Florida Dental Implants New Teeth Now Employee Spotlight – Korrie Strickland

Florida Dental Implants New Teeth Now Employee Spotlight –  Korrie Strickland

(Korrie) My name is Korrie and I work at New Teeth Now as a clinical assistant. I’ve been here for 11 years. I love working
here. It’s so much fun. There’s so much different things to do from just
something simple as seeing somebody for an extraction all the way to implants to
doing jaw fractures and facial cosmetics out at the hospital. The doctors are very
pleasant to work for and everybody here is very good to everybody so it does
make it a nice place to work. My role in it is I help the doctor in any way I can,
I mean I go from doing notes to assisting in the tray to helping him
suction and you know make sure the implants are where they need to putting in
their teeth and at the end of the day and giving them their smile that day.
Some patients don’t have enough bone to be able to have traditional implants so
our doctors offer zygoma implants. It’s a very special technique that you want a
surgeon who really knows what they’re doing when they place them. What it does
is it goes up into the cheekbone area. It’s a lot longer than a traditional
implant but surgery wise it’s not any more invasive. It doesn’t cause any more
pain or anything like that. As an assistant for my job I just have to make
sure that Dr. Kirkpatrick has everything on the tray that he needs to be able to
place the implants and do the best job that he can do. One of the best moments
is just seeing how happy patients are. When I first started I was pregnant and
I had a lady that came in to get some teeth extracted and she was talking to
me about my baby and asked me what I was having and I told her I was having a
little boy and all of a sudden like two days later
she shows up and she had crocheted me a hat for him for when I delivered.
It was very sweet. I still actually have it. When you have patients just jump up
and give you a hug or tears rolling down their eyes because they’re just so happy
at the transformation that they’ve had, it just makes you know you so happy to
know that you helped create that happiness. (Announcer) if you would like to view more informational videos on New Teeth Now please click the subscribe button here.
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