Florida Dental Implants New Teeth Now – All In One Location

Florida Dental Implants New Teeth Now – All In One Location

(Announcer) When you choose New Teeth Now you are
choosing a one-stop, world renowned surgical center with a reputation for
excellence. You’re choosing doctors with over a hundred years of combined
surgical and restorative experience and you’re choosing a state-of-the-art
on-site dental laboratory all put in place to provide patients with a
one-of-a-kind dental procedure with a global reputation for lifelong results.
As part of your initial consultation you’ll receive a high-resolution 3d CT
scan. You’ll meet privately with an implant coordinator, the implant surgeon
and the restorative dentist who use these 3d images to evaluate your case. At
Florida Dental Implants we’re sensitive to your struggle. We’ll talk with you
about your individual needs, provide alternatives and customize a treatment
plan specifically for you. We have three fully equipped, state-of-the-art surgical
suites featuring leading-edge technology and eighteen patients procedure rooms
for general oral surgery. Patients rest after their procedures and quiet comfort
in our private and semi-private recovery areas and as our patients recover their
family members can relax in our in-office theater and lounge. They will
enjoy movies, beverages and complimentary WiFi throughout their stay. At Florida
Dental Implants our team includes experienced master certified dental
technicians using the latest technology. They assist us in
creating your new custom teeth right here on site in our state-of-the-art
lab. Another reason people choose New Teeth Now is our specialized restorative
dentists. Florida dental implants is home to one of the most experienced
restorative teams. They will make sure you’re completely satisfied with the
look fit and feel of your new teeth. (Dr. Dibbs) One of the things that really sets Florida
Dental Implants apart from other offices that are doing full mouth implant
reconstruction, I have my own laboratory here on site that myself and the other
restorative doctors are able to use. This is invaluable.
Having the ability to work so closely with my lab gives me the ability to
better help my patients with the emotional side of it as well. It’s like
nothing I’ve ever experienced and I don’t know of any other office that’s
like this. (Donna) It was so important to me to have everything under one roof. There’s
no waiting. That is the advantage of having the lab on-site and they are so
proud of their work that they come out to see the product. These are not regular
people with regular jobs. These are master artisans that create. They truly
are artists and they’re creating beautiful smiles.
(Katie Vance) Because we perform and manage every part of the implant process under one roof, it
ensures that you’ll have an accurate bite and a dazzling smile to last a
lifetime. Every step of the way our team of anesthesia professionals, highly
experienced surgeons, restorative dentists and master technicians ensure
the highest quality care because your smile is priceless.
Choose our exclusive New Teeth Now procedure and allow Florida Dental
Implants to give you the care and the smile you deserve. Call now or visit new
teeth now.com to schedule your private consultation. (Announcer) If you would like to view
more informational videos on New Teeth Now please click the subscribe button
here thanks for watching.

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