First Look: Will You Be Mine? | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

First Look: Will You Be Mine? | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

-Ten weeks ago, twenty singles embarked on a journey to find love, final step, is meeting someone’s family. -Have you seen that dark side of him? -Yeah, I’m all ears now. -It’s been a hell of a journey, but, uh… -I’m worried that he’s thinking I don’t wanna be second best. -I’m number one, I’m a starter. READY TO LOVE SEASON FINALE SATURDAY, 10/9 CT AND, STARTING ON DECEMBER 21ST -It’s tense up in here. DON’T MISS THE READY TO LOVE TELL-ALL TWO PART REUNION SPECIAL -Stone cold liar.

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67 thoughts on “First Look: Will You Be Mine? | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Jimmy took up sooo much time on this show. I hated to see Kimber leave because she really didn't get a fair chance to play smh

  2. Next season lets seriously find some people with regular careers that are really for real looking for love & not their 15 mins of fame

  3. Please don't reveal that Brent is a undercover Narcissist. 😭
    He is so mature and handsome.
    Hope their are some love connections. I'm going to leave it at that "hope". I think London is going to be outted as a player/liar That whole gaze into your eyes, tell you what you want to hear for the moment game he's running.
    Chile I can't!


  5. I cant wait for the reunion to see all the people who aren’t together anymore 🥴. Brent just started speaking up and now wants so much. Like he wasnt forgotten about for 8 episodes 🙄

  6. Season 1 was a MUCH BETTER season, season 2 left much to be desired. I'm OVER Alexis (the female AARON this season).

  7. Can season 3 include some of the people from season 1 and 2 who got eliminated? Because I feel some of them (especially in season 1) didn't get a fair shot.

    Also it would really help for the men to have a woman host them. Tommy is fine for the women. That way, they get an objective view of the opposite gender to how what they are doing could be detrimental to their success in finding long term love.

  8. I ❤ 1st season. The level of maturity was there. They really expressed the frustration black ladies and men are facing in the dating world.
    Who chose this cast? Do All the brothers needs beard all the ladies need a big booty? I won't mention other things Ive noticed in 90% of the ladies. Cant wait season 3

  9. I think this season Tondy, Ashima and Devyn were the only ones serious about looking for love and were ready to love. The rest were either not prepared and had prior baggage to resolve, were looking for their 15 mins of fame or were just looking for a quick fling ie were 'thirsty'.

  10. Gday luv
    First of all in order to date you must be baggage free feminine ( not loud cussing verbally confrontational ) a great listener
    And not a cling on soldier
    Natural helps.
    Alexis played the game I would flirty and aloof..There's a reason all want her.

  11. I Hope Brent sees the last episode of Alexis going in hard on Lady D for trying to make her look bad by Rocking with London the entire show…glad London see what type of woman Alexis is by having Brent sleeping in her room just to make London mad and jealous because he didn’t say what she wanted to hear at the camp fire 🔥 but it back fired because London don’t see her the way that old school play game…Brent need to let her stand right where she is….it will be the right pay back for the lies she was dishing out on that three way and full of herself…like she handed London over to Lady D cause she didn’t want to talk to him…Bye Alexis your game was weak

  12. The most consistent thing on this show is the theme song which I love btw….but I can't wait to see the reunion at this point lets just get on with it.

  13. FYI most of those people on the show are z list actors and ex athletes . This show is fake and they need to put regular people on there who is looking for love not fame.

  14. Struggling actors…please stop acting like ya'll trying to be in a relationship with a person within a week of meeting them.

  15. I enjoyed meeting the cast but this was disappointing for the premise of the show and what I thought it represented. Ready to Love cannot turn in to ratchet reality t.v. lets be consistent and get back on track.

  16. Tondy and Ashima needed to be honest about their age. 40 and 39 as they say are lies. Sometimes, black do crack. Ashima looking like a chipmunk and Tondy looking like the senior version of Ready to Love 65 and older…

  17. Lets all take a moment to appreciate not having Oprah at the end of these videos anymore. I would click so fast to stop from hearing her. lololol. HELLOOO YOUTUBERRSS!!

  18. Jimmy is an actual actor I was watching Fatal Attraction and he was playing as one of the boyfriend of the other actor during the roleplay. I am not joking at all I watched it a few days ago but I loss the link.

  19. The next season should be ready to love all star with people from season 1 and season 2 since nobody matched on either season. Maybe they'll match with each other

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