonna make three categories. Must keep category, the iffy category, and the not gonna keep category. – Gotcha.
– Okay? – So.
– So that broken fan over in the corner over there? That’s a must keep. – No, that’s not, mm-mm. – None of this is gonna be easy. Do I think I’m gonna get this
finished all the way today? I don’t really think so. It’s like never-ending, and I can’t do it. Drives me nuts. – It’s so good though! Oh my god, there’s more? – I want to jump off a
goddamn bride right now. I need a drink. – [Gio] What are you doing in my garage? – We’re cleaning it, baby! Did he nap today? – [Dad] No, because when he
gets tired, he’s gonna say, “Daddy, I’m ready to go to bed.” – [Shawna] Ah! (crashes) – Daddy, daddy! – [Shawna] You thirsty? (Gio crying) – Giovanni!
– What is it? – Hey, dude, I’m gonna
get ya a water, okay? Listen, if we’re gonna, listen, if we’re gonna act all crazy, we’ll get in trouble. Calm down. (Gio crying) You’re fine, you’re fine. – Hey, baby.
– You’re fine, he’s fine. – I think Gio is so tired. (crying) – Come here. – [Shawna] Mainly because his parents don’t give him a schedule. Gio does whatever the heck he wants. – [Dad] We’re not having sport– – Yeah!
– No. (yelling) Listen, calm down. Do you wanna go take a nap? – No! – You better stop. (yelling) You do that, you’re gonna get a pow pow. Look at me. (screaming) – Oh my god, I feel so bad. Gio is clearly not getting enough sleep, and that makes him really upset. – [Dad] Let’s go outside
and why don’t you play for a little bit more? – Do you want a nap, baby? Are you sleepy? No.
– It’s rare, it happens. – [Shawna] He’s so exhausted.

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