100 thoughts on “Former Nevada caucus site leader quits after refusing to sign NDA over caucus technology

  1. It wasn't a last minute thing at all. It was kept secret until the last moment in order not to lose the volunteers. More people would have opted out if they had known.

  2. No one should blame New York One station managers for not
    wanting to continue spending hard earned advertising dollars on hair dye and
    make-up on aging women broadcasters, when it would be so much easier to just replace
    them with younger women with less upkeep, which is exactly what they did.

  3. After Stormy Daniels and now with Bloomberg, let’s face it, we need more legal clarification on NDA’s which all seem to exist in a legal grey area, which isn’t good. I’m not sure that NDA’s would’ve even been legal to employ in this because it had to do with elections.

  4. Washington Post, thank you for putting up this video. It is SO unlike you guys to be truthful about corruption. So, well done.

  5. The DNC is done. A bought and paid for entity controlled by the established elite to control the outcome . The only way to defeat the cheat machine (not to be confused with Buttigieg) is to turn out and vote for your candidate in numbers that cannot be ignored.

  6. It doesn't sound right. He was a wise man not to trust them. Never sign away even a little piece of your rights to people you can't trust!

  7. NDA are gaining popularity in business agreements, employment contracts..They need to be made unconstitutional in my opinion. The person or entity in power has upper hand in these NDAs and serves nothing more than to muzzle people.

  8. The only way the Democratic party can win is by cheating, I suspect all this is because of low voter turnout, very very SWAMPY. MAGA 2020!!!!

  9. Retire the caucus format. Just use a primary with simple voting and more people will participate and actually matter

  10. So he wouldn't be able to speak about corruption if he saw it. I thought Democrats deeply supported whistle blowers? Huh.

  11. I tried to tell people to just sign it with a laugh when I heard about it, but it was too late, people had already quit. I'd have taken one glance at that, laughed, signed it, and then happily violated the non-enforceable NDA. (lawyers from all over the state have now written letters to that effect)

  12. That's standard fare when volunteering for Communists. They're also intended to shut you up if you witness them stuffing ballot boxes, or allowing voting without checking ID. You're getting a small taste of governance under a totalitarian regime.

  13. The Dems are just a part of the GOP, no surprise that the GOP wants the Democratic members/ volunteers to sign a Lifetime Communist Loyalty agreement …. they Demonize socialism because it does mot promote Greedy, Corrupt wealth… how about Authoritarianism, Communistic Policies such as a Lifetime Sworn Loyalty Agreement to do a simple civic duty …. who are these Mongrels running the political parties, same as Federal Reserve, that’s who!!!

  14. What were the reasons? They must have stated a reason why they wanted an NDA. There are privacy concerns for things like donor lists, etc. Everyone else went along with it…

  15. You just quit the communist party of America. Now you should do continous research and prove me wrong. Leviticus 23 has everything to do with the condition of this, the last country able to defend freedom. Notice v 3. And Deuteronomy 28.

  16. Good on you, chap! I think most people would have just signed the NDA, likely without reading all of the fine print. I'm glad this man chose to speak on this publicly. Hopefully his effort will remind us to be diligent in finding out what we are agreeing to BEFORE we agree to it.

  17. That should definitely not be allowed in a public election this is not a business where you're protecting Trade Secrets it's an election for the People by the people of the people unconstitutional un-American

  18. the DNC GOT NABBED … FINALLY … I LOVE this man ! thank you so much for having integrity … people like you are exactly what our country needs! STAND UP TO ELECTION FRAUD – for Christ's sake! It's a Felony!

  19. Any doubt that the Democratic Party is a brood of vipers? You can believe, America, that the books are being cooked. When are the cowardly lions of corporate media going to do some real journalism and throw a rock into Hillary's den and request and explanation: Is this criminal behavior, incompetence, or a preview into the digital concentration camp we're all headed for?

  20. In a way I have to thank Bernie for running. Not that I agree with a word he says, but because now the left is beginning to truly understand the extent of the corruption in the Democratic party. Everyone from the center to the far-right can see it clear as day, but now it's time for the left to really confront their own side. I hope this leads to the destruction of the Democrats as we know them.

  21. this is kinda fake, we all know the truth, we have the internet, the people not only want bernie, the whole world needs bernie

  22. @Fury512 (below)
    I doubt very much that DNC was behind the NDA. Also, the fact of the NDA is public knowledge now. That said, I agree with your implication that it is a horrible practice in a democracy. I had a bad experience with the 2016 caucuses which were taken over by Sanders early in the day, and closed the doors at 11 AM with no advance notice. I was completely disenfranchised, and while Bernie won the Washington caucus, the non-binding primary vote was won handily by Hillary Clinton, which exposed the caucus process for what it truly is– undemocratic.

  23. Even if he signed it, how will it be able to be effective?
    If DNC act on it and sue him, it's going to be publicized anyway.

  24. Party of lies and deceit. Democrats keep reminding people that they are guarding the democratic process but at the same time, they are destroying the second amendment in Virginia. Honestly, I cannot understand why people vote for them.

  25. And this surprises us? Of course the dems want to protect themselves but the leaders keep shooting themselves in the foot…the story of the last few years

  26. Post 1 of 2: Running my precinct as a chair in Iowa (my location was a smooth process with no problems). Anyway in Iowa when you take the training there's areas within the modules that includes similar NDA terms on the forms via using electronic signatures. Also having to sign the numerous forms a chair signs physically at the close of their precinct's caucus in regards to confidentiality, accuracy, timeliness of submitting forms/results, etc. Most importantly statements that we sign both using e-signatures & on the final forms/results we must follow the written Iowa Election Laws which most probably are unaware of the grand scope of what these laws actually state. Not only being sued as well as face a criminal offense (possibly a felony) if you were to rig the election for example. Basically anything that would not produce a viable legit caucus outcome could wind up having you face serious repercussions. We were not forced to sign an NDA per se but the law specifically states remaing being confidential, responsible for accuracy…actually there's quite a bit of written laws I'm sure a majority of the volunteers would never had accepted being a Precinct Chair if they read them all or had any idea they could be held criminally liable. l can not bash Iowa because had the new system worked, it really was a good idea. I still don't understand what went wrong or who was to blame. I have several thoughts on this. One thing I can say for sure that Democrats could not rig the final results because I think they offered an immense amount of transparency and were committed to providing not just quick results – they wanted to ensure accuracy. Especially since it came out to be a very close race. By misquoting a winner since many now tend to look back on Iowa's election results then use those results going forward thru the primaries. I will say there are minor fixes that should and can easily be implemented on which I explain below. To start I admit I can not understand how the numbers were not caught by the operators to whom we called our final results. We were not given iPads, calculators nor even pens, scratch paper or anything other than the legal paperwork important to verify voters, reporting preference cards and tons of paperwork both myself AND my chair secretary had to both double sign. Before Bernie's nationwide campaign Committee people left, I even verified my numbers with his Party Chair. So surely anyone double checking numbere with a Party Chair or an attendee could not meds up. Let me tell you Bernie's people were trained well beforehand. I was impressed with the fact how he was well aware of the rules of the caucus and wasn't just suggesting or offering advice. It probably began slightly with Iowa having many older adults who graciously volunteer their time as Precinct Chair & Precinct Secretaries, I can see our new process being rather overwhelming for them. Also in regards to the new process the training materials didn't really touch base or spend enough time for people IF they just skimmed thru their 64 page manual. There should'vebeen You Tube Videos or training videos on the DNC webpage, but not 1 exists. Many learn by watching & hearing vs reading that crappy PowerPoint presentation that was offered to us. Several of these rural older Volunteers do not have internet access. This is where I was at an advantage to read various articles to aid in my understanding of the new process. Not living in iowa for 15 years then only attending 1 prior caucus I wouldn't have typically been an ideal Precint Chair. Luckily my OCD & fear of making a mistake in public resulted in me making sure I had a solid understanding about this process as well as new process. I was asked a little over a wk before to be a Chair, so I barely had time to get my online certification done prior to that night. All I can say is I did a lot of grumbling that there was not a video version of the training (spoken from a You Tube junkie). Hence I do lie some of the blame to start with subpar training. I let the IA DNC know what I thought were concerns I write on about that they clearly needed to address going forward. Where I see an easy peasy fix is to have a website where you can upload a photo of your final tally at the very least. This allows a set of eyes to immediatelylook at it so they can catch an area before announcing results to the world. Hopefullycan catch them to address with the Precinct Chairs before they pack up & head home. Futhermore offering an embed excel worksheet where these volunteers & result operators can enter their numbers. From there if an error has occurred then it shouldn't let you proceed to the next step or finalize your results. That system should have already been implemented so the operators taking a precincts numbers could be assured everyone was offering accurate results. I'm assuming suggesting these easy fixes if we don't use an App next time (The App I personally a few days prior couldn't even find from the link where the manual instructed you to go). I called the hotline to inquire & they said at that point to just call in my results.
    If I were to be on a committee to assist the IA DNC Chair there are so many easy techniques I'd suggest to ensure accuracy whixh would make it eay to wrap up with your precinct no later than 9 pm so results could be made available accurately to flow over to the National AP reports.
    After I heard of the fiasco and the results were initially posted for every precinct I I couldn't help but to build a spreadsheet. I make simple spreadsheets for even common personal financial decisions almost daily. It took me a more 15 min by using just my android phone & Excel 365 so I could check for errors. Adding a few min to extract the data & drop on those results. Such a simple way for me to check which precinct's had errors. Unfortunately for the Chair of the DNC & County Auditors they had to wait on the snail mail system to verify results since some packets were sent that way vs taking them personally to their County Courthouse. All the wait to get a chance to finally go thru each to verify from the alignment cards to ensure accuracy of the 1st and 2nd alignment cards (incl undecided or people walking out in some cases) were then tallied properly on the final reporting worksheet. There's other steps but those 2 would be the primary start as a full audit dies happen by county appointed officials. The big bump IA ran into was that the final worksheet could not be changed even if inaccurate according to the Iowa Election laws written by the stupid Republicans who have majority rule of this state all my 46 yrs of life! So I'm guessing a lot of choices had to be made if they could "correct the errors legally & if so how", etc. I highly doubt the few minor mistakes from 5% of the precincts would have even moved the overall % that much for any of the candidates based on this process. Even if you combine adjusting one candidate up or down in 1 precinct ultimately another precinct would likely offset that figure back, unless every precinct who made a mistake had made it on the same candidate. Heck I was just thrilled I wasn't on the side of precincts with errors because I honestly was stressing after reading further into the IA Laws that I might of ended up facing some criminal penalty. I streas about everything & my OCD rarely let's memake mistakes, instead I have wasted a ton (yes a TON) of my life researching, double checking and going back over (and over) things just so I confident I was prepared for a process as well as completed it accurately. Enough so that it drives my family crazy, yet I dislike going back to spell ck things I write – go figure.
    Another fix is the written IA laws need to be both more broad as well as specific in some areas if they do this particular realignment process again. I can't say enough how IF it is done the same way again (excluding the app) then The IA DNC headquarters better let someone like be on a Committee Team to help implement an easy online or call in non manipulative spreadsheet which the Operators all entering results during the call as they are read. A few hours at the very max is all it would take from start to finish to develop a secure embedded into a google doc type worksheet that immediately analyzes the accuracy of data entered. Or basically similar embedded secured online website using that information entered to show if there's an area containing a mistake. Either way a precinct chair can call in their results so that operator can use the same worksheets or it could be done online with no long wait times or holds. All it has to do is produce an "ok to proceed or stop & fix message". Program it so tell you there is an error + helps decifier in which area(s). Kind of the same way a person enters their password on a particular website account, if you type it in wrong you can not proceed. It could ne devise with help areas or explanations one could hover over with explanation for ex to see if they pulled that number from the correct area or source. Gosh, I am beyond willing to offer my services free of charge and the process should be such an easy task. I probably would hate to know how much the failed App developers were charging? My last theory is that Republicans or Russians purposely tied up the reporting phone lines hence making us wait on hold for 30 min to an 1.5 hours. Or they hacked into the App and messed with the accounting part. Continued on part 2…

  27. Signing the NDA is the last thing you do for a reason. People feel invested by the time they get to it. If it were presented before all of the training, then there would be way fewer people going through the process.

  28. Many people across America shpuld refuse to sign NDAs. There is power in numbers. I am glad people are waking up to these ridiculous NDAs. I respect the gentleman for refusing to sign.

  29. Typical hypocrisy of the Democrats. Remember.. inside every Liberal lives a dictator. History and current events like this prove it time and time again.

  30. Doesn't seem like a problem to me. There needs to be privacy about an election. I have worked elections for many years and was never asked to sign anything. But I work for the state. There is trust here. Maybe they did not have that in this case.

  31. You're a good man. We don't have Jesus alive in this era. But we do see his spirit in Bernie Sanders. Let's be on the side which Jesus stood for which is helping the poor, Let's Elect Bernie Sanders who's doing what Jesus would do, Let's make him the president of the most influential country on Earth : U.S.A

  32. Socialism at it's finest. This is controlling free speech. How can anyone with half a brain not see the true colors of the democratic party.

  33. Who wants to volunteer for that bully organization, threatening a lawsuit if you talk about any of your volunteer work??? I would quit too. There's some shenanigans going on there.

  34. D democrat party are infested with professional corruptionist terrorist…d same as what we use to call d Republican party that are now full blown blatant neo nazi professional corruptionist infested…either way we Are hostage to terrorist that have mastered our voting n political process…we need a foreign nations to monitors our clearly rigged elections..because even though we are d most well armed nation n technologically advanced..we are a bunch of brain dead snatches that can't follow d money n evidence that points to d bad guys with d literal tools n money that d professional corruptionist use to rob us blind..we have people within our government working with nazi professional corruptionist terrorist n foreign nations to rig our election n government…its clear…n we do nothing..what a bunch of racist blame d poor n immigrant vags we have become

  35. On Tuesday, the President will hold talks with Modi in New Delhi and attend a state banquet. Trump's wife, Melania, is joining him on the two-day trip, as is his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

  36. About time the Democrats COPIED trump and the Republicans strategy ! if the Republicans can do it , so can the Democrats

  37. A public election in secret with NDA's – best way to allow vote rigging by the "bosses" – Keep your phones on recording at all times.

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