Florida Dental Implants New Teeth Now Employee Spotlight – Shawna Rau

(music) (Shauna Rau) Hi I’m Shauna Rau. I’ve been with the
practice since 2006 and I’m a senior coordinator for New Teeth Now. I am here
to help the patient. I’m here to make sure that the patient has a very
rewarding an easy process and answer their questions and just make sure that
they truly understand are informed of what they’re having done. I started at
Florida dental implants as a surgical assistant and fell in love with the
surgery side and was able to assist the doctors here in the hybrid surgeries and
implant procedures which developed me for what I do now which is implant
coordinating. I start with speaking with you know callers on the phone, anyone
who’s interested in maybe coming in for a consultation and seeing what’s
involved and then we sit down with the surgeon and go through their personal CT
scan and give them information about their surgery. I meet so many people who
are struggling in life and you don’t realize how important your teeth are if
you’ve never had to suffer without them. And so one of the most satisfying things
that I’ve learned in this field is just being able to help someone smile again.
One story in particular that has always stuck with me
was a female patient of mine who shared a story that you know, her husband was a
businessman and she would never go to office parties with him because she
didn’t want to embarrass him. She didn’t want to be embarrassed herself and with
New Teeth Now one of the most satisfying and rewarding parts was being able to
talk to her and here her say this year’s Christmas party I’m going with my
husband and that is you know those types of stories are the ones that stick with
you and make the job itself not really a job but really something that you can
love and really want to do every single day.

Author: Kevin Mason

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