Första tandläkarbesöket VLOGG

Första tandläkarbesöket VLOGG

Hey! Hey! I’ve just picked up Harry and Alma from preschool. And we’re going to the dentist. Cough. Who’s going to see the dentist today? Harry. Exactly. For the first time in your life. I don’t want to go. I want an ice cream. The dentist will tell you not to eat ice cream, but to brush your teeth. No. It’s true. Are you nervous? No. How many times have you been to the dentist Alma? Two times. Mommy, look at my teeth. That’s what you’ll do at the dentist. Where did Alma go? Come back. Are my teeth broken? No they’re not broken. I will show them for the dentist. We will walk round and round so we miss the appointment. No we wont miss it. It’s over there. Let’s go. Great. We found it. Where are we now? The dentist office. Louder. The dentist office. How are you? Well. Let’s go in. Welcome, please sit down. Are you hiding Harry? Should I brush his teeth before the appointment? It’s ok. We’ll brush them Harry. Yes, brush my teeth. I don’t want to be in this room. I don’t want to sit in that chair. I’ll sit with you. You can sit in your mothers lap. Would you like that? There’s nothing to worry about. Harry André? Exactly. Is he allergic to anything? No. Do you brush your teeth Harry? Yes. Morning and evening. That’s good, and you use toothpaste? Yes of course. Mommy don’t let them cut me. They wont cut you. They’re going to count your teeth. I wonder how many teeth his got. We will count them when Maja, the dentist, comes. Who’s Maja? I don’t want to meet her. Maja is the dentist, you don’t have to worry. She’s nice. Will she cut me? No she wont, I promise. How often do you eat sweets? Harry loves ice cream. Ok, how often do you eat ice cream? For ten minutes. For ten minutes? How many times a week? Three. No, on Saturdays. Right? Do you use a pacifier? Yes he does. Yes you do. You use it a lot Harry. He loves his pacifier, but he has to stop. Yes you are too old for it. Ok, I’ll quit. You’ll soon be 3,5 years old. It’s best if you stop using it now. Mommy, I’m hungry. We’re home and I’m going to cook some dinner. It’s 5:40PM and it’s already getting dark outside. So boring. Take it easy. Oh, daddy is home. And Harry is shooting, a lot of things happening at the same time. Hey! Hey! I’m going to kill you. How was the dentist? Good. Really? What did the dentist say about your teeth? They look nice. They’re nice. They counted his teeth and they look ok. But he has to stop using the pacifier. Yes of course. What are we having for dinner? The kids wants salmon. And we’re having this, cheese pie. Oh it looks like we’re sponsored. We’re not. This is quite nice. You’re dead. Alma wants to eat salmon. And we’re having crayfish. Crayfish and cheese pie. Tasty. I was just complaining about the darkness outside and several viewers have asked if we have holiday plans. Be careful, it’s loaded. Several questions about traveling, we’ll get to them a bit later on. I’m longing to go somewhere where it’s not dark outside. I find it much harder to cope with the darkness than the cold. It gets lighter when it starts to snow. And that gives a bit of energy. We’ll talk more about that. Are you having that? And pie. We got crayfish because we recorded a challenge video. Come here and I’ll pinch you. No! Let me tell you something, Sweden is one of few countries that eat crayfish. Maybe in Finland? I don’t know. Have we got any Finish viewers that can tell us? I think it’s only Swedish people that likes them. Really? They don’t eat them in Asia. They eat Langostino in Cuba, they’re almost like crayfish, or lobster. We’ve received several questions about traveling that we’re going to answer now. Clara Ric and Ellen Johansson is asking how many countries we’ve visited. Me and Axel traveled a lot before having kids so lets talk about where we’ve been as a family. Do you remember what countries you’ve been to Alma? Mamaica. Jamaica. Singapore. And Malaysia. Yes, and one more. It was before Harry was born. Spain. We’ve traveled every winter since the kids were born. Mar H asks: You’ve traveled a lot, what’s your favorite destination? And why? Malaysia. Yeah, Malaysia is great. The Malaysian people will be happy now. I think that Malaysia is the best! It was a lot of fun to go there as a family. I traveled around the world by myself when I was in my twenties. So I have some other favorites as well, but I traveled alone and that’s different to traveling with you guys. I love to travel with my family. Redang Island in Malaysia is my favorite holiday destination and Singapore is my favorite city destination. We have a question from a person in Malaysia. Izhar Shah is asking: When is your next long holiday? In three days. I wish! In three days, that’d be fun. Harry, don’t eat from the table. He’s having some yoghurt for dessert. Great! We haven’t got a holiday booked. But it’s like Joanna said, we try to go somewhere every winter. Harry… He walks like a zombie. He’s a yoghurt zombie. If Joanna decided, alone, we’d go to a beautiful beach every winter. That’s nice and relaxing but I miss skiing. Me too. I also enjoy skiing. This takes us to the next question. Sofia Mossbäck asks: Where will you celebrate Christmas this year? Maybe we can celebrate in a ski slope? Maybe. The yoghurt zombie is back with a gun. Last question. Ninni is wondering; In what country would you like to live if you were moving abroad? Finland because they have the best schools in the world. But the weather is boring. So the Finish school in Spain. I don’t know to be honest. I’d like to move to a warmer country. I’d like to move to a warm country with ski slopes. Exactly. Help, he’s going to shoot. We’ve answered a few “Question of the day”. Harry is bored. Alma seems to be as well. She’s thumb sucking. It’s 6:45PM and we’re going to hang out in the living room. Now, look at this. Come here. Thank you for watching this video. Thank you for pooping. Just kidding. Thumbs up or down? Post questions. Leave comments. And subscribe, bye bye!

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Ni är mins största förebilder och min dröm är att få träffa er♥️♥️Varje gång jag känner mig lite eller jätteledsen kollar jag alltid på er och det jag älskar med er är att ni kan få mig och le vad ni en gör♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Jag slutade med napp när jag var 7år! Jag ÄLSKADE min napp❤️😭 älskar er kanal❤️❤️😭😭😭❤️

  3. jag bor i Sverige och jag äter soppa och pizza ibland äter jag ris makaroner ägg och jag har tappat tänderna 4 och jag äter hamburgare

  4. Jag kommer från Kina och där äter dom kräfter när jag var där i april 2019 så åt dom det PS älskar er❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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