Foreign Bodies, Web Extra, COPS TV SHOW

Foreign Bodies, Web Extra, COPS TV SHOW

OFFICER VARGAS: This flight is
from Port of Spain, Trinidad. It’s a high-risk flight
for narcotics for us. Recently, we’ve seen a
trend of body carriers and also loaded bags filled with
narcotics from this country. How you doing, sir? How long were you in
Trinidad on this trip? MAN: About four days. OFFICER VARGAS: Four days? How many bags do
you have downstairs? MAN: One. OFFICER VARGAS: Just one? What I’m going to do is I’m
going to escort you downstairs, grab your bag, and talk
to you for a little bit, then we’ll get you out of here. Who paid for your ticket? MAN: A friend of mine. OFFICER VARGAS: A
friend of yours? This is your bag? MAN: Yes. OFFICER VARGAS: All
right, right this way. Follow us. OFFICER: Go ahead. Grab your bag. OFFICER VARGAS: You
went down to Trinidad for four days and your friend
Dennis paid for your ticket, right? MAN: Yeah. OFFICER VARGAS: Hello, Dennis? How you doing? This is Officer Vargas with US
Customs and Border Protection here in Miami. Are you expecting
somebody today? No? Do you know Samuel [MUTED]? All right, thanks
for your cooperation. Nobody knows you. Your friends have disowned you. They don’t even
know that you exist. You know, we think you swallowed
the drugs, plain and simple. What we want to do is
take you to the hospital and get the X-ray
of your stomach. Though initially he
stated that he did not swallow any type of narcotics,
we took him to the hospital for a monitored bowel movement. The next day he
consented to an X-ray, which was positive for foreign
bodies in his alimentary canal. There’s a total of 96, and he
tested positive for cocaine. Just wait a minute. These are some of the
pellets that he has passed. If you take a look at
here, One of the pellets had started to unravel
and actually could have killed him because it
wasn’t packaged properly. If he would have gotten the
cocaine directly into his blood system, he would have maybe
had about three or four minutes the most to survive. You took a big risk. We’re going to go ahead
and process all the stuff, and then somebody from
Immigration Customs Enforcement is going to come in
and speak with you. And it’s going to be
in their hands now. MAN: I talked to my attorney. He said he’s got to have
two papers before he can be removed from the property. OFFICER: Not really. He’s– he’s got the– he’s the lien holder. He can take his truck
whenever he wants. There’s no such thing
as legal papers for it. MAN: Then why does my
attorney say different? OFFICER: I don’t know. Your attorney could’ve
graduated last, and they still call
him an attorney. I don’t know what to tell you. MAN: Really.

Author: Kevin Mason

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