Flume – Let You Know (feat. London Grammar)

Flume – Let You Know (feat. London Grammar)

you wanna let me know now that you’ve let me go life is better still and I get her somehow [Music] you’ll just keep on coming back I wanna let you know now that you’ve let me go life is better still and I guess somehow [Music] you wanna let me know now that you’ve let me go life is better soon and I guess somehow you’ll just keep on coming [Music] [Music] see you everyone can did I make you feel like Superman I heard you drive past my house again over get over just do me oh so now you try to call me let me know what y’all think [Music] so now you try to call me Oh let me know just what you’re thinking oh I knew these [Music] [Music]

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Flume – Let You Know (feat. London Grammar)

  1. I originally came from the remix you did with Hyper Paradise since it was in Forza horizon 2. I'm still here for you!

  2. Ever since you posted this track its been bugging me where have I heard it before , it finally came to me this morning , if not a copy then you took the idea of it  , Flume .. your track is ok but prefer the alexx mack tune more , just thought you would like to know in case there's any copyright issues ..  https://youtu.be/ekcPy1Hz0pg

  3. Did you know?

    Flume took so much time to come back because his songs were too heavy to export. Took 2-3 months per song.

    fAcT 100

  4. the cut off synth begining at 0:35 is worse than looking nicki minaj's ass…

    flume is really good but this track…
    that thing.
    it scares me…

  5. So not diggong this combination of a flawless voice on the one side and valse notes like an ancient klavecimble on the other. But hey, I am happy she still sings.


    this song is just, yeah… sTucK tO mY hEaD

  7. I love this song so much. It is so addictive like a drug and for someone who listens to music 24/7 this is played 3/4 of the time. I love it

  8. Nice track!!! Like it – One thing – Please use less distortion effects. I use studio monitors and I have the feeling I'm listening to spreaker that are to loud.

  9. I feel like that syncopation during the drop (0:34) in this song is kind of strange. It’s definitely an interesting motif, and maybe this is the mood he wanted to reflect on, but it sounds a bit uncomfortable. Almost like he’s dragging that beat behind the singing so your brain can’t quite catch up

  10. 2-D from Gorillaz got me here through his latest playlist and this song makes me emotional everytime I hear it 😢 *starts crying*

    Dedicate this to my boyfriend ❤ He's been going through a hard time this year and I've been going through some tough times with him 😔

  11. the first time I heard this song I didn't knew who it was,…then I heard the VOICE of london grammar and the legendary glitchy high pitch sound of FLUME !!!!

  12. Finally, the best kind of collaboration. I just wish there were more verses, it’s amazing but too repetitive.

  13. This song is horrible! The words, melody, everything fucking garbage… You wanna let me know… this song still sucks ass like you Froot Loops that listen to it lol

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